Manchester & Liverpool Sub-regional Strategy summary


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Manchester & Liverpool Sub-regional Strategy summary

  1. 1. Our Strategy in Manchester and LiverpoolWe have an opportunity to extend our reach in the two cities, building upon the profile thatour existing portfolio gives us. There are 4 million people in this sub-region and our long termaim is to connect with more people across the two cities in a way that is more relevant totheir needs. Our target audience for the SRS is suburban families and during 2012 – 15 wewill primarily focus on projects in Greater Manchester with the aim of rolling out learning andactivity to Liverpool in the next phase.By getting closer to urban audiences, we will change how we are perceived and contribute tothe Trust’s overall aim to reach 5 million members and for everyone to feel like a member.We will ensure we are aligned to and supporting the delivery of the Outdoors programme andBringing Places to Life. These will be key themes driving our projects.The impact that we want to haveWe want suburban families to feel engaged and inspired by us, warm to our cause and keento recommend us to others.In terms of indicators, we will judge success by: • How far this audience feels they understand what we do (currently at 24%) • How far they would recommend us to others (as indicated by the Net Promoter Score which is currently – 46 for all segment, -23 for those that have visited) • The number of new memberships from this audience (our target is 500 by 2015) • The number of additional visits and attendance at events from this audience (our target is 10,000 by 2015) • The number of volunteering opportunities we offer to this groupResourceWe have £680,000 NT funding over 2012 – 15. We will also seek to lever in external fundingand will work in partnership to extend our reach and share resource in kind.
  2. 2. Components of the Manchester and Liverpool SRSThe relative size of the boxes indicates expected balance of resources Everyone feels like a member Communications and profile Increasing the value of Extending our reach to new Influencing membership audiences others to take action Retaining existing members Testing new offers for urban/family audience Recruiting families Reaching families in North Manchester Advocating urban heritage Providing an NT offer in city centre Developing strategic relationships and green spaces Key projects include: Key activities include: Key projects include: Revolution and Revelation Figure in the Landscape Major HLF project to transform visitor Dunham Massey Visitor Facilities plan experience at Quarry Bank New reception, restaurant and retail space Heaton Hall and Park Influencing policy Chetham’s Medieval Manchester Partnership with MCC to masterplan and Partnership to open up hidden medieval engage families Opinion former events gem Active Families Research and think- Great British Walks Partnership with Sport England to deliver pieces Series of heritage walks in city centre activities Events and festivals Magical experiences Social media Urban presence and engaging collateral One-off events celebrating special places