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Sutton House - Chris Cleave


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Sutton House - Chris Cleave

  1. 1. Sutton House, Hackney
  2. 2. Sutton House, HackneyVolunteer Offer & Experience•Barriers and how we over came them•Learning and Tips to diversify•New roles and volunteers in properties
  3. 3. Sutton House, HackneyBarriers & Solutions•Perceptions of NT, dull roles, amount of commitment•London Strategy, outreach, partnerships and events
  4. 4. Sutton House, HackneyLearning & Tips to Diversify•Paid Internship•Paid Traineeship•Accessible Internship
  5. 5. Sutton House, HackneyNew roles & volunteers•Comms and Fundraising•Conservation and Compliance•Head Gardener
  6. 6. Sutton HouseMy role is promoting the Breaker’s Yard and TheHouse of Fairy Tales residency at Sutton House.I have loved getting friends, visitors and othermembers of the trust enthused about this communitygarden project, using social media, blogging, listingsetc. to raise awareness for the project.I have done a fair few internships and the amount ofsupport and training available to interns at the NationalTrust has so far trumped all my previous experience.Fiona Stuart, Intern