After Dark (demented


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After Dark (demented

  1. 1. CHARACTERSCharacters include:• Jane – the possessed daughter• Mother- also know as Judith is the mother of Jane• Father- Also known as Justin is the Father of Jane
  2. 2. STORYLINE• 1. Jane begins telling her story, happiness ‘I used to have a happy life, everything was close to perfect’… shots of family, friends and social events• 2. But then something happened to me that would change my life forever, I tried to warn them• 3. Cuts to scene ‘mum, there’s something wrong with me, I can feel it’… ‘listen to me because this is the last time I’m going to say this, it’s all in your head and im sick and tired of you telling me the same story, GROW UP (big climax).• 4. Creak of the door. Loud music comes, hands begin to grab Jane she screams’ leave me alone, leave me alone, and finally shouts ‘go away’ they disappear, she looks around and nothing is there.• 5. It then cuts to a dialogues scene with her mum, “ I’m scarred i think its returning, that the thing is happening again”• 6. She looks around searching her room checking everything is normal, she then seats down and stares into her mirror, but she see nothing, not even her own reflection, it’s just black. Then a face appears, slowly it evolves from a spec to her own reflection, but it’s not quite what she was expecting.• 7.• 8. The camera zooms in towards the mirror, we hear a loud thud, she screams and begins fighting with herself banging her head on the wall then you hear her final scream, she becomes evil, total transformation, we no longer see this happy girl, instead we see a demon, red eyes, thick matted black hair, blood dripping teeth, yellow in colour, ancient in age, panning shot, the transition is made.• 9. Cuts to scene with mum talking “i think our daughters possessed”• 10. Flashing scene 1: jane goes into the mothers bedroom, point of view shot from janes perspective mother cries out ‘jane, jane, JANE’ also the ending•• 11. Flashing scene 2: preist casts out demon• 12. Flashing scene3: dad looking for jane‘ where are you?’
  3. 3. .
  4. 4. Camera shotMedium/over theshoulder shotCameramovementPanning shotFrom over theshoulderAUDIO 1 –SPOKENMY NAME ISJANE AND I’M14...
  5. 5. Camera shotMedium, twoshootCameramovementPans upDialogueI USED TO HAVEA HAPPY LIFE
  6. 6. Camera shotMedium , two shotDialogueMum theresomething wrongwith me
  7. 7. Close up/medium shot Dialogue: mum I think theresomething wrong with me
  8. 8. Camera shotLong shotCamera angle:High angled ddialogue: please mumplease
  9. 9. Camera shotMedium/ long shotDialoguelisten to me becausethis is the last time I’mgoing to say this, it’s allin your head and im sickand tired of you tellingme the samestory, GROW UPCamera angle straightview
  10. 10. Camera shotClose up/mediu,m shotSound effectsCreek of the door
  11. 11. Camera shotClose up shotDialogueAaaah!!!Sound:Intense music beginsform this scenethrough to the next
  12. 12. BDROOM SHOT
  13. 13. Camera shotClose/mediumshotDialogueI think there issomethingwrong withjane
  14. 14. Cmaerashot:Close upshot
  15. 15. Camera shotOver theshoulder shot
  16. 16. Tagline
  17. 17. Camera shotClose upCamera movementPans to the left
  18. 18. Camera shotClose up
  19. 19. Camera shotClose upCamera angleHigh angleSound effectsDramatic music in background
  20. 20. taglineCan Jane change what now is apart of her
  21. 21. Camera shotmedium-/twoshotCameramovementStatic
  22. 22. Camera shotMedium longshot/over the shoulderTranasitionJump
  23. 23. Camera shotMedium shotDialogueJane?
  24. 24. Camera shotClose up shotDialogueJane?!!
  25. 25. Camera shotClose upJAAANEE!!!