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Powering the Possible through Social Media


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Presentation of how Dell’s Social Media listening tools have helped e.g. American Red Cross in times of disaster, at Social Media Week Copenhagen, February 2013. Learn more about Dell Social Media here:

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Powering the Possible through Social Media

  1. 1. Powering the Possible throughSocial MediaAnja Monrad, Executive Director, Global Marcom Operation@anjamonrad#SMWpoweringthepossibleFeedback: Global Marketing
  2. 2. Social media is changing our world - 2012”These conversations are going to occur whether you like it or not. Do you want to be part ofthat or not? My argument is you absolutely do.” – Michael Dell“We dont have a choice on whether we DO social media, the question is how well we DO it.” – Erik Qualman, 1B 140M+ 187M+ Users on Facebook active Twitter users Professionals on LinkedIn 34,722 every minute of the day 100K every minute of the day 2 new members tweets sent by users “likes” for brands on Facebook per second on LinkedIn 600M 465M+ 3.7B Facebook users accessing via mobile Worldwide IM accounts Twitter accounts 3rd largest 3,600 every minute of the day 48 hrs every minute of the day ”country” in the world New photos shared via Instagram new video uploaded to YouTube Sources: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn,, www.radicati.com2 Global Marketing
  3. 3. The new reality I’ve never been so scared about a tornado. Home alone sitting on the bathroom floor. Wendy Harman Dir. of Social Strategy for American Red Cross,3 Social Media Services Group 2/20/2013 Global Marketing
  4. 4. Social Media and Corporate Social Responsibility Social media and CSR should be a particularly powerful combination given that both are rooted in the principles of authenticity, transparency, collaboration and community. - The Guardian Share the word of your causes @dell4good, @poweringthepossible Mobilizing your employees – sharing your CSR engagement story Share expertise and skills to empower a NGO to utilize their full potential4 Global Marketing
  5. 5. “Engaging in honest, directconversations with customers andstakeholders is a part of who weare, who we always has been.The social web amplifies ouropportunity to listen and learnand invest ourselves in two-waydialogue, enabling us to become abetter company with more to offer Successful, innovative companiesthe people who depend on us.” tend to aspire to a greater purpose that goes beyond the - Michael Dell bottom line. At Dell, we have always believed that technology should be about enabling human potential. - Michael Dell5 Global Marketing
  6. 6. Dell’s heritage First to sell complex First company to hit $1M a day Leader in online frictionless configurable items in online revenue commerce from order to delivery One of the first to launch online One of the first companies to Early adopter of discussion forums launch online support social media10 Global Marketing
  7. 7. Over six years of social media experience Altimeter March 2008 June 2009 Dell February 2007 recognized Dell Accepted Solutions Global Twitter with “Open namedFebruary 2006 IdeaStorm launched launched on Community revenues of Leadership Award the No. A voting based site allowing for Innovation andMichael Dell asked Dell France begins Online May 2008 $6.5 M 1 most customers and others to Community Outreach Execution”Why don‖ we reach out and help t submit ideas for Dell. Dell Outlet achieved socialbloggers with tech support issues? October 2007 $0.5M in sales via Twitter brand Michael Dell quoted in Business March December 2006 Week 2010 Ratings and In response to Jeff Jarvis question around Dell whether companies want to be part of the January 2009 joins reviews launched online conversation: ”My argument is you December 2010 Dell Organizes June 2009 Sina on absolutely do. You can learn from them. You Social Media can improve your reaction time. And you can into four $2M+ Sales Weibo Listening be a better company by listening and being customer via Twitter in Command involved in that conversation.” focused China Center launched business units 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 Social Media & July 2006 Direct2Dell Community June 2007 2009 University (SMaC U) launched Today Direct2Dell exists in English, Dell joined Twitter June 2008 Dell TechCenter launched Spanish, Norwegian, Channel 5,000 team Japanese and Chinese. EmployeeStorm January Spring 2009 members trained by 6 Awards for the Social blog December launched 2008 Members of end of year Media Listening launched 2009 Internal Blogs Launched Dell aligns Community Command Center Huffington January 2007 for Employees. organization and Post Blog StudioDell launched November 2007 for success Conversations B2B pages on Dell‖ video and podcast site, with s DellShares deployed FacebookAugust 2006 helpful tips and tricks. Eventually launched within each of expanding this into the YouTube April 2008Blog outreach The first investor the new Dell channel making sharing easier. Inside IT launched June 2010expanded beyond relations blog by a Blog focused on business Business units public company. CAP Days launchedtech Support customers, and Cloud In-person events for vocal Computing. online customers 7
  8. 8. Listen, Learn, Engage & ActDell’s Social Media Listening Command Center 25,000 posts a day Global Marketing
  9. 9. Empowering employees: Social Media & CommunityUniversity Policy Principles Governance Training & tools9 Global Marketing
