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Welcome To Barcelona


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Powerpoint Presentation made by Joan Paul school's students in Kielce (Poland).

Published in: Education, Travel, Spiritual
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Welcome To Barcelona

  1. 1. Barcelona Choose a place you want to visit
  2. 2. The Arc de Triomf The Columbus Monument Casa del Arcediano Gothic Cathedral Monasterio de Palacio Real Mayor Pedralbes Las Ramblas Palau de la Generalitat Palau de la Musica Catalana Barrio Gótico EXIT
  3. 3. The Arc de Triomf is a triumphal arch built with colorful brickwork. The arch was designed by the Catalan architect Josep Vilaseca. It is decorated with a lot of statues and reliefs. This beautiful arch was built for the 1888 Universal Exposition, which took place at the Parc de la Ciutadella. It is situated at the end of a wide promenade andwas the exposition's main entrance.
  4. 4. The Gothic Cathedral. It was built between 1298 and 1450. The facade and the cupola of a height of 90 metres were made in the 19th century.
  5. 5. Casa del Arcediano It was built in the late 15th century over Roman fortifications. Today it contains the historic archive of Barcelona.
  6. 6. The Columbus Monument is a 60 metres tall monument for Christopher Columbus at the end of La Rambla. It was constructed for the Exposición Universal de Barcelona and is located at the site where Columbus returned to Spain after his first voyage to the Americas.
  7. 7. Monasterio de Pedralbes The monastery of Pedralbes was founded in 1326 and is specially important for its museum.
  8. 8. Palau de la Generalitat This building is in gothic and renaissance styles. It is especially interesting for the inner court, Patio de los naranjos, with its gothic stairways.
  9. 9. Las Ramblas It is a 2-kilometer long boulevard between Plaça de Catalunya and Barcelona’s port, showing what is perhaps the essence of Barcelona. On this boulevard you will find people of all ages, nationalities and social classes; including shoeshine boys, small flower stands, living statues, acrobats, jugglers, musicians, big- business galleries, cafeterias, and extremely comfy terraces.
  10. 10. Barrio Gótico The Gothic Quarter is one of the oldest and most interesting areas in Barcelona. There are many ruins of old fortifications to be seen in the area, which still remain from the time the Romans ruled. With its winding streets it is easy to get lost, but the many tapas bars and little cafes make the journey most enjoyable.
  11. 11. Palau de la Musica Catalana Palau de la Musica Catalana is an impressive concert house. It was designed by Domenech i Muntaner in modernist style.
  12. 12. Palacio Real Mayor It was originally the palace of the counts of Barcelona. The most interesting are the "Salon de Tinell" of 14th century, the windows of 11th century , the "Mirador del Rei Martí" containing a gothic chapel of 14th century, and the ceremony hall of the counts of Barcelona, where Christopher Columbus was received by the king after returning from America.