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How to achieve a Sustainable Social Media Ecosystem - IABC seminar


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A seminar at the International Association of Business Communicators, Canada (IABC) on how to achieve a sustainable social media ecosystem. The need for the right mindset, assessment, strategy, planning and management. This deck includes an intro to Twitter plus case studies.

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How to achieve a Sustainable Social Media Ecosystem - IABC seminar

  1. 1. How to Achieve a Sustainable Social Media Ecosystem Presented at International Association of Business Communicators (IABC Canada) Evelyn So
  2. 2. In the next 90 mins… Evelyn So  Introduction  Think, Strategy, Plan Peter Fletcher  Blog Jeffrey Veffer  Facebook Evelyn So  Twitter All  Q and A 2 Noesium Consulting Inc.
  3. 3. A Story …. 3 Noesium Consulting Inc.
  4. 4. Sarah K. Jennifer H. Brenda D. Sarah K. 4 Noesium Consulting Inc.
  5. 5. 5 Noesium Consulting Inc.
  6. 6. 6 Noesium Consulting Inc.
  7. 7. 7 Noesium Consulting Inc.
  8. 8. 8 Noesium Consulting Inc.
  9. 9. 9 Noesium Consulting Inc.
  10. 10. 10 Noesium Consulting Inc.
  11. 11. 11 Noesium Consulting Inc.
  12. 12. 12 Noesium Consulting Inc.
  13. 13. It’s about the (audience/brand) Experience “Social” is a big part of the experience I was never approached It’s not about 1-way telling Ambassadors tell the stories Social Media seems quick, easy & free to do 13 Noesium Consulting Inc.
  14. 14. This is new! 14 Noesium Consulting Inc.
  15. 15. Join a user forum Email a colleague “What camera do you have?” “Canon Rebel! The best, trust me” 15 Noesium Consulting Inc.
  16. 16. Social Networking existed before Web 2.0 “Old” communications are alive and well 16 Noesium Consulting Inc.
  17. 17. Think The Right Mindset 17 Noesium Consulting Inc.
  18. 18. Think! #1 - Social Communication Ecosystem 18 Noesium Consulting Inc.
  19. 19. If you see or operate like this … Web 1.0 Web 2.0 Old Tech Offline (Phone, (Print, Event, Email, etc.) etc.) 19 Noesium Consulting Inc.
  20. 20. ..reset to this (Social Communication Ecosystem) Website Social Email network Social Print sharing Phone Blog Life Event 20 Noesium Consulting Inc.
  21. 21. Your Company, as Experienced by your Audience Website Social Email network Social Print sharing EXPERIENCE Phone Blog Life Event 21 Noesium Consulting Inc.
  22. 22. People Engagement has never been limited to a specific technology or space Web 1.0, Web 2.0 and Offline do co-exist 22 Noesium Consulting Inc.
  23. 23. Think! #2 – A Customer-Led Landscape (Many-to-Many) 23 Noesium Consulting Inc.
  24. 24. The Influence Website Social Email network Social Print sharing Phone Blog Life Event 24 Noesium Consulting Inc.
  25. 25. Decision Making Process Ambassador Involvement Trust Enthusiasm EXPERIENCE Knowledge 25 Noesium Consulting Inc.
  26. 26. A brand is a collection of experiences and associations connected with a service, a person or any other entity. 26 Noesium Consulting Inc.
  27. 27. What’s your Social Brand? Are you counting short-term Eyeballs and Sales .. Or are you nurturing Relationships and Influence?
  28. 28. Think! #3 - Social Media ≠ Marketing 28 Noesium Consulting Inc.
  29. 29. If you only see Social Media as a new marketing channel… TV Spot Press Release Direct Mail Email Newsletter NEW PRODUCT CUSTOMER Facebook Twitter 29 Noesium Consulting Inc.
  30. 30. …change and think about it as a Relationship Increase sales Enhance communication COMPANY Seek feedback CUSTOMER Provide support Improve products Co-create new products Boost operation Maintain loyalty Create ambassadors 30 Noesium Consulting Inc.
  31. 31. Can I still do a campaign? Yes!! For example, to bring awareness to a specific launch… ….within the overall long-term strategy of building relationships within your social communication ecosystem TRUST, ENTHUSIASM, INVOLVEMENT, AMBASSADOR 31 Noesium Consulting Inc. Version 1
  32. 32. 1 7 2 Competing for … 1 7 2 6 3 6 3 5 4 5 4 1 7 2 1 6 3 7 2 5 4 6 3 5 4 32 Noesium Consulting Inc.
  33. 33. Social Media leverages your close relationships with your audience to improve your business outside-in and inside-out 33 Noesium Consulting Inc.
  34. 34. Assess Know Where You Are 34 Noesium Consulting Inc.
  35. 35. Why Assessment?  Need to know where you are before going forward  Assess where you are on the Social Web  Get to really know your audience 35 Noesium Consulting Inc.
