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Instition,Taglines and guidLine

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Production logsend

  1. 1. Production Log The making of:Institutions, guidelines and taglines
  2. 2. To add taglines I went to file new and added new title to the areas where Iwanted to add my tagline, which was on top of my image created. at time thiswas very hard because as a group we could decided what was the besttaglines to use, it was very difficult and as group we often broke out in fightsbecause I was termed as to pushy when getting the work done
  3. 3.  To add the effect of the font, we click the arrow down for shadow, and changed to opacity to 138.6% and the colour to white We added a slight angle to make a gothic horror themed look by titling it at 138.6
  4. 4. March 18For my tagline I choose a shadow effect, and a quite olden timefont which was sharp and effected, Previous my group decided ona thin gothic type of font, but that wasn’t readable. So I decided tomake the change but my group disagree, after feed back wasgiven, my group eventually agreed the font was appropriate forthe trailer as it was hard to read, and we then changed it
  5. 5. Production Log guidelines
  6. 6. March 8Afterresearching aboutguidelines, decidedto createthisinstitution,first bycreating ablankcanvasand thenchanging ittgreat, this
  7. 7. …I thencreated a newlayer and tittleit textAnd create allthe vitalinformation, then used effects Imade somewritings bold,
  8. 8. Production Log Institutions
  9. 9.  On creating my institution I was given the role to produce, something edgy, different from typical conventions. Below is my first draft of how I wanted the institution to look
  10. 10. Firstly I highlighted the section and use colour replacement tool, to add theglowing effect this was to help my image to become more bright and eye catching
  11. 11. After I added a new layer and named I title, I used the font fromPhotoshop, and enlarged it then I used the eye dropper tool to gain the correctcolour and keep the whole thing colour coded
  12. 12. After adding all my text, I used tools and inserted two thing boxes and turn downthere opacity, and added a shadow effect
  13. 13. G allFinally to finish the look , I added in stars to give it amore theoatric look, this was done to show thebusiness side of insitutions, star by star layer by layerI create a star circle and
  14. 14.  When creating my picture institution, i used movie makes and used an effect called spot light witch moved across the page. The though of an appropriate names and though the best video business that would create a film, i used Highlight pictures