Research and planning


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Research and planning

  1. 1. Research and planning Audience profiling By Nana Sasu
  2. 2.  To collect my reesults for my target audience I used Facebook, twitter and e-mail to encourage responses from our target audience of mainly teenage girls with. i collected 30 responses, 18 from girls and 7 from boys. This gender breakdown is proportionate of the horror target audience. Survey monkey enabled us to collect responses time effectively and enabled participants to respond, allowing them to expand on their responses. Facebook is popular amongst teenagers, therefore was an ideal network to advertise our survey amongst. Also people often have time to spare when on social networking sites, giving us a higher success rate in the amount of responses we achieved; like wise twitter gave good media coverage in publicising my question, because many people could click on the link make my response ate even higher the more responses collected the more reliable the data. I used both open and closed questions to receive a mix of quantitative and qualitative feedback.
  3. 3. Are you male or female? Male 16.7% Female 83.3% Predominantly our targeted audience is the females, and 83% was girls.
  4. 4. Which category below includes your age? 17 or younger 50.0% 18-20 41.7% 21-29 8.3%Our targeted audience will be frommainly 17-20 because we are aiming tocreate a teen horror which. So the feedback from this will help me to come tochoosing right aspect of and conventionsfor ym targeted audience
  5. 5. One a scale of 1-5 , how much do enjoywatching horror movies 1(Not Allot) 2 3 4 5(Alot) Rating Average Response Count Based on my personal research I was able to conclude that the 1= 33.3% majority do enjoy a horror trailer, 2 = 8.3% 41.7% rated that they were more 3=16.7% likely to go and watch a horror trailer 4= 0.0% which showed that the genre we 5= 41.7% choose was a very good and opened market. Horror trailers are widely watched and people watch them regularly. But on the contrary 33% did not watch horror trailers
  6. 6. What typical Genre of Horror trailer would you usually watch? Comedy horror were the most Comedy Horror 41.7% popular amongst our sample of the Teen Horror 16.7% TA, however we decided on a more Monster Horror 0.0% supernatural trailer film for two reasons. Firstly we felt that a Slasher Horror 33.3% supernatural teaser trailer would Supernatural Horror have more of impact on the 0.0% audience in the little time we had; we Psychological also wanted to defy typical aspect Horror 0.0% horror trailer and challenge our self Zombie Horror 3.8% 4 to something more professional than an usually comedy. Also we felt our decision was justified as our data only represent a small sample of our target audience therefore its results
  7. 7. How often do you watch horror trailers? Once a week 12.5% Once a Month 0.0% Once every two Months 0.0% Every 6 Months 25.0% Whenever there come out 62.5%Other responses included:RarelyNeverYearly
  8. 8. What was the most Member-able horror trailer , that you watch? I collected qualitative answers to this question. I found this type of answer Saw x 3 harder to collate and analyse compared Drag me to hell x quantitative, however it enabled the to 2 audience to express their answer in a Damien: Omen II more in-depth manner. The most Friday 13 popular choice for the last film seen was Insidious “Saw 3”. This may be due to the one missed call extremely effective marketing campaign which allowed a viral internet video of the ring audiences reactions to the film to be seen, and therefore knowledge of the film was gained through word of mouth.
  9. 9. .What usually influences you whether towatch a movie? Response What usually turns an audience to watch a film can primarily be the actors. Therefore it is vital that our trailer is impactful with 50 % Director 8.3% of the votes. Second with the highest votes Story-line 25.0% was friends e.g. Word of mouth and reviews Actors 50.0% were also popular as other people’s opinions seem to influence and audience Advertiser 25.0% more so than production values such as Reviews 8.3% directors which received the lowest Friends 41.7% 5 percentage of vote was less likely. This lead me to come to the conclusion that the person being able to relate to the trailer is very important. Looking at the uses and gratification theory people may watch horror trailers for social interactions
  10. 10. What typical Elements do you see in aHorror trailer? Torture was the highest ghosts 8.3% response in to typical elements torture 50.0% of a horror trailer which we will gore 16.7% 2 try and incorporate into are werewolves 0.0% media torture based film Firstly i ancient curses 0.0%believe will be better to achieve because i felt that a torture demons 16.7% teaser trailer would be more serial killer 33.3% impactful on the audience in the haunted house 25.0% little time compared if we chose gore, which include a lot of graphic details which may be hard to obtain 90 seconds and may become confusing or lack
  11. 11. What is the main reason for watching ahorror trailer? “Couldnt be bothered to change the channel” ““If its been speculated about on tv, by my friends, and reviews everywhere” “If IT IS WELL TALKED ABOUT” “They just slap them at you when your watching adverts, try to get you to talk about the movie, a taster”. “to get scared” “for fun” “thrill” “To see if I get scared” “because they look interesting” The storyline” “A perfect story line”.
  12. 12. What would you expect in a typical HorrorTrailer? darkness, suspense faced-paced shots to build suspense, little glimpse of the ghost or killer, people screaming and crying. Night-time scenery and characters that arent human SHORT EDITS Blood Normal beginning scenes, then climax nearer the end dark lighting, a little girl, and gore. blood knifes death, unexpected A fright at the end