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What you should know about
Social Media for corporations”

This introductory webinar gives you a comprehensive insight into Social Media for corporations:
1) Cross functional strategy for business improvements
2) More effective way to compete for mind-, and market share
3) Less expensive way to create a better customer experience

It is a 60 minute compressed presentation of our 2 month leadership class

Social Media in corporations - are you ready?:

What do you know about your customers in the social web?
Do you know what customers say about you and your brand?
Do you know how open your customer base is and therefore how vulnerable you are?
How do you identify and work with key influencer?
Are you ready if your competitors go after your customers in the social web?
Are you able to create a social media strategy?
Do you know how to leverage the social web for your support organization?
Do you have an idea about ROI and effectiveness of social media?
Do you know how to measure improvements and success in the social web?
Did you ever consider involving and leveraging your partners?
Did it occur to you that the social web may be ideal to compete for mindshare?
Do you have enough information to decide whether to ignore or engage?

The Social Web from a corporate point of view
Assessing a company’s social presence
Social media as a cross functional model
Creating a social media strategy
Understanding reporting and analytics tools
Dealing with ROI, budget and resource planning
Developing an execution plan
Building a successful social media organization
This is not about tools and how to better use LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter. It is about developing and executing a social media strategy for a 500 or 5,000 employee organization and creating a better business experience for customers, prospects and partners.

Target Audience:
- Business professionals on all levels and all department across all industries.
- Social media consultants or consultants entering the social media space.

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    Social media, for a very simple reason is the best tool for a customer experience improvement strategy: Customers are already there. Over 160,000 Toyota driver, 65,000 John Deere customers, 50,000 IBM customer, 25,000 SAP customers, 10,000 Dow Chemical customers... customers in all industries for all types of products asked others “Has anybody experience with...”

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  • Just a quick update before we start the next leadership class in May.

    We updated our website with an all new admission page:
    Makes it easier to go through the process

    Entrance Exam
    We moved the entrance exam to a new online facility

    We created a new page describing what the certification includes
    This shall help employers or clients to better understand what
    a student learned and what the certification includes.

    Academy Award
    You probably heard about the first Social Media Academy Award
    We will recognize the best of the best in Social Media.
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Social Media Academy Webinar

