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Barcelona by polish students2


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Published in: Spiritual
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Barcelona by polish students2

  1. 1. S a n t a M a r ia d e l M a r Dedicated to thepatron saint of sailors, the church of Santa Maria Del Mar was built in the years 1329-1383 and designed by Berenguer de Montagut inBarcelonas La Ribera district. Its construction took 55 years and represents a fairly uniform Gothic style
  2. 2. P a la u N a c io n a l It was built for the WorldExhibition in 1929 Currently there are art collections, including theworlds largest collection of works by Latin, which are displayed against the magnificent twelfth- century frescoes. The Museum also has a huge collection of Spanish Gothic art.
  3. 3. M ir a d o r d e C o lo m Sixty meter high columnerected to commemorate the return of ChristopherColumbus voyage to the NewWorld. Founded in 1888, the Worlds Fair.
  4. 4. St Paul’s hospital A group of buildings in the Eixample district of Barcelona, designed by Lluís Domenech i Montaner, one of the most important representatives of Catalan Art Nouveau. Construction began on January 18, 1902 and lasted 18 years, withinterruptions due to lack of funds.
  5. 5. S t E u la lia ’ s C a t h e d r a l Cathedral. Eulalia is a Gothic structure,dedicated to the patron saint of Barcelona - St. Eulalia. Located within the Barri Gotic. Cathedral was builtbetween the thirteenthand fourteenth century, only its facade dates from the nineteenthcentury. The basementhouses the sarcophagus of St. Eulalia.
  6. 6. L a R a m b laLa Rambla is the mostfamous promenade in Barcelona. Theres always something going on here, organized street performances, full of stalls here, cafes and shops. You can find also designer boutiques here.
  7. 7. C a mp NouCamp Nou is the largest footballstadium in Europe. Its capacity is 98.800 spectators. The construction ended September 24, 1957. The host is the FC Barcelona stadium