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Icono activities 2013


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Icono activities 2013

  1. 1. DiscoveringBarcelonaTeambuilding andincentive activitiesfor companies2013
  2. 2. ICONO offers… Tailor made products : cultural and artistic tours based on our client’s preferences, time and interests. Teambuilding activities for conferences and incentive meetings. Native Spanish guides in all languages. Professional staff in the offices specialized in the Arts, History, Architecture…
  4. 4. Barcelona 2000 years of HistoryHome to the 1992 Olympic games, Barcelona is a mix of modern and traditional Spain. The city has oftenbeen at odds (sometimes even at war) with the rest of Spain. It is this divergent history that makesBarcelona so distinct from other Spanish towns and its people so fiercely independent. There is a youthfulsense of joie de vivre and rebellion that permeates the ancient streets.Our panoramic city tour is a smattering of old and new and combines the main historical and culturalpoints of the city. Mostly enjoyed by bus but with opportunities to stop for picture-taking and leisurewalking, we visit the Old Harbor, Montjuïc (for beautiful views and picture opportunities) OlympicStadium, Cathedral of Barcelona and its beautiful cloister, Las Ramblas (Barcelonas most famous streetfilled with shops, cafes and plenty of ambience), Paseo de Gracia where some of the mostimportant modernista facades are located, including la Gaudís Casa Batlló and the Sagrada Familia.The tour concludes at the Sagrada Familia.This tour provides for a great introduction to the city. After understanding the lay of the land andabsorbing a general overall view of the sights, youll be in good shape to revisit and explore all ofBarcelona on your own and at your own pace.
  5. 5. Modernists Designs & ColorsNo architect in Europe was as fantastical as Antoni Gaudí i Cornet, the foremost proponent of Catalan modernism. Barcelona is home tomany works of this extraordinary artist, all of which UNESCO now lists as World Trust Properties. A recluse and a celibate bachelor as wellas a fervent Catalan nationalist he lived out his own fantasy in his work. Nothing is more stunning than his Sagrada Família, Barcelonasbest-known landmark, a cathedral on which Gaudí labored for the last 43 years of his life. Work to complete the landmark cathedral stillcontinues today, and when it will be finished, "The Sacred Family" will be Europes largest cathedral.This guided tour concentrates on some of his most well-known works in Barcelona including La Pedrera (Casa Milá), Casa Batlló, and ParkGüell. We are introduced to the genius - including his historical and artistic influences, his social life and his mentality. Time permitting, wemay visit Casa Lleó i Morera of Domenech i Montaner, Casa Amatller of Puig i Cadafalch, Palau Güell. Although the tour includes onlyoutside guided viewing, you may have the opportunity to visit the interiors at your own leisure, e.g. Casa Batlló and La Pedrera.
  6. 6. Stoires Stories and legends of the Gothic Quarter Legends, traditions, stories from generation to generation heard in our streets…will be brought to life in our tour.
  7. 7. Montjuïc Tour : History, Culture and Emotion The tour begins at Plaza de España where you can enjoy an amazing view of the Neptune´s monument. From this location you are able to see also María Cristina ´s Avenue that is dominate by 2 venitians towers. These towers of 47 m tall each are leading the way to the MNAC one of Catalonias finest museums.Montjüic tour will take you to the Poble Espanyol(optional) an open-air museum built up in1929, for Barcelona´s international Exhibition. Poble espanyol pretends to be a show case ofthe different towns of the country and its singular architecture and style. Built in order tolast 6 months its still remaining as a museum. Afterwards you walk around the olympic ring, main site for the 1992 Olympic Games. This complex contents : the Olympic Stadium, Palau Sant Jordi sports hall, Picornell swimming arena, National Physical Education Institute (INEFC) and Santiago Calatrava telecommunications tower.Find the pictorical legacy of Joan Miró, in his foundation create to promote the work of contemporary artists and also to exhibit his own work. Thebuilding, designed by Josep Lluís Sert, is an open-plan structure inspired by traditional Mediterranean styles that achieves a perfect balance betweenarchitecture and landscape. The tour will take you now to Montjuïc castle, a fortress built up in 1751 which played several roles along its life, built up not only to protect but also to attack enemies… Finally, the visit comes to its end so get ready for the last adventure because it ´s time to cross from Montjüic hill to the port of Barcelona in a cable car! Fun will be guaranteed! (optional)
  8. 8. Barcelona 1900’s The Bohemian city of PicassoThis is a very special tour, as it combinates arts, history, societyand stories related to 1900’s Barcelona, the city that Picassofound when he moved here with his family. A Barcelona of artgalleries, Modernist art, artists and intellectuals, strongcultural connections with Paris, secret districts, literary barsand cabarets.The tour takes you to some of Picasso’s studios and homes, aswell as old bars and shops of that time and other relatedplaces. This tour finishes with the amazing visit to the PicassoMuseum.
