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Learning from GAP


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Learning from GAP

  1. 1. Green Academies Project Youth Service
  2. 2. Formal Training
  3. 3. Wider Engagement
  4. 4. Apprenticeships
  5. 5. Partners20092 Formal PartnersBournville CollegeBirmingham Youth Service20138 Formal PartnersWorking regularly in informal partnership with over 20 more local organisations
  6. 6. AchievementsFormal TrainingTarget - 88 Accreditations Actual – 180 accreditations to dateVolunteer ParticipationTarget – 500 Actual – 1900 to dateApprenticeshipsTarget – 4Actual – 4 to date, funding for 2 more raised
  7. 7. Added Value• Additional £60,000 secured through grants and donations• Over £100,000 raised externally for Conservation activities• Significant improvements made on 8 National Trust sites and 14 Urban Green Spaces.• Communicating our cause and shifting perceptions.• Local Partnership working increasing our capacity to deliver.
  8. 8. Challenges• Capacity to deliver at a PropertyLevel• Accessibility of the Property toour Target Community• Changes in GovernmentFunding• Sustaining Partnerships• Planning for sustainability in aconstantly changing climate
  9. 9. Learning Outcomes• Urban Communities and their relationship with the Natural Environment• Practical Conservation and it’s relevance to our target community.• Partnership Working is increasingly essential but challenging.• Outputs related to Social Change open opportunities for funding• Growing Support, Communicating our Cause.
  10. 10. Octavia Hill “We look after beautiful places for the everlasting delight of the people, For everyone, rich and poor, city and country dweller, young and old.”