  36. 36. The All Important Process Assessment Strategy Plan Execute Maintain 36 Noesium Consulting Inc.
  37. 37. The Danger of Diving In Syndromes: “Me too!” Assessment “Must do now!” Strategy Start and Stop Fragmented messages Plan Costly operation Not responsive (backfire) Lose connections Execute Lost trust Maintain 37 Noesium Consulting Inc.
  38. 38. Website Gaps Social - Can your audience find you? Email network - Can they “travel” through your ecosystem? Inconsistencies Social Print sharing - Inconsistent messages? EXPERIENCE - Dated information? - News distributed on only some channels? Phone Blog - Inappropriate use of logo? Life - Broken links? Event Operation efficiency - A feedback loop to capture all info? - A consolidated, accessible database? Housekeeping can be a quick, effective fix! 38 Noesium Consulting Inc.
  39. 39. Dig Deeper through Social Media  What do people talk about you (good, bad, ugly)?  How do people feel about you (but not telling you)?  Where do they “hang out” in the social space?  Who do they trust?  Who are the influencers? Who are their followers? Free tools e.g. Search, Twitter Search, Read Blog, Google Alerts 39 Noesium Consulting Inc.
  40. 40. What do people talk about? How do they feel about you? Social Media Tracking & Monitoring Tools ($$) - Find the right information - Data Analysis 40 Noesium Consulting Inc.
  41. 41. Where is your “reach”?  Is your staff, as individuals, on Social Networks? Are they connected with each other?  Do you have a community (e.g. customer, reseller)? Have you extended your offline meetings to online conversations?  Is anyone sharing – blogs, photos, videos, etc. with friends..but not with your group?  People who are interested in XYZ may also be interested in your products – do you know where they are? Are you connected to the influencers? and many more.. 41 Noesium Consulting Inc.
  42. 42. Our network is not that big yet • You know more people than you thought…through networks of networks of networks • Ecosystem - how many people on your mailing list are also on your Social Network? 42 Noesium Consulting Inc.
  43. 43. Your Connections (and their connections) Facebook You Facebook IT Team Reseller Colleagues LinkedIn Cousin Johnny School 43 Noesium Consulting Inc.
  44. 44. We cannot approach total strangers!  It’s not about blasting out messages  Social Networks encourage meeting new friends  It is NOT about telling; it is about  building relationships  participating in conversations  contributing to the community  being genuine and helpful TRUST, ENTHUSIASM, INVOLVEMENT, AMBASSADOR 44 Noesium Consulting Inc.
  45. 45. What if my audience is not on Social Media? • Have you asked or are you guessing? • E.g. Seniors are not tech savvy, they are not on social networks. Or are they? • Gen X, Y, Z … • Who will be decision makers soon? • Who will be decision makers 10 years? Note – it takes time to build a Social Media Presence and a Relationship 45 Noesium Consulting Inc. Version 1
  46. 46. Know where you are and where you can be Develop direct relationships Reach 46 Noesium Consulting Inc.
  47. 47. Strategy Define Objectives 47 Noesium Consulting Inc.
  48. 48. Why are you on Social Media? Increase sales Enhance communication COMPANY Seek feedback AUDIENCE Provide support Improve products Co-create new products Boost operation Maintain loyalty Create ambassadors 48 Noesium Consulting Inc.
  49. 49. NEVER base a Long-Term Strategy on a Specific Technology/Platform We aim for 10K fans on Facebook by 2010 We aim for having a community to get 24/7 feedback for product improvements 49 Noesium Consulting Inc.
  50. 50. Plan Who, What, When, How, How Much 50 Noesium Consulting Inc.
  51. 51. Tools • Blog • Social Network • Social Sharing • Mobile/Web Content • Own Content • UGC • Asset Management Resources • Time • Manpower Management • Policy • Protocol 51 Noesium Consulting Inc.
  52. 52. Sharing Stories Pictures Organization Videos Blogs Discussions Recommendations News Presentations 52 Noesium Consulting Inc.
  53. 53. Provide a Place for Story Sharing Where’s the easiest place?? Pictures Videos Organization Blog (Protocol) (Process) Discussions Recommendations News Dealing with sensitive issues Presentations 53 Noesium Consulting Inc.
  54. 54. Operation Efficiency – Inside Out Database Workflow Project Management 54 Noesium Consulting Inc.
  55. 55. Uploading pictures and videos take a lot of time Not necessary, if you leverage the Web 2.0 technology 55 Noesium Consulting Inc.
  56. 56. Facebook Applications Social Sharing Sites 56 Noesium Consulting Inc.
  57. 57. Website LinkedIn Twitter BLOG Website LinkedIn Slideshare SLIDES 57 Noesium Consulting Inc.
  58. 58. Pick the right tools for your objectives Social Media is NOT free Handling vast amount of activities and information via Project Management best practice Smart applications Ongoing data collection 58 Noesium Consulting Inc.