  9. 9. Barcelona from the Heights. Discover a new city.It is always amazing to look at things from a different point of view, especially if we are referring to a city.This tour lets us see Barcelona from its heights, moving around terrace roves and high points of the cityfrom where we can admire Barcelona.
  10. 10. PASSEIG DE GRÀCIA Lujo & Alta costuraWe all know that Passeig De Gràcia is the open air‘museum’ of modernista architecture, the greatshowcase of noteworthy buildings which have beendesignated World Heritage Sites. However, this isonly one of things that this elegant boulevard affords us. Over the last few years the businesses located on this grand boulevard have changed hands: the headquarters of banks have given over to the world’s most exclusive fashion labels and hotel chains.
  11. 11. Century Old Shop TourThis itinerary visits the interior of century-old shops still alive and part of the sentimental geography of the city. In neo-classical, modernist or traditional style, with home- made products, the shops and their secretsare shown by their owners. Some of the shopsare El Rei de la Màgia, El Indio, Cereria Subirà and El Cafè de l’Òpera.
  12. 12. “BARCELONA: THE MOVIE WALKING TOUR!”“Barcelona: the movie walking tour” shows the main locations wherepopular scenes from “Vicky, Cristina, Barcelona” and other masterfilms haven been shot. At the same time discovers films that usedthe city as the set to construct other atmospheres such as “TheParfum”. Did you know that the first film ever shot in Spain tookplace in Barcelona in 1896? Would you like to enter the locationsand talk to people who worked in the shootings? Do not hesitate anddiscover Barcelona like you have never seen it! Did you know that the first film ever shot in Spain took place in Barcelona in 1896? Would you like to enter the locations and talk to people who worked in the shootings? Do not hesitate and discover Barcelona like you have never seen it.
  13. 13. THE CATHEDRAL OF THE SEA 14th Century: the city of Barcelona was a prosperous city and had grown towards the shore. The humble new district of fishermen decided to build, with their own money and efforts, the greatest temple ever to have existed: Santa Maria of the Sea. The young Arnau works as a dock worker, soldier and money changer. However, his life, always under the protection of the Cathedral dedicated to the Sea, will change when he changes his misery for nobility and wealth. You will discover the scenes of this exciting novel, scenes that after almost 700 years we can still admire. A unique opportunity to life again the stories of its characters and know more about one of the most emblematic monuments of Barcelona, Santa Maria del Mar, whilst admiring the Gothic quarter of Barcelona.
  14. 14. Contemporary Architecture Tour Barcelona has lots of faces: apart from the Gothic quarter and the modernist one, there is a contemporary city that looks to the future, another Barcelona where the most renowned architects all over the world have been challenged to build their buildings. The purpose of this itinerary is to discover the recent patrimony of both 20th and 21st centuries.We start visiting the Pabellón Mies van der Rohe, initiallyconceived for the Universal Exhibition in 1929. We continue alongMontjuïc Mountain having a look at the Olympic ring and the Sportfacilities where the Olympic Games where held in 1992. The tourwill continue with the Miró Foundation.Following the maritime façade we arrive to the Olympic Village, anew neighborhood by the sea. We will walk across, where the newicon of Barcelona is situated, Torre Agbar by Jean Nouvel.Finally we will traverse the new and modern Diagonal Mar quarterwhere the Centro Internacional de Congresos de Barcelona wasbuilt.
