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Induction bapp 2012 slideshare


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This is the slideshow that was presented about BAPP Arts for September 2012 entry.

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Induction bapp 2012 slideshare

  1. 1. BA Honours Professional Practice (Arts) Middlesex University Induction 25 September 2012Adesola Akinleye, Alan Durrant, Rosemary McGuinness, Paula Nottingham
  2. 2. BAPP Arts learners from 2011.
  3. 3. Agenda10am - 11 Welcome and Introduction to Middlesex University (Paula)11 - 12 Introduction to the 1st Module (Rosemary)11 - 12 Introduction to RoL (Alan Durrant)12 - 1pm Lunch and Informal Discussion1 - 2pm Group work (Paula)2 - 3pm Library Visit: Digital Literacy with Adam Edwards & Gifty Ohemeng – Admissions Manager3pm End of Session3-4pm Staff Available for Discussion
  4. 4. Jess Innis – inspirational athlete from this year’s Olymics in London.
  5. 5. We have a home campus but this is self managed learning so a lothappens at a distance. Everyone will have an academic adviser to help. A liberal estimate of the time it will take during the 12 week study periods is approximately 6 hours per week (or more). Schedule this into your own diary as study time so that the work can fit around your other jobs. We work with social media, digital media and paper copies. Deadlines for drafts and final work are important.
  6. 6. Jonnie Peacock – his win was unexpected but the home crowd were routing for him.
  7. 7. Use the university website for information during your studies.
  8. 8. Use UniHub for information during your studies.
  9. 9. Use MyUniHub for enrolment and to access the library – you will be sentyour User ID and Password to enter by Gifty.
  10. 10. Ellie Simmonds – enthusiastic and a good sport – motivational.
  11. 11. Become familiar The Process of Study (be there) Try out social media Set up your study MANAGE TIME and its ideas (prepare) Work on coursework (do things) Handbook and generic feedback Organise & be curious Synchronise & collaborate Understand & maintainREFLECT on your learning (with peers) (public and private) (web presence) Explore others as useful resources (networks and workplace) Portfolio as assessment Based on learning outcomes Module 1 = 750 words summarising + evidence from practice (and blogs) academic adviser feedback, exam boards Use the university website for information during your studies.
  12. 12. BAPP Libguide is our programme’s site for learning during your studies.
  13. 13. Some administrative points for BAPP (Arts)1. Keep in contact and update your programme leader and advisers with your correct contact details.2. Avni Shah is now a Media and Performing Arts administrator.3. Students cards should be processed for this module so that you will have them when you need them.4. Our new student representative for BAPP (Arts) is Ahmet Ahmet. Please work with him and other peers to help us improve the programme.1. BAPP (Arts) feedback forms are at the end of the Modules you take. The form will most likely be on Survey Monkey. We value feedback and have used your feedback in our planning of the new curriculum for BAPP (Arts).
  14. 14. Assessment is clearly Our assessment isoutlined in the linked to university guidelines:Programme Handbook Module Handbooks. .uk/aboutus/StrategAssessment this term y/regulations/gradeis due to be submitted criteriaguide.aspx7th January 2013.
  15. 15. The Readers are there tosupport your learning andto challenge you. They arenot there as just ‘content’to learn… but are there toget you thinking aboutyour professional practice.This is a Level 6 Honourslevel programme so theexpectations are thatyour work will be of highstandard and yourlearning will be self-managed. Dedicatedsupport is available fromyour adviser, the BAPP(Arts) team, and theuniversity staff.
  16. 16. Working but enjoying the learning journey – like the entertainment at the OlympicOpening Ceremony. The BAPP Arts network is a great asset for individual learners.
  17. 17. BlogsWe use public blogs but you may also contact others via Facebook and 1-1.
  18. 18. Peer blogsYour learning blog can adopt your own personal style.
  19. 19. Tutor blogsTutor blogs give generic feedback and are there to join in the discussions.
  20. 20. BAPPmdx YouTubeWe also use other social media to connect. The BAPP Arts philosophy is touse social media that you can carry on using after the course.
  21. 21. Mo Farrah became an instant celebrity and the audience applauded his success.
  22. 22. Carrying on the olympic theme – Corinda worked and the Parlympics andhas shared her story using words and images. These might give you someideas for you own stories about your workplace.
  23. 23. Here are other cast members from different sections of the show. Ourgroup were Enlightenment we are trees.. Our section within theEnlightenment group was about Gravity , Sir Isaac Newton and the apple..Sir Stephen King was physically there in person and narrating during part ofour dance. The boys in blue in the picture below are skaters, they werefantastic, and were in the Empowerment section.
  24. 24. This was a prop with two disabled dancers as you can see. They were in thesection about knowledge.
  25. 25. Hi Paula, the apples were props used in the Gravity section. They were filled withhelium and at a certain point were released on a line at the same time, it was awonderful effect... The other props are red tents, representing activists campingoutside the Nuclear Atomic Weapons establishment during the period the UK werecampaigning against Nuclear Weapons etc..
  26. 26. The two cast members on the right were representing eye lashes. They were onthe top of a pole (approx 30 feet high) swaying and the whole picture could beseen from an aerial shot of an eye. My cast friend and I were walking aroundbackstage before our section to perform and we took plenty of backstage shots.
  27. 27. I didnt mention the two photos sent were ofBeverly Knight who sang in the Finale I amwhat I am we happened to be at the rightplace and lucky to have a photo with her. Theother photo was of a Russian Paralympian whoinsisted on having a photo with our group. Hewas rather good looking!!This was when the Cauldron was lit, we werewith the other cast members watching. I was delighted to receive a personal letter from the Prime Minister thanking me, us volunteers for taking time out to volunteer. That was a very much appreciated gesture. BW Corinda
  28. 28. This was Mark’s blog at the end of his studies for BAPP (Arts).