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Costume & Props

  1. 1. COSTUME & PROPSA2 Media ProductionNana Sasu
  2. 2. PROPS- Contact lensesPurple contact lenses was used to add a more abnormal effect of the main character tolook “demented” the colouring changing of the eye is one main feature of a horror trailerthat allows the audiences to know who is the evil person, Including contacts in thecostumes was a major part.
  3. 3. PROPS This is where the two This rope was used to tie male victims were placed up the victim to show they have been capturedThe candles and amore gothic feel, andhelp to set the scene.Using these candles to This swab given andhelp set the scene plastic bag was given toallow the audience to the detective. Thisunderstand the genre added to the role of theof the trailer more detective making them look like they were investigating
  4. 4. PROPs- Make up The dark lipstick This white foundationThis eyeliner was smudged allows her to seem allow her to have aacross her eyelids and eyes evil and demonic, the ghostly sick lookto give a more dark darker the lipstick and which is associatedmysterious look we as a the makeup the more with abnormalilty. Thegroup decided to do her mysterious ad ghost like foundationsmake up resembling of black abnormal the main adds to the horrificswan character would look genre
  5. 5. Clothing This dress was meant to represent the main character as bride. Elegant and long. In the first draft she was set to be a jilted bride. But in many other horror films e.g. the grudge the evil characters is usually dress in a gown or dress(below is an image of this). In a sense represented purity the good gone badThis fur coat allows the character to toaddcharacter to her role. The fur coatassociate with wealth. The characterwearing a fur coat gives a juxputposition
  6. 6. CLOTHING- Male characters CHARACTER ONE CHARACTER TWOCharacter one, is a more sophisticated Character two is more of a casual looktype of male. This show the characters (ghetto) two completely different types ofgoes for all types of male. Male one is male. The jogging buttons representwearing casual clothing quite stylish to possibly a different location compared toshow he is in his 20. male 1
  7. 7. CLOTHING- detectiveThe detective need uniform that immediately identifies them as a police officer alsocasual in the sense so they can go around and do their job to give a professionallooking appearance. This allows them to look different from the other characters andnot to look like friends of the main character or the male. With the two the decteive onewas dress more formally that the other to give the professional look e while the otherwore a formal shirt.