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5S - A step-by-step approach to implement 5S at your workplace


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This document "A step-by-step approach to implement 5S at your workplace" is a part of the training material we provide to our clients. This is specifically about the implementation of 5S at your workplace.

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5S - A step-by-step approach to implement 5S at your workplace

  1. 1. 5S A STEP-BY-STEP APPROACH TO IMPLEMENT 5S AT YOUR WORKPLACE This document is a part of the training materials from Hash Management Services LLP for educating and helping their clients implement 5S techniques at their workplace. To know more about us, visit or reach us at HASH MANAGEMENT SERVICES LLP
  2. 2. • A set of five words starting with “S” – about good housekeeping • Five steps to the culture of keeping the work place clean, organized, systematic and Safe • A foundation for all improvements and Lean Journey • Every associate is engaged and empowered. • Reveal the wastes and their causes in the process not seen by observation. • To put it simply “Work Place Organization” • Continual Process What is 5S? CULTURE OF THE COMPANY Page 2
  3. 3. STEPS EXPLANATION 1S SORT Separate items which are required and not- required. Dispose the items which are not required 2S SET IN ORDER Arrange all the required items based on the place of requirement. “A place for everything and everything in its place” 3S SHINE Clean your machines, workplace daily. Follow a cleaning schedule. Follow Preventive Maintenance for machines 4S STANDARDIZE Ensure all the above 3 steps are followed by all the employees in the company. Create Visual Indications, SOPs so that the best practices don’t slip back to original condition. 5S SUSTAIN 5S becomes a culture of the organization. Regular audits, training, competitions, rewards and recognitions ensure that 5S sustains in the organization. There is no end to 5S and has to be a part of continual improvement Steps in implementing 5S? Page 3
  4. 4. Page 4 1. SORT • Take Pictures of the area and display in a notice board • Include all the members in the area for segregating required and not-required items in their workplace • All the unwanted items to be sent to a Red Tag Area with a red tag mentioning the date, item name and why it is not required • Senior Management to focus on disposing the items in the Red Tag area • Items that are required only would go to the subsequent steps 2. SET IN ORDER • After Sorting out the unnecessary items, the needed items have to be classified by use and arranged as following: • To minimize search time and effort • To facilitate easy return and retrieval • Place each item in a designated address • In simple terms - “A place for everything and everything in its place” 3. SHINE • This involves cleaning the work place including machines, tools, floor, walls and other areas. • On cleaning, a lot of abnormalities like cracks, loose nuts, bolts, oil leakage, loose wires, etc. can be detected and rectified
  5. 5. Page 5 • Follow Preventive Maintenance Check list provided by the Machine Manufacturer - as per the schedule • Cleaning is inspection and a health check • Clean your workplace everyday - for 10 minutes • Maintain a cleaning schedule at your workplace 4. STANDARDIZE • Maintain all the above “3S” regularly by providing Visual Controls, SOPs, Training and use of colors for identification • This stage is when 5S become systematic and starting to become the culture of the organization 5. SUSTAIN • 5S becomes a part of the every day work and becomes a culture of the company • The greatest benefits of 5S is to help people to focus and acquire Self-Discipline. People’s behaviour is a reflection of the environment • Conduct regular 5S audits and recognise the teams and give them rewards. Conduct 5S Slogan Contests, Internal competitions, regular training to employees (by employees) • Everybody should feel proud to take part in 5S
  6. 6. Before we get started… 1. Form a 5S Apex Team to implement 5S in your company. This should contain members from all important functions. Can be a mix of supervisors, operators and managers 2. Divide the company in to multiple zones (based on the layout) and give names to each zone (interesting names ?) 3. Implementation should happen zone-wise. All the employees in a zone are part of the 5S team of that zone. 4. One member would act as the 5S zone leader. He/She would also be a part of the 5S Apex Team 5. Train the 5S Apex Team on 5S. This team should train the zonal 5S teams regularly 5S Apex Team (All Zone Leaders) Zone 1 Zone Leader and members Zone 2 Zone Leader and members Zone 3 Zone Leader and members Zone 4 Zone Leader and members Do not create a “Supervisors Only ” team. Companies with successful implementation teams had included members from various levels including Operators, Migrant labourers, Women and from Non-production areas. Tip #1 Page 6
  7. 7. Implementation method? 1. Identify a Pilot Zone for starting 1S (Which zone is looking very bad? and can we achieve faster results there? Will the team cooperative? 2. Start 1S in this Pilot Zone (max. time period - 7 to 10 days and document the benefits / progress 3. Move to a next zone for implementing 1S. In the first pilot zone, start 2S. 4. People who did 1S in the Pilot Zone would act as the trainers for the employees in the second Pilot Zone. 5. Move to 3rd Zone (for 1S). Do 2S in second zone and 3S in the first zone. 6. Horizontal deployment across the company Zone 1 1S Zone 1 1S Zone 2 1S Zone 1 2S 1st Pilot Zone 2nd Pilot Zone After 10 days Zone 1 1S Zone 2 1S Zone 1 2S Zone 2 2S Zone 3 1S Zone 1 3S After 20 days 3rd Pilot Zone Page 7 5S Kick-Off
  8. 8. How to Sustain 5S? 1. Commitment and Support from the Top management 2. Continuous training for the employees 3. Regular audits on 5S by the Apex Team 4. Frequent visits by the senior management to the shop floor 5. Involvement from all the employees of the company across levels and hierarchies 6. Measure and Monitor the improvements - Put them for display 7. Inter-department competitions, 5S Slogans, Reward systems, Ownership of areas by members and many other innovative ways can be done to ensure sustenance Commitment from the Senior Management is very essential in sustaining the initiatives. Regular walk-through in the shop floor and suggesting ideas should be a part of Senior Management’s responsibility Tip #2 A 5S Deck is provided to the Apex Team. This contains Powerpoint presentations, Videos, 5S templates for audit and many more. For further reading and suggestions, contact your company’s 5S Apex Team. Hash Management Services LLP works with manufacturing companies in improving their business operations through Lean Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management initiatives. Visit for more details and to download FREE training materials that can help your team implement some of these best practices Version1.0/2015CopyrightofHashManagementServicesLLP,2015