  1. 1. Social Media for Corporations Leadership Class Summer 2009 Certified Social Media Consultant / Manager © Copyright Xeequa Corp. 2008
  2. 2. Follow on conversation Axel will be available for 1:1 meetings after the presentation. Please schedule with Marita Roebkes © Copyright Social Media Academy 2009 2 Copying or distribution is prohibited
  3. 3. Speaker Introduction Axel Schultze is the founder and president of the Social Media Academy. He is an accomplished entrepreneur and experienced executive in the fields of social media, Software as a Service and global alliance management. He is an author, chaired Groups in industry associations and won the SF Entrepreneur Award in 2008. Axel Schultze President © Copyright Social Media Academy 2009 3 Copying or distribution is prohibited
  4. 4. Social Media Phenomenon 300 Million using the social web – can’t be all kids. Business People $23 Billion advertising shift to online media in 2008 and $1B add revenue reported by MySpace for 2008 is no longer funny money. 25,000 business groups on Yahoo Students alone can’t be all faked. A strategic presidential campaign based on Social Media is more than Freaks an experiment. Companies with $100 Million social media budget is no longer a game. © Copyright Social Media Academy 2009 4 Copying or distribution is prohibited
  5. 5. Elevate your point of view for the next 50 minutes Get away from the tools, blogs, campaigns and the other noise and elevate your point of view Take off and have a look at the social media world from outer space. Get a holistic view, let’s think business, implications and the consequential development. © Copyright Social Media Academy 2009 5 Copying or distribution is prohibited
  6. 6. Let’s start with YOU, ME, all of us When you select a brand or product You read blogs You check forums or online groups You get some feedback in Twitter or other tools You ask friends in your social network When you are “ready to buy” your brand and product decision is pretty much set in stone Most of us ignore advertising Most of us dismiss cold calls Most of us through mail in the waste basket Most of us have spam filters Most of us have changed © Copyright Social Media Academy 2009 6 Copying or distribution is prohibited
  7. 7. Now let’s look at our companies The current way of doing business: Buy contact lists, do mail shots From small Google ads to bill boards Augment lead generation with cold calls Qualify, engage, try selling … Compete harder then ever – lower profits than ever Lead flow dried out The previous slide indicated: A brand decision is made before a sales process even began. A huge disconnect between company and market © Copyright Social Media Academy 2009 7 Copying or distribution is prohibited
  8. 8. It doesn’t happen to me This may work in B2C but not in B2B Elaborate sales processes Our industry is not ready Maybe high tech but not… My company is not ready for that All the complicated structures and responsibilities My team is not there yet… Some are close to retirement All good stuff – but security, integration… IT infrastructure dominance All of the above maybe 100% true © Copyright Social Media Academy 2009 8 Copying or distribution is prohibited
  9. 9. © Copyright Social Media Academy 2009 9 Copying or distribution is prohibited
  10. 10. If you don’t follow your customers There are numerous examples from past history, demonstrating what happens if customers take new routes. Many companies however just don’t recognize when that is happening to them. “No opportunity is lost – someone will take it” © Copyright Social Media Academy 2009 10 Copying or distribution is prohibited
  11. 11. Social Media as corporate initiative © Copyright Xeequa Corp. 2008
  12. 12. Corporations are ready to engage Corporate America executives do get it But they need to overcome some major hurdles No.1 obstacle: EDUCATION Expertise with corporate experience is rarely available Hundreds of social media consultants - but most do just tactical marketing campaigns © Copyright Social Media Academy 2009 12 Copying or distribution is prohibited
  13. 13. Alignment: Social Media & Corporate Objectives Companies can’t just say – “Hey everybody goes on LinkedIn, let’s have a page on Facebook and start twittering” Companies need to manage their possible presence in the social web in a holistic way, incorporating Corporate objectives Teams Brands Products Companies are complex organisms that are managed by key value pairs like “Objectives – Achievements” “Investments – Returns” “Strategy – Execution” … © Copyright Social Media Academy 2009 13 Copying or distribution is prohibited
  14. 14. Business Social Media Tasks & Responsibilities Understanding the socio economic changes in our society Social media impact on corporations Social media assessments and vulnerability analysis Tools, places and spaces – what makes sense for business Creating and crafting a Social Media strategy Competing for mind, and market share in the social web The changing face of marketing & PR in the Social Media age The new sales organization (from behavior to execution) Social Media in logistics and procurement departments Product development, co-creation and new support structures From quot;Human Resourcesquot; to quot;Human Talent Management“ Social media plan development Social Media team building, organizational structures, reporting Brand development in a super active market The Social Media presence, tools and places & spaces Reporting and analytics tools. Asking the right questions Budgets, resources, planning and ROI considerations Building a sustainable social media culture & presence Creating and managing a social media department Creating a profitable social media consulting practice © Copyright Social Media Academy 2009 14 Copying or distribution is prohibited
  15. 15. Starting with a professional assessment © Copyright Social Media Academy 2009 15 Copying or distribution is prohibited
  16. 16. Creating a “Dual Presence” strategy 1. Companies need to be where their customers are Businesses will need to be present in the various networks, groups, tools and initiatives Public Branded Groups on LinkedIN, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, SlideShare, YouTube, Flikr… 2. Companies need to have a space where they point their customers to Businesses also need a “social home” where they can point everybody to – where they can invite their customers © Copyright Social Media Academy 2009 16 Copying or distribution is prohibited
  17. 17. Social relationship considerations ABC Corporation Empower your partners because they “own” the social relationship to your customers © Copyright Social Media Academy 2009 17 Copying or distribution is prohibited
  18. 18. Developing a social media strategy 10 Questions to form a social media strategy 1) What is the purpose of the engagement? 2) Who is the target audience? 3) What are the main topics in the eco system? 4) What are the top goals of the community? 5) What places, spaces and tools are used? 6) What are benefits for the ecosystem? 7) What are the goals and objectives? 8) What tools and places will support the engagement? 9) How will we leverage our team, partners and other resources? 10) How will we measure progress and success? © Copyright Social Media Academy 2009 18 Copying or distribution is prohibited
