Birmingham Sub-regional Strategy summary


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Birmingham Sub-regional Strategy summary

  1. 1. Special Places……. The Birmingham Sub-Regional StrategyPlanning and activities to progress and support the development of the Birmingham SRShave progressed significantly since the summer, with a clear direction having now beenagreed, to strengthen the NT relationship with our local urban audiences up to 2015.Terrace Melting Pot (TMP) StoriesA Project Officer is due to be appointed shortly to establish a firm basis, from whichTMP Stories can grow in 2014-2015. Several pieces of research are due to becommissioned, alongside 3 small-scale community consultation events by March 2013, tolearn more of the issues which are important to the Sparkbrook community. Issues thatare cross-cultural and cross-generational will be specifically explored, for example,family life and work life, all of which will ultimately contribute to the long-termobjective of developing a new business offer for TMP audiences in Birmingham by 2020.The use of Social Media, to make TMP Stories an interactive project for theSparkbrook community is currently being explored, including a ‘Secret Author’ BLOG.NT Promotional TourActivities to raise the profile of the NT within Wards in Birmingham, which include significant ‘Terrace Melting Pot’ communities, will kick-off with a launch in March 2013, followed by a tour until the end of May. A multi-functional vehicle is to be designed, which will enable local communities to discuss the special places that they love and express an interest in developing a relationship with the NT – a target of signing-up X20 volunteer, X 20 Community Ambassadors X200 Twitter followers have been set.Membership DriveOptions to increase existing membership levels in the inner urban areas of Birminghamhave been produced, with the potential targeting of key ‘Golden’ postcodes that offervaluable insight to Explorer Families, an audience, of whose needs are not so wellunderstood. The potential to join on-going membership activities with properties near tothe City Centre borders (e.g. Baddesley Clinton and Packwood) is also to be explored.Green Academies Project (GAP) Stage 2The first of 3 visioning workshop was held with an internal audience on 31 October, toexplore how GAP should evolve to work with other ‘Claimant Culture’ communities inBirmingham. A second workshop, with potential new partners will be held in Jan 2013.SRS Volunteer StrategyAn initial meeting to discuss the recruitment and management of volunteers working off-site, to support SRS activities has been arranged for December. It is envisaged thatvolunteers will be particularly involved in supporting the NT Tour and TMP Stories.