  15. 15. Elegant Modernism Passeig de Gracia You will have a walk along Passeig de Gràcia, where you will admire the most representative modernist façades, such as the Casa Milà or Casa Batlló. Barcelona is home to many works of this extraordinary artist, all of which UNESCO now lists as World Trust Properties. MMCAT After admiring the façades of Catalan Modernism, you will go deep into its interior visiting the MMCAT, the new Museum of Catalan Modernism. In this charming museum you will find the original pieces of furniture of the Catalan Modernist flats, decoration, paints and sculpture. CASA BATLLO ICONO offers you the chance to visit the interior of this amazing Gaudí’s house: the Casa Batlló. It’s a key feature in the architecture of modernist Barcelona. Nowadays, the spectacular facade is an iconic landmark in the city. The "Manzana de la Discordia", or Block of Discord, is a series of buildings built by the most renowned architects, amongst which is Casa Batlló.
  16. 16. Tapas Tour BARCELONACULTUREGASTRONOMYBARCELONAThere is no better way to do that than taking you to the most famous places and the best tapasbars in the charming Born and Gothic quarters. Our Tapas Tour is a tasty way to get to know andsavor our gastronomy and culture.
  17. 17. Good morningBarcelona We will enjoy watching the sunrise* from an exceptional observatory with the possibility of taking lovely pictures above our thousand-year-old city. Afterwards, we will go down the opposite lush hillside towards Vallvidrera swamp where we will have breakfast.On the way back, we will go along some of the most emblematic sources of the area and wewill get to Vallvidrera from where we will have again amazing views of the city. From there, wewill go back to the ending point.*The tour can be taken at any hour of the day, views are also wonderful.
  18. 18. THE GHOST WALKING TOURWhat do the streets of Barcelona hide when night falls? Which storiesmarked our ancestor’s lives forever? Let yourself become absorbed bythe paranormal mysteries of Barcelona with the explanations of anexperienced guide.The Ghost Walking Tour is a night visit around Sant Pere, Santa Caterina and la Ribera quarters, based on the book“Fantasmes de Barcelona” written by Sylvia Lagarda-Mata. The tour tells the mysterious and hair-raising stories thathave been taking place in those areas for decades. An experienced guide leads the visit. Exorcisms, witchcrafts,bewitched convents and records of phantom apparitions invade the streets of Barcelona. Participants will have thechance to discover those baffling phenomena in a funny and entertaining way. Come and walk through a hidden city: meet Barcelona’s ghosts. This mysterious tour has the possibility of including actors. A night that you will never forget, that will mark forever your memories of Barcelona. Do you dare?
  20. 20. Stories and legends of the Gothic QuarterLegends, traditions, stories passed down from generationto generation heard in our streets…Those will come alivein our tour.We will walk the narrow medieval streets of the Gothicquarter, discovering how our ancestors lived and how The Taverntheir relation was with this part of the city. The Tavern is the history of a strange romance between a medieval gentleman and a tavern maid in the XVIIth century. The brief performance offers us moments of emotion and humor that, together with a tour full of medieval legends, will make an unforgettable experience.
  21. 21. Barcino: 2000 years of History told by the city Barcelona is a city with more than 2000 years of history. Despite its name is owed to the Romans: IULIA AUGUSTA ROMANA PATERNA BARCINO, the city enjoyed its splendor during the Middles Ages..
  22. 22. Following the Steps of a Genius: The Secret Barcelona Of Gaudí “The most brilliant architect, inexhaustible creator, always unpublished, and always logical, but in his own world” On the way, you will meet some very famous characters that will explain you anecdotes, secrets that will lead us in this tour that wants to introduce us in the Gaudí’s universe. We would like to invite you to discover the secrets hidden behind Gaudí’s creations and his time.
  23. 23. The Shadow of the Wind Literary route All books are read but some offers the possibility to walk into... We present a unique opportunity to wander around the amazing Barcelona shown in The Shadow of the Wind, a novel that has captivated thousands of readers all around the world. From writing to words, from the imagination to reality. We will be ourselves the characters of the novel that has hit us and we are going to move around the places that still today keep the charm and mystery of early XX century Barcelona. Not often do we have the possibility to turn fiction into reality but this is one such chance.There is the possibility to include actors for a performance tour.
