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Poster - production log

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Production log poster

  1. 1. Production Log Ancillary tasks
  2. 2. Ancillary task 1: Poster February 18thfor my ancillary task firstly I , researched poster and deconstructed them to the point where I knew all the key codes and conventions. Below is an example of what I deconstructed , drag me to hell
  3. 3.  February 20After analysing the poster, I was able to create a template of how I wanted to produce my poster. This gave me a overview of what I needed and vital elements.
  4. 4.  After taking pictures with my camera, I was able to use these images to produce my ancillary task.Using codes and conventions, I was able to start creating my main image.I compared and analysed three poster, black swan, drag me to hell and shutter, which gave me a good grounding into what elements to include e.g. barcode and pricing.
  5. 5.  Here’s the original photo, before I started editing to create, a more scarier and higher impact film
  6. 6. February 23I started edited the photo by removing her eyes, toadd bigger impact to the photo, although the photowas already scary from feedback I knew that it wasremunerable so I began on Photoshop
  7. 7. February 23The photo was also still to dark for a horror posterso I used a filter called diffuse glow
  8. 8. February 24i was still not convinced that the picture wasachieving the effect I wanted, her facial expressionneeded brighten up, it was to casual and did notstrike fear, so I decided to change her features, Iwent on to Google and found a mouth with bloodand which would change the overall look on herface
  9. 9. I used magic wand and selected the area of mouththat I wanted and placed it across her mouth, inreplacement of her
  10. 10. I began to use colour replacement, on hereyelids to add a darker effect to her eyelidswhich resemble black swan
  11. 11.  I also added a scar on her face, to make her look more ragged, by using a blank canvas and selected And then I Click the button to create a new layer in the LAYERS panel. And Selected Lasso Tool in toolbox and make one outline, fill in with red colour. Select colour replacement in toolbox to add a part of the colour. Then i select SmudgeTool to smudged the outline that you want it to then added scar lines using freedom pen Finally I went to Filter -> Texture -> Texturizer, and set at a set Scaling to 200%,.
  12. 12.  After I added all these effect the photo still needed to be darker, so I added another filter on the photo used smudge filter, I then highlighted her hair and background and filter that section alone. the contrast in her face and hair will be even more deeper to get this final photo
  13. 13. To then add my background for my photo I got apicture of a dark Forrest and I smudged the twophotos together using a smudging tool
  14. 14. After making the main background for my media, Idecided that there was still not enough image to tella storySo I logged on to my abode premiere and tookimages from the timeline to use on mymagazine, these were the two photos I decided, thetwo male victims tied up to create this effect Ichange the opacity of the image to 50 % and thenturned it black and white, so it would not take awayattention from the main image
  15. 15.  I final downloaded font by going on to and I choose the wanted font, by then I went to control panel and clicked find font, and then it appeared on InDesign, and this master head represented my film allot
  16. 16.  After I create a new layer and write the extra small that includes the characters names in the film, after this I decided to add film critics with ratings so I made a star on Photoshop using a free form pen.