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Different kinds of school blogs


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Different kinds of school blogs

Published in: Education
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Different kinds of school blogs

  1. 1. School Blog: Numerous schools host their entire school website on XtecBlocs. Latest school news is published as posts on the frontpage with important school information in the sidebars and pages. Class Blog: The tutor provides links to resources, assignments and information to help students with their classes. You can find information about different subjects. Some teachers use their class blogs to post daily tasks, information on what was covered in class and when assignments are due. English Blog: The English Teacher shares the information with his/her students in class. Only English Activities.
  2. 2. Class Blog with student blogs: Lots of teachers use class blogs for global collaboration, authentic learning, reflective blogging, collaboration and discussion. They also have their own individual student blogs. Teacher’s find that when students are asked to write for an audience outside of their class, they are more motivated, learn more and they write better than if they only wrote for their teacher. Professional Blogs: to share information and tips with other educators, to reflect on their learning or their teaching /work practices or to improve our blogging skills or learning how to use blogs with their students. Group Collaboration and projects: Group collaboration and project blogs can be as simple as students, or teachers, collaborating on a group blog, and might involved collaborators from the same school or different schools, to large global projects.