  25. 25. This is a very interactive experience designed tostimulate creativity, cooperation andcommunication. Although Picasso was born inMalaga, Spain, he spent many years living inBarcelona as a struggling artist learning his trade.Famed for developing the style of painting known ascubism, his creative footprints are evidentthroughout the city. In this experience you willcreate a collage based on a famous piece of Picassoartwork.
  26. 26. PICASSO This is a very interactive experience designed to stimulate creativity, cooperation and communication. WORKSHOP Its added value is the use of recyclable materials, which makes of it a sustainable activity. The objective is to create a collage based on the image of your colleague… FirstlyAlthough Picasso was born in Malaga, Spain, he spent you will be split into groups and taken on a 30 minute Picasso tour of the citymany years living in Barcelona as a struggling artist centre. The tour is an extremely informative historical look at the life of Picasso. Along the walk, your team must stay alert and be observant, as you will have tolearning his trade. Famed for developing the style of pick up various materials and objects, which represent the ‘spirit of Picasso’.painting known as cubism, his creative footprints are Attention! The idea is to be as creative as possible and apply the waste hierarchy :evident throughout the city. reusing, recycling and reducing. Will you be able to surprise us?
  27. 27. Would you like to be Gaudi for a fewhours and create an original masterpiece?This teambuilding activity offers you theopportunity to learn more about the workof Gaudi, and in particular to experimentwith one of its techniques: “the trencadís”.Following his footsteps, the participantswill test their ability to innovate, manageresources, etc. and to develop synergieswith the rest of the team.The final result depends on the skill andcreativity of each one!
  29. 29. Flamenco workshop ¡Olé! Get started in Flamenco music and dancing! Share musical skills in a relaxed atmosphere with your team. ICONO offers a workshop to introduce yourself in the art of Flamenco. Workshops are carried out by a professional dancer (bailaora). During the lesson, you will work on aspects such as the coordination between the different parts of the body and basic concepts of Flamenco dancing.“A seductive and participative way todiscover Flamenco”
  30. 30. Pintxos WorkshopBasques people are good eaters and demanding ones, and theBasque version of tapas - pinchos or pintxos - tend to be moreelaborated than ordinary tapas.In the early 20th Century small taverns appeared in the BasqueCountry, places to share the country’s best ciders and winestogether with traditional foods in an informal and popularatmosphere. Following the example of the cider-makers, bite-sizedtoothpick foods known as pintxos were served to counter theexcesses caused by drinking.
  31. 31. Human Towers – Castellers is based on one of themost important Catalan traditions: Castells. Thisword, translated into English, means castle, andconsists of the construction of humantowers. A lotof people is needed to attain this objective, and it isvery important that all of them communicate,cooperate and work together in to get the finalsuccess.
  32. 32. Do you dare to compete withyour collegues in a cocktail workshop-competition for amateurs? In this activity it is important tolearn the exact measure of each of theingredients but, above all, shake thecocktail, the best mixture will be thewinner. Shake it, shake it and shake!
  33. 33. PERCUSSION WORKSHOP Follow the beat with your company events!Percussion connects directly with participants’ intuition and emotions. This workshopdevelops team spirit and interaction: Within minutes, participants unite naturally inrhythm, sounding like an orchestra.Groups can be from ten people to several hundred, where participants unite in therhythm of the "Jembe" drum. Sessions last approximately one hour.Each participant has an authentic “Jembe” drum and with it all of them will embarkon a journey of musical and rhythmic exploration. The element surprise and the factthat everything is kept very simple are keys to our success.Groups find themselves suddenlyimmersed in a totally new activityproducing extraordinary results andfostering a strong sense of non-verbalcommunication in an extremely enjoyableway with surprising results.
