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Sheffield sub regional strategy


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Sheffield sub regional strategy

  1. 1. Sheffield Sub Regional Strategy Commencement of Project: 07 January 2013 Completion of Project: 06 July 2013
  2. 2. ThemesWhy Sheffield?PurposeExpected BenefitsIn ProcessNext StepsRoles and Responsibilities
  3. 3. Why Sheffield?
  4. 4. Why Sheffield?• Sheffield is the fourth largest city in England with a population in excess of 500,000. A number of National Trust properties are within ‘reach’ of the people of Sheffield yet our assumption is that the Trust has a relatively low profile within the City.• For the National Trust, Sheffield provides a tremendous opportunity to grow awareness of places we care for and those places special to the people of Sheffield.
  5. 5. Why Sheffield?• This is a partnership project between the National Trust and Sheffield City Council (SCC).• SCC is responsible for managing over 600 green space sites comprising of some 3,200 hectares which form an important part of the City’s heritage and landscape character.
  6. 6. Purpose• Identify how the Trust can connect with the people of Sheffield to develop greater awareness of the Trust’s existing offer• Map the heritage and open space assets managed by SCC and review links between these places and those managed by the Trust• Identify potential opportunities for the National Trust to work in partnership with SCC to manage or promote assets which contribute towards the Trust’s 2020 vision
  7. 7. Expected Benefits• For the National Trust, this project will provide a blueprint for acquisition and partnerships which further the Trust’s core purpose of providing access and care for special places
  8. 8. Expected Benefits• For SCC the expected benefit will be an appraisal of their heritage and open space portfolio with recommendations of potential partnerships with the National Trust to manage or promote the assets• The appraisal will identify potential cost savings and income generating opportunities while safeguarding important green spaces for the people of Sheffield
  9. 9. In Process• Identifying current membership penetration within Sheffield and mosaic groups which are ‘in fit’ with the Trust’s core audience
  10. 10. In Process • Assessing the measure of ‘reach’ for this audience to existing Trust places on the fringe of SheffieldUndertaking research tounderstand why priority1 audience (in fit & inreach) are not currentlyvisiting Trust properties
  11. 11. Next Steps• Review existing marketing and promotions activity of the National Trust within Sheffield and that of SCC• Identify new opportunities for the Trust / SCC and prepare outline cost benefit analysis• Provide an appraisal of asset owned by the SCC with options for partnership with the National Trust
  12. 12. Next Steps• Provide an outline appraisal and recommendations for income generation from the estate for SCC• Provide an insight to what priority 2 and 3 target audiences want from a Trust offer through analysis of available mosaic data and additional research to target groups
  13. 13. Roles and ResponsibilitiesRole Name Job Title Responsibilities Chair project board. UltimatelyAssistant Director of Harry Bowell Sponsor accountable for project Operations success Work with the consultancy and project team to deliverProperty Manager Mark Bradshaw Project manager the project to budget and time Represent the interests of SCCDirector of Culture & Paul Billington Board member and strategic direction Environment of the project Gathering and categorisingOutdoors Commercial Philip Woodall Project support information on the Data Officer assets in Sheffield Research audience andSub Regional Strategy Julia Oberthuer Project support appraise existing Intern marketing strategies
  14. 14. From initial conversationsthere appears to be areas of mutual interest, the exploration of which, could lead the way to new and dynamic partnership between the two organisations.