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Bristol Urban Strategy


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Bristol Urban Strategy

  1. 1. Bristol Urban StrategyProject SummaryThe purpose of this work is to reach new audiences within Bristol in order to raise visitor numbers & increase membership penetrationamongst priority in fit audiences namely Liberal Opinions 14,039, Suburban Mindsets 5235 & Professional Rewards 6009 the majorityof which are 20 minutes cycle ride from the Bristol Suspension Bridge, gateway to both Leigh Woods and Tyntesfield sites.The project will also seek to raise profile amongst out of fit audiences and encourage new visits/participation in NT
  2. 2. programmes/activities. The target audiences for this work is Liberal Opinions 34,226 and Suburban Mindsets 28,482In addition to targeted audience work the Bristol Urban Strategy will seek to raise profile amongst Bristol people as a whole. Currenttotal population of Bristol is 450k.We will achieve this through 3 main work streams:1. Getting Outdoors and Closer to Nature in and around Bristol by increasing creative activity at our sites whilst developing new media approaches to engage target Bristol audiences in our work.2. Using the whole food chain to connect Tyntesfield with Bristol, and continuity through food between the parts of the property.3. Figure in landscape in Bristol to raise profile of NT and assess potential for future partnership and create an acquisition strategy for BristolSuccess will look like: : • Raise profile of the NT to achieve recognition by 50% of the population in Bristol. Also to increase NT awareness, knowledge and relevance to Bristol people. (Baseline required) • Move 20,000 potential supporters into the NT supporter category with focus on Liberal Opinion & Suburban Mindset priority audiences. (Measured by visits and audience development at Tyntesfield/Leigh Woods) • Achieve 0.5% Bristol membership penetration increase each year of the project. • VE to Leigh Woods increases to x (Baseline required) • Acquisition/partnership plan for Bristol that will enable the National Trust to achieve its 2020 vision.Anna Russell - November 2012