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Published in: Education, Travel
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  1. 1. W lc m ToSa m nc e o e la a a Created by: Rey-Beltrán Lister
  2. 2. W reisSa m nc ? he la a a
  3. 3. In De th Vie o Sa m nc p w f la a a
  4. 4. El RíoTo e w theP nte rm s ith ue Ro a m no
  5. 5. La Universidad Salamanca University is the oldest and one of the most prestigious universities in Spain dating back to 1218.
  6. 6. Miguel de Unamuno  Famous philosopher that taught at the University of Salamanca.
  7. 7. TheFa o Sa m nc n P za m us la a a la  This plaza contains 86 arches.  Many people visit this incredible and beautiful piece of architecture.  It was a bullfight arena.
  8. 8. LaC the ra Nue a d l va  La Cathedral Nueva is of the Siglo XIII with gothic architecture.
  9. 9. LaC the ra Vie a d l ja  La Cathedral Vieja is of the Siglo XII with Roman Style.
  10. 10. LaC s d la C nc s a a e s o ha  La Casa de las Conchas has walls covered with shells.  When the sun shines on them, the shells seem to dance in the sun.
  11. 11. Sa ría ng  Sangría is a drink specially made in Salamanca.  It’s a combination of refreshments, fresh fruits, and sugar.  It’s a very popular and delicious drink.