  10. 10. Social Media is changing the landscape forhumanitarian workIncreased need to be able to• respond immediately to disasters using information gathered by monitoring the social Web.• more quickly connect people with the resources they need during a disaster, such as food, water, shelter or even emotional support Global Marketing
  11. 11. “What Dell has given us is an elevated view of the social mediaconversation so that we can see more of it.” - Laura Howe, Vice President of Public Relations, American Red Cross, United States
  12. 12. Enabling communication throughout emergencies The DigiDoc Command Center enabled the American Red Cross to “listen” to more than 542,947 social conversations during Hurricane Sandy. Global Marketing
  13. 13. What Dell did for Clemson UniversityChallengeDell uses social media listening to enhance customer relationshipsand for marketing and business development, but Clemson wantedto explore how it could be used in academia. Clemson saw howcorporations have adapted to new business and economic realitiesand they wanted to ensure their faculty and students had access tothis same technology. Both Dell and Clemson had to figure out howto work together to advance each other without taking their eyes offtheir own respective missions. Clemson University This space will be used for alternate academic researchApproach methods, as well as innovative learning environments, putting Clemson at the forefront of a new education technologyThe build of this command center required collaboration: Dell frontier.brought first-hand experience for its successful set-up and operation Benefitsand Clemson shared insight for the development of an effective Clemson University decided to incorporate social media listeninglearning environment, which now includes a teaching area where into the university‖s successful Creative Inquiry programfaculty can hold classes and provide training on the tools. It wasthrough this collaboration that Dell and Clemson discovered several The University envisions rich partnerships between the universityparallels how social media listening can favorably impact business, and other industries to study the power and application of socialacademia, and various other industries. media listening in business, academia, non-profit and all types of entities. 30 Social Media Services Group
  14. 14. Social media services–what do you need?I want to … • build a training program. • know what tools to use. Best Practices • Strategies for specific • find standard processes that I can follow. Seminars corporate & industry needs. • strategize and efficiently drive awareness, demand, • Understand effectiveness of current leads and message reach. initiatives. • know when and how to scale a social media Advisory Service • Establish strategic plan aligned with solution. business goals, culture & ROI. • track business & market intelligence to understand my • Get daily/weekly/monthly reports customers wants and needs. Listening and Gain a deeper understanding of their • utilize analytics to improve customer support, enhance product offerings or inform investor relations Insights Service customers, competitors and industry market needs. for strategy development. • manage the inflow of information. Listening • Benefit from Dells experience building • understand what is being said about my brand and be a listening command center. part of those conversations. Command Center • Discuss best practices for running & Build-outs integrating into their business.15 Global Marketing
  15. 15. Thank youAnja Monrad, Executive Director, Global Marcom Operation@anjamonrad#SMWpoweringthepossible Global Marketing
  16. 16. What Dell did for the American Red CrossChallengeThe American Red Cross has been a leader in the socialmedia space for some time, but looked to Dell for helpwith how to scale their social media operations duringmajor disasters. They were in need of assistance scalingto the efforts required of an organization with suchworldwide exposure and direct effect on human life. The American Red CrossApproach This is the first social media command center devoted toDell was brought in to construct the project—and they humanitarian relief and demonstrates the power social media can lend during emergency and crisis situations.modeled it on their own Social Media Listening CommandCenter, which is used to track brand sentiment and Benefitschatter. They consulted not only on the space -Improved sourcing of data and identification of trends inconfiguration and build, but they also helped the disaster-affected areasAmerican Red Cross establish processes for the successful -Significantly improved ability to anticipate and respond to thetraining and operation of their command center. public‖ needs s -Ability to more quickly connect people with the resources theyThe DigiDoc Command Center enabled the American Red Cross to “listen” to need during a disaster, such as food, water, shelter or evenmore than 542,947 social conversations during Hurricane Sandy. emotional support17 Social Media Services Group
  17. 17. Social media is embedded throughout Dell Listening impacts NPS, OpInc and BrandProduct development Marketing Online presence• Feedback loop • Demand forecast • Ratings and reviews• Early warning • Lead generation • Communities• New product ideation • Message reach • Customer storiesSales Customer service Communication• Collaboration • Listening • Rich media• Thought leadership • Support widgets • Brand reputation• Blogs • Outreach • Influence • Reputation 18 Global Marketing