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Skills development journal

  1. 1. Skills Development Journal James Dooley
  2. 2. Front cover - Masthead These are my first ideas for my masthead design. I chose the top masthead for my magazine because it suits my dance genre. I used the website Da font to design it. I then cropped the masthead and placed it on a plain background. I placed it at the top to the left to make it look recognisable.
  3. 3. I then added effects to themasthead. The effects I addedare inner shadow, drop shadowand a bevel and emboss tomake it look more interesting. Ihad set the angle of theshadow.
  4. 4. I then added the photo ofthe model. I positioned themodel to the right so thatthe left third would bemore visible.I added a blur effect to thebackground to put morefocus on the model. I thendarkened the edges.
  5. 5. I used the spot healingtool to remove any spots.This makes the photo shotlook more professional
  6. 6. I then added the lead article. I typed itup in font Myriad pro. I used effectsdrop shadow and outer glow to makeit look bigger. I applied a white innershadow to make it look more clearer.I filled in the colours of the mastheadto go with the house style. I tilted itand used free transform also grid toalign it with the masthead.
  7. 7. I then added another articleand features at the bottom. Ityped it in the same fonthowever changed thecolours.The article ‘deadmau5 tourreview’ has effects dropshadow and glow. Used gridto align.
  8. 8. I added a few moreheadlines with effects dropshadow and glow. I usedthe same colours to suitthe house style.Added a created shapewith a red glow. Insertedtext with an added logofrom a dub step artist. Thiswas created by the shapestool.
  9. 9. ContentsI inserted a new backgroundby using the fill. Added mymasthead at top left andtyped in contents.I then inserted two linescorresponding and used gridto help me align parts of mycontents.
  10. 10. I then added two photoshots. I used another one ofthe main model and kept itoriginal with no effects. Usedthe grid to align the photos.For the photo below I usedlevels to make it darker andbrighter.I had also used curves tomake the picture look darkeron one side compared to theother.
  11. 11. The pictures have addedtitles with them alignedwith grid.Added all the featuresand regulars. All beentyped in gill sans MT.
  12. 12. Added a small caption of myfront cover. Added details nextto it.
  13. 13. Double Page spreadI had added a photo shot to fit A3size. No effects are added but Idone this to make it look moreprofessional.I used the website Dafont todesign the masthead then copiedto my DPS. I placed it top left andlarge with a added drop shadowto make it stand out.
  14. 14. I had added the pagenumbers in the corners. Ihad also copy and pastedthe masthead title andstuck it in the left cornerI had created a box in thebottom left corner. I addedshadow/ glow effects andput the opacity down low.This box is for a border ofthe text.
  15. 15. The pull quote is in Helvetica,italics to give it emphasis andattention. It is placed on rightshoulder to show it is themodel saying it.The layout is organised byusing the grid.
  16. 16. Pop splash skills developmentUsed grid to position themasthead. Created the starfrom shapes. Used the fillbucket to colour. I had maintained theimages aspect ratio byclicking the little lock at thetop. This doesn’t stretchthe image.Used the grid to align thephotos.