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Media a2 evaluation


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Media a2 evaluation

  1. 1. Media A2 Newspaper Matt Smith
  2. 2. Newspaper Front CoverAdheres to myaudience research asthe layout and style The articlesmost resembles printed are ofwhat people wanted. relevance to the local community of Salford and inThe title of my keeping to thenewspaper is a sort of newsvery basic people statednewspaper title as they mostit uses the word preffered.“Times”.
  3. 3. Newspaper Double Page Film Review section isArticle about influenced by TheSmartphones is Guardian’s shortrelevant to my sections oftarget reviews.audience. Advert isArticle of Eccles advertising a pizza which is not veryman brings expensive and evenback the local doubles up as aelement after voucher, thus showing that mycovering a newspaper is not awider topic in very expensive one.theSmartphonearticle.
  4. 4. Radio Advert and BillboardThis radio advert wasrecorded with Cubase 5.Voiceover has slight EQ to tryand capture a better radiosound.It uses an electric guitar and aMIDI drum kit.My newspaper’s billboard isbright and expressive toensure it will grab people’sattention and also highlightthat it is for a youngaudience.
  5. 5. How my product has used conventions of real media products
  6. 6. What I have learned from audience feedback
  7. 7. Adobe PhotoshopI created my whole newspaper front cover anddouble page using Adobe Photoshop.I drew lines using the rulers and line tool, boxesfor my photos with the rectangle tool, andcreated mock text using Lorem Ipsum textgenerator online and copy pasting the text intowhere I would like my real text to go.The photos were edited in Photoshop to removethe backgrounds and also fill slight bits in.
  8. 8. • My billboard advertisement is also created fully on Adobe Photoshop using a polygon tool which I then filled in with colour and changed the opacity to give it a stained glass window look to it.
  9. 9. Cubase 5• My radio advertise was done entirely in Cubase 5 music recording software. I used a microphone to capture the sound of my voice and a DI Box to capture the guitar sounds from an electric guitar. The drum beat was created as a MIDI track.• Upon completion I exported the track and uploaded it to Soundcloud to embed it onto my blog.
  10. 10. Slideshare• Slideshare allowed me to create an easy way to view my work in progress and the finished product at the end of it, in a quick slideshow presentation embedded onto my blog.