  19. 19. Cross functional Social Media engagement Product Management Social Media is – again – the perfect seeding ground to develop a co-creation strategy Support Group Augmenting support forces with engaged customers is more powerful than just adding 1+1 – Imagine the synergetic forces Logistics and Procurement Needs and trends was never been faster to analyze than through a vast open network think of the implication to procurement Sales Social selling is theoretically not new – yet with the new tools it’s a whole new experience Marketing The biggest change in marketing history – don’t market INTO but THROUGH your ecosystem © Copyright Social Media Academy 2009 19 Copying or distribution is prohibited
  20. 20. Tools Selection – What makes sense for business © Copyright Social Media Academy 2009 20 Copying or distribution is prohibited
  21. 21. Social Media Planning Managing an ecosystem of thousands of customers and hundreds of partners with hundreds of team mates requires some planning Groups in LinkedIn, Yahoo, Google, Facebook, MySpace and many other locations are very resource demanding Topics, timelines, sentiments and news need to be covered and at the same time company news, product launches, product updates, technology introductions, organizational changes need to be orchestrated Social Media Planning goes beyond the traditional media plan in marketing. It needs to consider products, support and other topics. © Copyright Social Media Academy 2009 21 Copying or distribution is prohibited
  22. 22. Resources, budgets, ROI Tools may be even free – time never is Social media investments are dominated by investments in human resources / human talents Social media is all about people – it may well become even more massive as in the 80’s or 90’s when engineers were the most sought after people ROI We need to help companies to plan and allocate resources, plan the respective budgets and develop sound ROI models. © Copyright Social Media Academy 2009 22 Copying or distribution is prohibited
  23. 23. Reporting – Reporting - Reporting © Copyright Social Media Academy 2009 23 Copying or distribution is prohibited
  24. 24. Methodical approach versus a “campaign” Objective driven “Creating a better business experience for the respective eco system” Methodical assessment of the social landscape, presences, influencer, sentiments, brand presence, partners and competitors. Creating a strategy, a media plan, using tools and frameworks to make that possible for an enterprise Managing resources, budgets, ROI… Tools may be free – time never will. 25 people cost over $3 Million a year – you better understand what you are doing Result: Turn a company into a well respected, approachable, yet highly competitive organization! © Copyright Social Media Academy 2009 24 Copying or distribution is prohibited
  25. 25. The consulting side of the business The tools may be free but the time, whether it is your own or the time from your consultants never will. The assessment is typically first: $5,000 - $50,000+ The strategy part follows: $5,000 - $300,000 $250 - $800 / hour Strategy execution: $1,500/month - $50,000+/month $180+ per hour or $2,500+ per project Let’s say you task 35 people @ $180k we are talking $6,300,000 – make sure you have adequate guidance $100 Million investments in Social Media do exist © Copyright Social Media Academy 2009 25 Copying or distribution is prohibited
  26. 26. The agency side of the business Ad agencies need to learn how to deal with the new media. Social Media is a creativity challenge – the old pattern are worn out. New agencies will bring new creative models to the market Public relations will not go away but radically change. It is no longer pushing information into an anonymous mass market, but seeding and nurturing conversations within a socially engaged market. TV advertising no longer helps getting mind share. But parties and community engagement models do. Video clips can be produced and distributed at much lower cost – but we need more of them. The marketing budget requirements are not going to shrink but it will be used very differently © Copyright Social Media Academy 2009 26 Copying or distribution is prohibited
  27. 27. Social Media Academy Leadership Class © Copyright Xeequa Corp. 2008
  28. 28. The Key Elements Of The Leadership Class Cross functional business approach Social media assessment (Tools & methodology) Social media strategy framework Functional social media in sales, marketing, support, HR, logistics, product design… Tools, places & communities Methods Detailed presence & execution plan Models Reporting & analytics Frameworks Budgets, resources, ROI Reality, management and services Consulting & team building © Copyright Social Media Academy 2009 28 Copying or distribution is prohibited
  29. 29. SMLC-09 Alumni Janice Chai-Chan @janicefl (Florida) Kevin Mannion @KevinMannion (UK) Laureen Earnest @LaureenEarnest (South Carolina) Mike Dubrall @MikeDubrall (California) Nancy Chou @nchou (California) Tim Moore @TimMoore (Missouri) Tom Swift @tomswift (Texas) © Copyright Social Media Academy 2009 29 Copying or distribution is prohibited
  30. 30. Leadership Class Details Online Entrance Examination (required) Course starts May 6 – 2009 All sessions are instructor lead online meetings start at 08:00am (PST) / 17:00 (CET) 16 Days - 2 hours per day Every Wednesdays and Fridays Between each sessions we will work on exercises After most session you will complete a test Final session Friday, June 26 Cost $3,600 for Gold Members ($112/hour webinar) At the end you will have a final test and graduate When you pass you get a the certificate © Copyright Social Media Academy 2009 30 Copying or distribution is prohibited
  31. 31. Graduation Ceremony Graduation Ceremony & get together Where it all began Palo Alto, CA Team event Sailing cruise on the San Francisco Bay Register at: Payments need to be made in order to get class confirmation and community access © Copyright Social Media Academy 2009 31 Copying or distribution is prohibited
  32. 32. Social Media Academy Award January 22 - 2010 © Copyright Social Media Academy 2009 32 Copying or distribution is prohibited
  33. 33. Thank You (650) 384-0057 © 2009 Social Media Academy. All rights reserved. This content is protected under the copyright law of the United States. It is prohibited to make full or partial copies or extractions of this documentation without the explicit written approval from the Social Media Academy. All materials contained herein are the property of the Social Media Academy and its faculty and may only be used, by an enrolled student for his or her own educational benefit. Social Media Academy | 228 Hamilton Ave. | Palo Alto, CA 94301 | (650) 384-0057 © Copyright Social Media Academy 2009 33 Copying or distribution is prohibited
  34. 34. About The Social Media Academy is an education and research institute providing education for business professionals from all industries on how to best apply social media to their respective businesses. The main emphasis is to help business managers and consultant to get a comprehensive education on Social Media, including strategy development, planning, execution, tools, resources ways to report and analyze development and success and help understand the evolutionary changes in our society. As part of the educational development, the Social Media Academy conducts research exploring the ongoing changes in the field and support the continuous learning process as well as monitor ongoing changes in the field. The main course is the institute’s leadership class which focuses on how to plan, implement and engage with social media in all business areas including marketing, sales, product development, service & support, logistics, administration and engineering. The Social Media Academy is based in Palo Alto, California. For more information go to © Copyright Social Media Academy 2009 34 Copying or distribution is prohibited