  34. 34. Workshops Monastery ofSant Cugat De Vita Comunitatis The foundations of the Earth: Workshop of Medieval Writing Workshop of medieval architectureA monastery was a place of living in community. The life of a With the construction and the following renovations of the monasteryBenedictine monk in medieval Catalonia was governed by the rule of of Sant Cugat were dozens of specialists involved, for example mastersSaint Benedict, a guideline for all he had to do during the day. They of work, stone masons, laborers, painters,… The construction of suchmainly followed the Benedictine monastic “ora et labora”, pray and a building was a very complex undertaking, that called for highwork. The monasteries were important political, economical and technical knowledge and organization. The structure and ornamentationabove all cultural centers. This workshop offers the opportunity to of the building responds to the needs and the power of the monasticenter the monastic life, as well as to enter the world of the community of Sant Cugat. A visit to the monastery allows you toScriptorium, knowing the techniques of medieval writing. analyze the characteristics of the medieval architecture. The workshop allows direct us of these elements, lifting medieval buildings.
  36. 36. BARCELON Challenges, emblematic and unknown locations… An original and enjoyable formula to get to know or rediscover Barcelona. A unique proposal that combines culture, action and high tech.Discover Barcelona culture, develop team and global strategy, handle new technologies…This brand new activity combines fun and teambuilding on an iPad. Success granted!
  37. 37. Gymkhana gastronómicaThis game is designed to challengethe participants’ culinary skills.Each member will be asked toperform different tests to developtheir sense of taste and smell andtheir abilities to cook all in a light-hearted way.
  38. 38. DISCOVERING BARCELONA GOTICA Challenges, emblematic and unknown locations… An original andenjoyable formula to get to know or rediscover the city of Barcelona. A unique proposal that combines culture, action and wit.
  39. 39. …The 10 Dragons EnigmaHave you ever wondered why Barcelona is a city full of dragons,which is their true story? Do they have any hidden intention? IsBarcelona in danger? Will Saint George’s legend happen again?Participants will have to solve all these enigmas. This is a walking gymkhana that challenges our participants’ curiosity! They will need to crack our enigmas to successfully find and reach the places where the 10 emblematic dragons in the city are.
  40. 40. DISCOVERINGBARCELONA MODERNISTAChallenges, emblematic and unknown locations… An original and enjoyableformula to get to know the Modernist heritage, so important in Barcelona. A unique proposal that combines culture, action and wit.
  41. 41. …a team builging activity in symbiosis with nature!! The 4 elements challenge Challenges, emblematic and unknown locations… On the beach!An original and enjoyable formula to get to know or rediscover the city of Barcelona and its beaches. A unique proposal that combines culture, action and wit.
  42. 42. Bcn en vogue Challenges, emblematic and design shops … An original and enjoyable formula to get to know or rediscover the city of Barcelona. A unique proposal that combines culture, design and creativity. Let all your whole style and creativity!!
  43. 43. Gymkhana inSitgesThe cultural gymkhana is a different way ofgetting to know the town of Sitges, itsculture and its traditions, as well as a newway of making contact with its residents.
  44. 44. Barcelona:The Museum ChallengeThe main objective is to promote teamwork, improve humanrelations and play in a relaxed atmosphere.At the beginning of the activity, the participants will receive amap and a book drive that will indicate the locations of the tests.Museums and monuments proposed:• Pedrera • Museu Picasso• Casa Batlló • Museu d’Història de Catalunya• Palau de la Música • Museu Frederic Marès• Museu d’Història de la Ciutat • Museu del Disseny HUB• Gran Teatre del Liceu • Museu d’Art Precolombí
  45. 45. Poble Espanyol: Customs and traditions Challenges, tests, emblematic places and secrets... An original and amusing formula to know and discover the Poble Espanyol. A unique proposal that combines culture, action and ingenuity.The main objective is to promote work team, improve human relationships and fun in a relaxed atmosphere.At the beginning of the activity, participants will receive a map of the place with the location of the differenttests they will have to get over.
  46. 46. The Barcelona Time Detectives Tour Escape the tourist trail and learn about Barcelonas fascinating past. Who knows, you may even catch a thief! This is a Treasure Hunt with a twist.Time Detectives, you are Barcelona’s last hope. A Time Bandit is on the loose, stealing important artefacts from Barcelonas past. If they are not returned to their rightful owners, the course of history may be changed forever. Your assignment is to meet with your contacts and discover what has beentaken. Gaudí, Christopher Columbus and Orwell await you.... But you only have a few short hours to make contact, break the code and solve the mystery...
