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Social Media for Small Business Pres (WIPP 2012 Annual Leadership Mtg)


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Presented at the Women in Public Policy (WIPP) Annual Leadership Meeting July 18-19, 2012 at the Liaison Capitol Hill, Washington, DC on social media for small business. WIPP is a national nonpartisan public policy organization, advocating on behalf of nearly 1 million women-owned businesses representing 63 business organizations. WIPP provides timely economic policy information and identifies important trends and opportunities to its membership. #Iwork4Dell

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Social Media for Small Business Pres (WIPP 2012 Annual Leadership Mtg)

  1. 1. Social Media for Small BusinessAmy Tennison, Dell Social Media & Community Global Marketing
  2. 2. What fears or obstacles do you have about using social media today?2 Confidential Global Marketing
  3. 3. This discussion will cover… Social Media as a Learning from Building a plan: Business Tool early adopters: Tools, tips and Understanding Social media case resources to get the ecosystem studies you started3 Confidential Global Marketing
  4. 4. Interactive Web:First time in history,technology at home hasevolved faster than forbusiness becoming sopervasive that business iscatching up to consumerexpectations aboutconnectivity, ease of use andhow to useSource: Mary Meeker, 2010 Internet Trends Global Marketing
  5. 5. Today anyone with an opinion and an internet connection can influence someone else about your brand and the things you care about.5 Confidential Global Marketing
  6. 6. The Social Media RevolutionSource: Confidential Global Marketing
  7. 7. 6 years: Social media strengthening customer connections June 2009 October 2007 May 2008 Global February 2006 Michael Dell quote in Business Week Altimeter Dell Outlet achieves Twitter Michael Dell Asks In response to Jeff Jarvis question around whether recognizes Dell Why don’t we reach out and help bloggers companies want to be part of the online $0.5M in sales via Twitter revenues with “Open Dell with tech support issues? conversation: ”My argument is you absolutely do. of $6.5 M Leadership Award named #1 You can learn from them. You can improve your for Innovation and reaction time. And you can be a better company Execution” most by listening and being involved in that social conversation.” December 2006 March 2010 brand March 2008 Ratings and Dell join Sina February 2007 Accepted Solutions reviews on Weibo in IdeaStorm Launched launched on January 2009 A voting based site allowing June 2009 China Community Dell Organizes in to customers and others to submit Dell France begins Online 4 customer focused $2M+ Sales December 2010 ideas for Dell. Community Outreach business units via Twitter Social Media Command Center Launch2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 Social Media & Communities University July 2006 Launched Direct2Dell launched June 2007 2009 5,000 team members trained by Today Direct2Dell exists in Dell joins Twitter Dell TechCenter end of year English, Spanish, Norwegian, January 6 Awards Japanese and Chinese. Dell launches 2008 June 2008 for Social EmployeeStorm Dell aligns Channel blog Spring 2009 December 2009 B2B pages Media Internal Blogs Launched organization launched Members of Community Huffington Post Blog on Command for Employees. for success and Conversations Facebook Center deployed within each ofAugust 2006 the new Dell Business January 2007 unitsBlog outreach April 2008 StudioDell launched June 2010expands beyond Dell’s video and podcast site, Inside IT launched with helpful tips and tricks. Blog focused on business CAP Days Launchedtech Support November 2007 customers, and Cloud In-person events for vocal Eventually expanding this into Computing. online customers the YouTube channel making DellShares launched sharing easier. The first investor relations blog by a public company. 7 Global Marketing
  8. 8. SM  B2C & B2B8 Confidential Global Marketing 8 Confidential
  9. 9. Experience business value across the entirecustomer lifecycle Awareness Social media improves reach and share of voice Loyalty & Research & advocacy consideration Social media keeps customers engaged, provides solutions and Established link between social improved loyalty media activity and purchase Service & support Lead gen/sales Social media based support improves sentiment and correlates with higher Social media contributes to revenue demand gen vehicles / sales9 Confidential Global Marketing
  10. 10. Why should you care? An irresistible force - Social media usage is increasing rapidly; businesses of all shapes and sizes are embracing it Evolving into ‘Social Business’ - More than just a buzzword, an integrated way of connecting with customers c The enterprise goes ‘back to school’ - The A B business that’s not “fluent in social” will be at a competitive disadvantage10 Confidential Global Marketing
  11. 11. Wiggly WigglersWiggly Wigglers, garden supply company:Cut advertising budget by 90% due to social media • Social media strategy built upon weekly podcast • Over 100 five-star reviews on iTunes • Subsequently extended to blogging, Twitter and Facebook • Cut advertising budget by 90% 11 Confidential Global Marketing
  12. 12. Vets Now, accident & emergency service for pets:Became a top Facebook brand by sharing compelling content One example of the content posted on the Park Bench Facebook page – Useful dog trick by Jesse (including fetching the TV remote control• From nothing to 3rd most engaging UK Facebook page in 6 months• 9th most active Facebook page in the UK• Leverage Facebook insights to create hyper- relevant content 12 Confidential Global Marketing behind-the-uks-third-most-engaging-facebook-page/
  13. 13. Smashburger, Denver hamburger chain:Grew their brand through social media and PR strategies • Grew from 3 locations in 2007 to 150 outposts nationwide • Offered coupons and trivia contents on Facebook • Reply to questions and complaints on Twitter • Actively reach out to bloggers who might write about them 13 Confidential business-social-media-outreach-smachburger/53122300/1 Global Marketing
