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  2. 2. Capella de Santa Anna monastery of Canons of the Holy Tomb of Barcelonalocated between the Plaza de Catalunya and Santa Anna Street
  3. 3. Capella de Santa AnnaThe door is Gothic in 1300.
  4. 4. Capella de Santa AnnaFounded in 1141 byRamon Berenguer IV. Preservesthe original Romanesquestructure. Behind the bustle ofthe Plaza deCatalunya, the peaceof the church. Tomb of the noble knight of Boera Miquel XVI century
  5. 5. Capella de Santa Anna
  6. 6. El claustro and the chapter, the work of the fifteenth century, were sent by theprior build Mateo Fernandez el1450
  7. 7. Capella de Santa AnnaThe cloister is rectangular arches supported by
  8. 8. El Reial Centre Artistic Pigantelli old palace, dedicated to the promotion of artistic activities
  9. 9. El Reial Centre Artistic
  10. 10. Frieze of the facade of Col.legi d ´Arquitectes of Pablo Picasso
  11. 11. Carrer Petrixol on this street should be breakfast or snack in one of his farms. Also, standin front of the Auras in the walls and read their maximum.
  12. 12. Basílica de Santa María del Pi built during the XIV and XV flanked by two unfinishedtowers, spectacular rose window stands 10 meters in diameter.
  13. 13. Basílica de Santa María del Pi One of the most representative works of Catalan Gothic
  14. 14. The squares adjacent to the temple are a place for artists and bohemians.
  15. 15. Basílica de Santa María del Pi Plaça de Sant Josep Oriol
  16. 16. Barri Gótic walking throughits streets arediscovered palaces, churches, shops andtraders peculiar oldest city.
  17. 17. El barrio gótico is the medieval city center and sometimes a maze of street saroundthe Cathedral.
  18. 18. Plaça de l Ángel is more direct input Barri Gotic
  19. 19. La Plaça del Ángel is namedafter the angel who, accordingto legend, appeared here forthe procession that wascarrying the relics ofSt. Eulalies Cathedral. Areplica of the angel was placedon a balcony overlookingthe square.
  20. 20. Escola Superior de TurismeCarrer Lledó, 11 - PalauMercader en el BarriGòtic, characteristic areaof ​the city forits history, cultureand architecture inan eighteenth century palace
  21. 21. Escola Superior de Turisme
  22. 22. Carrer de la Ciutat
  23. 23. Lobby of a buildingin the Call this areabecame the mostimportant culturalcenter of medieval Catalonia
  24. 24. San Rafael Archangel
  25. 25. Old Town Hall edifici Vell XIV century by Pere Llobet Gothic
  26. 26. Casa de la Ciutat in the Plaça de Sant for Josep Jaume Vila i Màs
  27. 27. Hall figures Jaume I and Councillor Joan Fiveller
  28. 28. En la plaça de Sant Miquel sculpture in tribute to "Castellers" human towers
  29. 29. Catalan first building facadeof the Rue St. Honore. Sinceancient times has alwaysbeen the historicaland administrativecenter, located where therewas the forum of the Romancity.
  30. 30. Palau de la Generalitat is the seat of the Presidency of the Government of Catalunya andis one of the few medieval buildings in Europe
  31. 31. Sculpture of Sant Jordi Andreu Aleu Patio de los Naranjos
  32. 32. Pati dels Taronger Saint George on horseback killing the dragons
  33. 33. Fachada gótica Bishop Street, 1416, the master builder Marc Safon
  34. 34. Sculptures by Pere Johan with the image of Saint George and the princessrepresenting gargoyle.
  35. 35. Palau de la Generalitat
  36. 36. Parroquia de Sant Jaume year 1722 old church of the Holy Trinity
  37. 37. Palau Centelles retains its original character, built in the late fifteenth century in Gothicstyle
  38. 38. Palau Centellas the building can be considered the best preserved urban manor housein the Middle Agess
  39. 39. Pati Llimona palace built on the Roman walls of the city with Roman baths andstunning 17 meter Roman wall
  40. 40. School of Applied Arts andBuilding carrer davinyó rafts The Bolsin S. XIX
  41. 41. Passatge del Crédit Apassage is closed totraffic, with bars at theentrance preservednineteenthcentury atmosphere.
  42. 42. Basílica de la Virgen de la Mercèby Josep Mas between 1765 and1775. The interior features monumental
  43. 43. Basílica de la Virgen de la Mercè Thedome is crowned with a huge statue ofOur Lady of La Merce, designedby Maximilian Hall, demolished in 1936and rebuilt in 1956 by brothers Osle.
  44. 44. Niche of 1888 by Joan Martorell, where they worship the Gothic image of the Mare de Deude la Merce patron saint of Barcelona, by Pere Moragues
  45. 45. En la Plaça de la Mercè is the fountain ofDesigned private courtyard formerly Neptune reconstructed a nineteenth centurpart of the convent of La Merced y source supplying water to ships.
  46. 46. Plaça del Duque de Medinaceli monumentRear of Post Office dedicated to Admiral Galceran Marquet
  47. 47. Carrer de Carrabassa of the most romantic corner that can be seen with a series ofhanging bridges
  48. 48. Plaza Orwell Leandre Cristòfol sculpture work of sub-forms realistic.
  49. 49. Plaça Reial next to the Rambla has become one of the most intimate corners ofBarcelona was built between 1850 and 1859.
  50. 50. Plaça Reial forming an enclosed building at the base there is a porch of pillars. Under thearches are restaurants, pubs, discos, etc..
  51. 51. Plaça Reial The porches terraces breweries, the fascination of the tourists givethis place
  52. 52. Plaça Reial Fünte of them the Three Graces and the works of Antoni Gaudi lampposts
  53. 53. Fructuós CanongeCatalan was a famous magician ofthe nineteenth century beforebeing famous was installed as ashoeshine boy in the plaza Reialcame to become one ofThe best magicians of thenineteenth century. The publicfavor will take you through themain theaters of Spain and SouthAmerica and will be honored withall kinds of decorations. Heappeared tothe court of QueenElizabeth II
  54. 54. This is the area which boasts one of the Barri Gotic