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Community history heritage instagram pilot


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presented at local studies meeting at Rockdale, 27 March 2018

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Community history heritage instagram pilot

  1. 1. Inner West Libraries - Community, History & Heritage Instagram Archiving Pilot
  2. 2. Context • Inner West Council is the amalgamation of the former Ashfield, Leichhardt & Marrickville LGAs – very vibrant, diverse community: ▫ Ashfield, Balmain, Birchgrove, Camperdown, Dulwich Hill, Haberfield, Leichhardt, Lilyfield, Marrickville, Newtown, Petersham, Rozelle, Stanmore, St Peters….. • Contemporary collecting. Having a Voice - Instagram Competition and exhibition during Heritage Festival 2017 #instantheritage2017 • Encourage and showcase the capture of the Inner West’s cultural and historical identity – people, places, spaces • Entries harvested as the initial load of images into Lentil • Indyreads pilot with SLNSW has also been very successful in showcasing parts of the digitised LH collection and making accessible beyond the library’s 4 walls - Books, Journals, Oral histories and their transcripts
  3. 3. Working with Icelab • Basecamp – Project Management & Team Communication software ▫ Majority of communication with Icelab was via Basecamp – this allowed other team members to be kept in the loop of project progress ▫ Daniel and Jess were also available by phone – this was primarily needed when setting up the two external accounts - Heroku + Amazon S3 ▫ Supremely patient with the stop / start nature of my progress – thank you!
  4. 4. Set Up • Relatively small outlay of time and money to have an active site ▫ Minimum set up required Two External Accounts – Heroku + Amazon S3 $9 AU / month • Require a corporate credit card to set up the billing details Tip : remember to update billing information when credit card reissued Dedicated URL / domain name • Require a good working relationship with the Council IT department • This step did take some time as IT was going through a major restructure at the time of our request ‘.lmc’ to ‘.innerwest’
  5. 5. Intial # Tags #instantheritage2017 #innerwestsydney #innerwestie #rozellemarkets #callanpark #marrickvillefestival #innerwestdogs #balmainhouses #innerwestcouncil #innerwestgraffiti #innerweststreetart #iwost #creativeinnerwest • Didn’t appear to be many tags – only 13 • High volume of images to moderate • Easy to get carried away, need to establish curatorial guidelines: • How do you want to present your community? • Who is your target audience?
  6. 6. Our Site... • Where will it sit on the Council’s Website? ▫ Library page when new Inner West Council website is launched - July 2018 ▫ Local Notes – Community, History & Heritage BLOG Inner West Libraries Project
  7. 7. Contemporary collections… If this image archive was viewed in 50, 100 or 200 years time – what story would it tell about life in Inner West Sydney in 2018 ? • We love our dogs, parks, food, festivals and street art ! • But we also love protecting our local heritage and significant built environment in the face of massive development and change in the urban landscape How can we curate this contemporary collection to tell a more complex, broader story of what is paramount in the community ? • Built Environment – old and new • Major works and community reaction – WestConnex and Protests • Festivals and milestones • Our open spaces and how they’re used • Significant landmarks and anniversaries
  8. 8. You choose what you collect.... Built Environment Parks & Landmarks #heritagebuildings #cornershops #historicbuildings #buildingsofbalmain #frontdoors #housedetails #allsoulschurch #whitebaypowerstation #callanpark #ironcovebridge #enmorepark #birchgrovepark #ballastpoint #leichharrdtpark #mackeypark #pioneerspark #memorial #wingedvictory #honourboards
  9. 9. You choose what you collect.... Festivals & Living Streets & Suburbs #iwost #coffeecultureinnerwest #publicartinnerwest #innerwestpublicart #annettekellermanpool #ashfieldpool #dulwichhillfestival #marrickvllestreetfestival #stpeters #marrickville #leichhardt #ashfield #haberfield #stanmore #dulwichhill #rozelle #balmain #birchgrove #lilyfield
  10. 10. You choose what you collect.... Associations & Organisations Heritage vs Change #filef #heritage #balmainassociation #savecallanpark #westconnex #changedurbanlandscapes #flourmills #innerwestdevelopment #saveheritage
  11. 11. Where to from here? • Establish the curatorial guidelines: ▫ Monthly themes ▫ Target audiences – locals or tourists ? ▫ Geographical collections • Establish calendar of themes, events, topics… • Master functionality within Lentil • Explore the scope to further develop and enhance the site in-house • Maintenance of the site will reside in the Community, History & Heritage team • Build a vibrant, relevant, sought-out contemporary collection