  47. 47. Photo bike tour
  49. 49. Gran Teatre del Liceu Visite the Gran Teatre del Liceu and visite the Hall of Mirors The “Gran Teatre del Liceu” opens his doors to us to live an intense cultural experience. We propose you a guided visit to the public places, together with a private concert in the Hall of Mirrors. Created in 1847 on the Rambla of Barcelona, it is one of the most important opera houses of the world and one of the emblematic symbols of Barcelona. In addition to visit the Main Hall, the Historic Vestibule and the Foyer, the group can also enjoy a private concert in the famous Hall of Mirrors , with pieces of the catalan repertoire, zarzuelas, and areas from popular operas.
  50. 50. THE SECRET PEDRERAThe Casa Milà, popularly known as La Pedrera, is a unique building constructed by the architect, Antoni Gaudí and declared a UNESCOWorld Heritage site in 1984.Because of the magnificence of its façade and the originality of its roof, La Pedrera is now considered one of the most outstandingbuildings of the Twentieth Century. It represents one of the most emblematic buildings of the city, and one of the greatest examples ofthe work of the great architect, Antoni Gaudí. A visit to La Pedrera is essential for anyone who really wants to discover Barcelona!Stroll around the most distinctive areas of La Pedrera, enveloped in the calm and the magic of the night. Discover the building’shidden secrets as darkness falls. Be privileged witnesses to the lives, customs, and stories of how people lived in this unique residence100 years ago. Come see how La Pedrera comes alive at night and enjoy an intimate, exclusive tour that covers the main areas of thismodernist gem. Discover the Secret Pedrera…!
  51. 51. Dinner with Battlo familyYou will get introduced to the Universe of Gaudi from different perspectives: science, techniques, environment, society ... And you will be received by the family Batllò, owner of one of Gaudi’s most beautiful building.
  53. 53. CSR, WHAT ARE THEY?Events that take place in a social or environmental context, alwaystogether with a non-for profit organization with proven track record Giving a speech to a group of youngsters around different topics that can help them with their professional development. For example, if some of the clients are from the area of Human Resources, the topic could be “How to Write a CV”. Professional Development Green ActivityRestoration of a natural area. Thisactivity will take place in the contextof an existing program approved bythe government. This activity includes Half-a-day basketball league.guided walk in the area to introduce Taking a group of children to thethe group to the challenges of the Aquarium of Barcelona, spending witharea, cleaning of the area and them the afternoon.maintenance of the existing areasunder a reforestation. Social and Sportive Activities
  55. 55. Wine Trivial Pursuit Challenge your colleagues to demonstrate their knowledge of Spanish wines. Are you ready to dare your senses in an amusing way?
  56. 56. Barcelona Segway Tours Conducir un Segway HT es como nada antes experimentado El Segway HT es una alternativa novedosa y divertida de realizar tours en cualquier ámbito. La movilidad y maniobralidad del Segway HT permite acceder a cualquier lugar. !No importa si nunca has subido a un Segway, en tan sólo 15 minutos se aprende a conducir y sentirse cómodo en él.! Todos los tours se realizan acompañados de un guía, que irá destacando los puntos de interés durante el recorrido.Ofrecemos diversas alternativas de tours, actividades y gymkhanas, recorridos urbanos oen parajes naturales.
  57. 57. Panoramic Barcelona - Nordic WalkingPanoramicBarcelona–Nordic Walking is a route for thosewho want to discover Nordic Walking activity while theyadmire Barcelona from the magnificent view pointsoffered by its nature landscapes.•Itinerary: This Collserola circle walk can be done any timeduring the day. Milestones: plaza Mireia, Mirador delsXipresos, Sant Pere Martir, Turó d’en Cors and carretera delas aguas.•Length: 3 hours
  58. 58. Catamaran cruise through the Mediterranean Sea.Catamaran cruise to SitgesCatamaran activities and Dragon Boats
  59. 59. ICONO offers a different way todiscover Barcelona through organizedbicycle tours.ICONO designs the most suitableitinerary and organizes stops indifferent parts of the city : the GothicQuarter, sea front, Poble Nou, OlympicBarcelona (from Montjuic to theOlimpic Port), Modernist Barcelona(Gaudí)....