  59. 59. Build, Maintain and Grow! Coming up.. Examples about… Blog (Peter Fletcher) Facebook (Jeffrey Veffer) Twitter (Evelyn So) 59 Noesium Consulting Inc.
  60. 60. What’s up with Twitter? Evelyn So
  61. 61. Blah blah blah Blah blah blah Blah blah blah Blah blah blah Blah blah blah Blah blah blah Blah blah blah Blah blah blah Blah blah blah Blah blah blah
  62. 62. Eavesdropping encouraged! 62 Noesium Consulting Inc.
  63. 63. Follow and be Followed 63 Noesium Consulting Inc.
  64. 64. Why is it so popular? Looks like a time waster! Only GenY kids use it, I bet! 64 Noesium Consulting Inc.
  65. 65.  63% Males  Largest age demographic = 35-to-44 years old = 5.9%  Most common Twitterer =“Stable Career” = 14.7%  Young and ethnically diverse singles  Live in big-city metros  Tend to work in the arts and entertainment industry  drive small cars  very liberal political views  2nd largest type = “Young Cosmopolitan” = 12.3%  40-somethings  Likely drive a hybrid car  household incomes > $250,000 per year  very liberal political views 65 Noesium Consulting Inc.
  66. 66. What are you doing? Follow Unfollow Block Direct Message Retweet Message Hashtag 66 Noesium Consulting Inc.
  67. 67. Clear as Mud???? 67 Noesium Consulting Inc.
  68. 68. You have to try Twitter (or Social Media) to know Twitter (or Social Media) 68 Noesium Consulting Inc.
  69. 69. e.g. Apps e.g. Other Mobile Social e.g. Networks 69 Noesium Consulting Inc.
  70. 70. Good for Socializing, I guess! Why would Businesses use Twitter? 70 Noesium Consulting Inc.
  71. 71. Brands or CEO who tweet… … too many to list 71 Noesium Consulting Inc.
  72. 72. #BrandHOF B-to-C Charities @innocentdrinks @nationaltrust @wholefoods (3 nominations!) @oxfam (@oxfamcanada and @comcastcares @oxfamamerica) @Delloutlet (2 nominations!) @hearingdogs @Zappos @kogiBBQ @flyingdog @kodakCB @wewontheworld @amazon @lululemon 72 Noesium Consulting Inc.
  73. 73. @wholefoods 73 Noesium Consulting Inc.
  74. 74. @Comcastcares “I was waiting for the Customer Service Rep on the phone and got my issue resolved over Twitter” 74 Noesium Consulting Inc.
  75. 75. @Delloutlet Dell said Thursday night that the company had earned $3 million in revenue directly through Twitter since 2007, when it started posting coupons and word of new products on the microblogging site. In the last six months, Dell Outlet earned $1 million in sales from customers who came to the site from Twitter, after taking 18 months to earn its first $1 million. Dell has also earned another $1 million from people who click from Twitter to Dell Outlet to and make a purchase there. 75 Noesium Consulting Inc.
  76. 76. @KogiBBQ 76 Noesium Consulting Inc.
  77. 77. @Lululemon Culture , Strategy, Plan – NOT accidental! 77 Noesium Consulting Inc.
  78. 78. Get Closer to Customers Listen Observe Find Help Talk WITH Talk TO BUILD or BREAK a Brand in 140 characters or less 78 Noesium Consulting Inc.
  79. 79. Before Companies Dive into Twitterville Who and Where are your Customers? Why? Fit into customer strategy & operation? Who will be responsible for tweeting? How to start a Twitter communication? How to adopt the right conversational style? 79 Noesium Consulting Inc.
  80. 80. Group Vs Individual POLL Brands on Twitter: Who do you want to tweet with? 80 Noesium Consulting Inc.
  81. 81. 2 Twitterers Refresh Events Business Week 57 Twitterers 81 Noesium Consulting Inc.
  82. 82. Logo Person Combined Remember: it’s the relationship that counts 82 Noesium Consulting Inc.
  83. 83. 20 Leaders - Art piece 1 min Intro - Aunction “Is there any way we can use Twitter to get people’s attention? We are on Twitter but not totally active.” 83 Noesium Consulting Inc.
  84. 84. Live Twitter Interviews Geoffrey Roche Founder & CCO Lowe Roche Kevin McLaughlin President AutoShare Tony Chapman CEO Capital C Lee Lefever Founder CommonCraft Frank Palmer CEO DDB Canada Dave Stevens GM MySpace Mia Wedgbury President High Road Communications David Feldt SVP, GM Organic Jacquelyn Corbett Cyr CEO Espresso Goodwin Gibson President MacLaren MRM 84 Noesium Consulting Inc.
  85. 85. User generated content Shared voices Influencers 85 Noesium Consulting Inc.
  86. 86. Connect with me! noesium @evelynso Evelyn So / Noesium Consulting 86 Noesium Consulting Inc.