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Production of my Magazine


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Here you can see the step by step production of my media magazine.

I stuck to a very strick color scheme (Red, Black and White) which were all colours which either featured in existing horror or film mags, and that they all symbolised horror in their own ways. I also stuck to a strick font scheme. Tosca Zero for the mast head, Defused to the LOCKDOWN anchorage text and Mydrid Pro for the other infomation.

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Production of my Magazine

  1. 1. I started off with my desired Magazine image and laid it onto an A4 page. I had to make the top And bottom of the image back and added a strip of RED where I wanted my cover lines and skylines to go
  2. 2. I added some contrast using curves and I added some brightness using the brightness tool.
  3. 3. After looking at my audience feedback and I chose the most voted for font (tosca zero) and made a mast head. I wished to follow the colour pattern (red) so I coloured the font red. I decided to stretch the font across the top of the page as it followed conventions when making a mag.
  4. 4. Here you can see I have added LOCKDOWN (which was in the most voted for 'defused' font type) to the page. I made the font white to bring it from the dark background. I also made it very large (178 pt) so it was obvious that it was an important feature. I added a backdrop as well.
  5. 5. Next I added some pictures from the photo shot I had taken earlier and added them to the page. I added a flash word also which would encourage the audience to purchase the mag.
  6. 6. Here I have just added some information describing the anchorage text. I added a question which Again would gain the audiences attention. I followed the red colour scheme. I also used the myraid Pro font which is similar to Arial but it isn't too fancy and easy to read.
  7. 7. Here you can see I have added the second part of my mast head. (horror) which was 98 pt and in Tosca Zero font. I made it white to bring it away from the M. I also added a paragraph going into Further detail about LOCKDOWN.
  8. 8. Here you can see I have added a slogan and some other stories to the page which gives the mag Some bulk. I added the slogan so that the mad would have a separate identity.
  9. 9. Here I simply added a stock image of a BAR CODE and the date which is a necessity for a mag.
  10. 10. Perhaps the most difficult part of the mag. I needed to make more impact of the zombie so I decided to copy the background image, select only the face using the lasso tool and lay it over the background. This was a skill I developed in year 12 when I did the same with my music mag.
  11. 11. Here you can see I have added the cover lines and a skyline. I added information such like Upcoming films, and interviews and information about what will be featured with in the mag.