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Powerpoint for my History of the English Language class

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  1. 1. hinglis Hindi English in India hinglish
  2. 2. What is Hinglish? Hinglish:(the name is a combination of the words "Hindi" and "English") a macaronic language, a hybrid of English and South Asian languages – it is a code-switching variety of these languages whereby they are freely interchanged within a sentence or between sentences. History of Hindi: • It has been brought to attention that what is taught in the schools in India may not be the truth behind the history of the language. • Hindi steams from Sanskrit and Persian tongues but its most immediate ancestor is Hindustani. • When India and Pakistan won their independence in 1947 they both began to separate themselves from each other using language. Both steaming from Hindustani, India began to form Hindi and Pakistan formed Urdu. • This link between two worlds is hidden in most teachings and it is taught in schools that Hindi is a direct predecessor of Sanskrit. What is Hinglish?
  3. 3. What is Hinglish? History of Hindi (cont.): •Hindi was assembled by taking away the Perso-Arabic vocabulary and pronunciation that were popular with Urdu, the introduction to Sanskrit vocabulary to separate Hindi from Hindustani and Urdu, and the invention of new words with a Sanskrit base. •Schools in India today teach three base languages: English, Hindi, and the local language. What is Hinglish? •India prides itself on being a multilingual country and teaching both Hindi and English in schools. Many believe that the spread of Hinglish is due to the teachings of both languages to new generations.
  4. 4. how and where hinglish is spoken How and Where Hinglish is Spoken Importance of Hinglish: •In India and south Asian countries, Hinglish is a viewed as a fashionable and modern way of speaking. •Considered the common language in India. •There are more English-speakers in India than world other than America, but the most prevalent Indian languge is Hindi. The bridge between these is Hinglish. Without it it is almost impossible to do business in India. •Became required in 2012 for British Diplomats to India to learn Hinglish rather than simply knowing English. •Prevalent in Asian and Indian communities in English-speaking countries, with a large portion of Hinglish- speaking subcultures in England. News about Hinglish: watch?v=TNUnKas6FM0
  5. 5. how and where hinglish is spoken Places Hinglish is Used: •Schools •Workplaces •Television/Radio •Music/Popular Media •Advertising What Hinglish Sounds like: •Hinglish is spoken as a mash-up of English and Hindi •Can use Hindi words in mostly English sentences •Can use English words in mostly Hindi sentences •Combines words in English into new words and phrases How and Where Hinglish is Spoken t=1m11s v=zOgfE0ts_BU
  6. 6. english from hindi Hinglish is also the way English is pronounced by people speaking Hindi. Example of Hinglish: •'juo' for you •'pphunny' for funny, •'pphor' for four/for, •'iskool' for school, •'ispade' for spade and other twin consonants starting with the letter 's' at the beginning of a word. English from hindi •Cot •Juggernaut •Pyjamas •Sorbet •Cashmere •Avatar •Guru •Bandana •Caravan •Shampoo •Pundit Accent Tag: watch?v=IBhJ0MBXcZg Hindi English Words •Thug •Bungalow •Cushy •Cash •Pukka (UK slang = good/ genuine) •Chukka (UK word used in polo •Chutney (pickled condiment, primarily UK)
  7. 7. hinglish words and phrases Hinglish words and phrases Hinglish Words and Expressions: •Auntiji/Uncleji : term for older women and men, related or unrelated. Used often by children and teenagers. •Yaar : a close friend or associate •P.J.: abbreviation for ‘poor joke’. •A-1: excellent or high quality •Cent Percent : one hundred percent, sometimes used as a way to confirm things. •Time-pass: something that doesn’t matter but is just being used to pass the time. •Badmash: a hooligan, a bad influence •Prepone: to reschedule something for earlier. •Stepney: a spare (coming from “Stepney” manufactured tires), sometimes used as in insult to mean mistress •Co-brother: brother-in-law - Co-brother, to be very precise, is the sister-in-law's husband •Eve-teasing: street sexual harassment •Stadium: a bald man with a fringe of hair
  8. 8. hinglish words and phrases Hinglish words and phrases Hinglish Phrases: •“Passing out of College”, meaning to graduate college with a bachelor’s degree •“First-class”, meaning something is excellent. •“Do one thing”, used before giving advice or directions, usually used to imply that you should be writing down what they want and do it later. •“Doing the Needful” meaning to do what is necessary or complete a task •“Himalayan Blunder”, a very monumental mistake or case of something going wrong. •“We are like that Only”, a phrase that means, someone is naturally only one way and there is no changing it. •“Feeling glassy”, means that you want a drink
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