  14. 14. Social media is as strategic as you make it Social media is strategic when it is planned as a 1. Outline objectives means of addressing core business issues and its impact on business 5. Test and refine 2 Listening audit can be measured 4. Plan your approach 3. Available resources14 Confidential Global Marketing
  15. 15. Social media is not a stand alone activity Some 87% of companies use Twitter as part of their marketing or PR activity, while 82% use Facebook The vast majority of companies (80%) report they integrate social media activity with email marketing, while half integrate it with SEO15 Confidential Source: Econsultancy / LBi / bigmouthmedia State of Social Report 2011, November 2011 Global Marketing
  16. 16. Tool to be leveraged across the business Product Online Marketing development • Lead generation presence • Message reach • Product ratings & reviews • Feedback loop • Share of voice • Communities • Early warning • Events • Customer stories • New product ideas • SEO Service & support Sales Comms • Collaboration • Rich media • Listening / feedback • Thought leadership • Brand reputation • Support tools / widgets • Peer recommendations • Influence • Outreach • Peer forums16 Confidential Global Marketing
  17. 17. Step 1: What are your objectives?17 Confidential Global Marketing
  18. 18. Step 2: Listening Audit 1. What are people saying about your company online? 2. Where are people talking about your brand and your industry online? 3. Who are the influencers related to topics that matter to you? 4. What is your share of conversation compared to your competitors?18 Confidential Global Marketing
  19. 19. Listening is paramount 43% of global organizations who use social technologies do so to develop a strategic plan 53% of world class companies constantly monitor or research fan pages to determine what customers wantSource: The Small and Medium Business Social Media Toolkit Source: McKinsey Quarterly, November 201119 Confidential Source: Weber Shandwick, October 2011 Global Marketing
  20. 20. Listening to conversations: free tools Socialmention.com20 Confidential Global Marketing
  21. 21. Step 3: Available resources 1. Does anyone in your company Social media is a already engage in social media long-term activity activities? If so where? and resource 2. Do you have a social media commitment…it’s policy or some level of guidance integral to the success of your for employees who engage with business customers via social media? 3. Do your employees need additional social media training?21 Confidential Global Marketing
  22. 22. Enable employees to succeed Principles Policy Governance Training & tools22 Confidential Global Marketing
  23. 23. Social media policy Chris Boudreaux has collected social media guidelines from over 100 organizations Confidential Global Marketing
  24. 24. Step 4: Plan your approach 1. Which channels will you use? 2. Will you invest resources in The key to long- engaging those who influence term success is your brand and industry? integrating social 3. What is your content strategy? media into your traditional activity. 4. How can you use social media to cross-promote traditional activities and vice versa?24 Confidential Global Marketing
  25. 25. Where? Broad use social media platforms25 Confidential Global Marketing
  26. 26. Tips for developing compelling content• Share with purpose (Does this • Leverage links and cite 3rd party tie back to my objective?) sources• Embrace what makes you • Include a clear call to action unique (What do you want them to do with your content?)• Be consistent • Sweat the small stuff• Make it visual & interactive (photos, videos, cartoons, infographics, music, etc.)26 Confidential Global Marketing
  27. 27. Step 5: Test and refine 1. Create key performance If something isn’t indicators (KPIs) for each of your working to the tactics degree you had 2. Avoid arbitrary KPIs–base them hoped, it’s okay! on your objectives (Not: 50,000 Identify that issue followers; instead: 50 and correct it influential/engaged followers) 3. Identify your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT)27 Confidential Global Marketing
  28. 28. No single measurement for social media success• Instead, select KPIs based on your objectives Awareness Influence Ex. Monthly gross impressions, # Ex. # page likes,/shares, external of fans/followers RTs, # of subscribers Engagement Advocacy Ex. Total interactions, # fan Ex. Message delivery, sentiment, photos/videos, % engaged on recommendations page, comments/posts28 Confidential Global Marketing
  29. 29. Make time for social media • Add 30 minutes to your calendar 2x a week to listen or engage in social media • Don’t go overboard – just start with 1-2 platforms • Download social applications to your phone • Ask your team to provide social media updates in your weekly staff meetings • After a customer meeting, thank the customer in social media • Use relevant hashtags to connect with event attendees, speakers, etc. (ex. #WIPP)29 Confidential Global Marketing
  30. 30. Dell’s Women’s Entrepreneur Additional Network on LinkedIn resources Or follow #DWEN on Twitter30 Confidential Global Marketing
  31. 31. Follow influential women on TwitterAnita Campbell Melinda Emerson Liz Strauss@smallbiztrends @SmallBizLady @lizstraussCEO Author/Host Social Biz StrategistFollowers: >81,800 Followers: >157,500 Followers: >99,60031 Confidential Global Marketing
  32. 32. Dell social media toolkitGuide to how small and medium businesses can make the most of social media Available online The guide includes: • How to develop a social media strategy • Creating social media guidelines • Best practices and case studies • Choosing your social media channels • Measurement and influence • Tips from social media experts • Practical advice to get started ell-smb-socialmediatoolkit32 Confidential Global Marketing
  33. 33. Questions?33 Confidential Global Marketing