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Urban Green Space


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Urban Green Space

  1. 1. YORKS & NE • Greenspace • Newcastle parks - Leazes Park • HLF • The Leas • Future of Parks • North Tyneside Parks • Gateshead Country Parks • Kirklees MIDLANDS NORTHW EST • Sheffield parks & green space • Manchester – Heaton Park • Birmingham • Canal • Derbyshire • Liverpool Festival • Peak District as back yard Gardens • Everton Park EAST NI •Essex country •? parks LONDON W ales • Sponsorship of Highline •Tredegar event •Wandle Valley • Scoping document • London Mayor’s Pocket H T W S E TO S U Parks & Sowing the seedssgr ieB hs•o– dL W t i lo • Central London Green Grid • ?
  2. 2. Advantages• Its at heart of our core purpose• It could have a positive impact on the brand• It’s emotive – who else can address the threat?• Health & wellbeing benefits – people need it and want it.• Conservation and ecological benefits – wildlife and climate change• New partnerships• It’s relevant to people’s lives• Able to reach people who don’t currently connect with NT• Often people’s first connection with outdoors - ‘50 things’• Democratises concept of ‘Special Places’• Cities are where people live and work• It could play part in sustaining the organisation
  3. 3. Disadvantages Could become all we do or risks being hived off into a special category• Money – more cuts to come could be really messy• Reputation - Not fully understanding the situation• Perception – not for us• Outside of cultural comfort zone – esp. amongst some members & traditionalaudiences• We have an ambiguous role, people do want to work with us but we cannot dowhat LAs have always done• Risks creating a dependency culture• It’s a very competitive market• Such a huge agenda need to work out best place for us
  4. 4. A typology of green space• Parks and gardens, including parks, country parks & greenfield• Natural and semi-natural green spaces, including woodlands,scrub, commons, meadows, wetlands, and wastelands• Amenity green space and domestic private gardens• Allotments and growing spaces, including orchards and farms• Cemeteries & churchyards, if of historic or of heritage interest• Green corridors/ infrastructure, including waterway corridors
  5. 5. Delivery & funding models• Explored the different delivery and funding models• Spectrum of intensity, but most intense is possibly easiest of Trust• Partnerships, enabling and facilitating access most likely models to pursue. Quite different for the Trust
  6. 6. Partnership, License & MoU•Leazes Park•Heaton Park•Sheffield Parks
  7. 7. Facilitating access Supporting others to open up green space in cities
  8. 8. What next?• Better understanding of conversations and involvement– Please fill in map on the wall• Mapping exercise exploring state of the nation and need• Position paper – probably focussed on deficit.– Either physical or community infrastructure– Need also to look at models - Partnerships and enabling models very important– Capacity and funding