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Dell's Director of Global Social Media, Richard Margetic, presentation on positioning business to meet customer need in social

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  • Dell’s use of social media really goes to the roots of who we are as a company: the power and value of direct connections with customers, as well as using the Web as a tool to be a better business. Our teams have been exchanging information with customers online since the late 1980s with listservs, and by 1996 we had our own Dell Community forums at Dell.com (other examples include: early leadership of e-commerce, the Web infrastructure to drive our supply chain, Premier Pages, etc)Today, we see social media as tool to be used across the fabric/functions of our businesses to build better business and be more connected with customers (i.e. the social web is not just about marketing or a customer support channel, rather it is a tool to be used to collaborate, connect and constantly do more with customers, from quality, to innovation, to building better business processes, to connecting and sharing real time, as well as solving technical or customer care issues) Highlights to pick out:Started with technical support (Customer service delivery)Just over 5 years ago became an early adopter using social media to connect with customers and build a better business.  In March 2006 we established the Online Community Outreach team, a group of tech support experts that reached out to bloggers around the world who had questions or required assistance. Later that year we expanded blog outreach beyond tech support to include any conversations about Dell.  2006 was also the year we launched our blog, Direct2Dell.Moved into communications – using as a channel to tell our story – Direct to DellDeveloped into crowd sourced product and service development with IdeaStormGone multi-lingual – multi-platforms – from our own .com/blog out to those customers select for themselves – no good just listening to the conversations in English, in your own frontroom - got to get out into the street to hear what customers really thinkInternal and external – agent for collaboration and innovation within the organisation e.g. Employee Storm; ChatterDirect sales (or facilitation) channel – lot made of our sales on platforms like twitter with @delloutlet but also important to realise that buying behaviours for products and services are also now heavily influenced by the social web – the opinions of trusted friends often first port of call (social web friends; bloggers)…so bringing those views into the buying process is impactful – so dell.com brings reviews/ratings front and centre with customersPower of advocates/ambassadors not to be underestimated – your team members are powerful voices for your brand/products and services… SMaC training and open access to all the tools they need at work to both LISTEN and ENGAGENote: Google+Dell team members from around the around the world are early adopters and users of social media, most recently on Google+ and Pinterest.
  • Source: http://4.mshcdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/Social-Media-Demographics-972.jpg
  • Source: http://4.mshcdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/Social-Media-Demographics-972.jpg
  • Going where our customers are

    1. 1. Going Where OurCustomers AreRichard MargeticDirector, Global Social Media
    2. 2. Our journey Global Marketing
    3. 3. Dell’s 6 Year Journey June 2009 October 2007 May 2008 Global February 2006 Michael Dell quote in Business Week Twitter Dell Outlet achieves Michael Dell Asks In response to Jeff Jarvis question around whether revenues of Why don’t we reach out and help bloggers companies want to be part of the online $0.5M in sales via Twitter with tech support issues? conversation: ”My argument is you absolutely do. $6.5 M Altimeter Dell You can learn from them. You can improve your recognizes Dell named #1 reaction time. And you can be a better company with “Open by listening and being involved in that Leadership Award most conversation.” for Innovation and social Execution” brand December 2006 March 2010 Ratings and March 2008 Accepted Solutions Dell join Sina reviews on February 2007 Weibo in China Dell.com IdeaStorm Launched launched on A voting based site allowing Community January 2009 customers and others to submit Dell France begins Online Dell Organizes in to June 2009 Community Outreach 4 customer focused ideas for Dell. business units $2M+ Sales via Twitter December 2010 Social Media Command Center Launch2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 July 2006 Social Media & Direct2Dell launched June 2007 2009 Communities University Today Direct2Dell exists in Launched English, Spanish, Norwegian, Dell joins Twitter Dell TechCenter 5,000 team Japanese and Chinese. January members trained by 6 Awards Dell launches 2008 end of year for Social EmployeeStorm June 2008 Dell aligns Channel blog Media Internal Blogs organization B2B pages on Command Launched for launched Spring 2009 December 2009 for success Members of Community Facebook Center Employees. Huffington Post Blog and Conversations deployed within each of the new Dell Business unitsAugust 2006 January 2007Blog outreach StudioDell launched April 2008expands beyond Dell’s video and podcast site, Inside IT launched June 2010tech Support with helpful tips and tricks. Blog focused on business CAP Days Launched Eventually expanding this into customers, and Cloud In-person events for vocal the YouTube channel making Computing. November 2007 online customers sharing easier. DellShares launched The first investor relations blog by a public company. 3 Global Marketing
    4. 4. Listen, Engage, Act Customer Listen to customer conversations across the web to address… CUSTOMER NEEDS HAVE SUGGESTIONS BRAND REPUTATION Tech and Care Support Storm Sessions / Idea Storm Thank / Surprise / Delight Promoters Sales Assistance Subject Matter Experts Engage w Demoters Brand Ambassadors Customer Service & Product Group & Communications Marketing & Online Sales Fulfillment Professional Services Give the company bigger ears , be willing to take action and drive (top to bottom)4 Global Marketing
    5. 5. Big picture social listeningListening has a major impact on nearly every aspect of Dell’s operation, from marketing to productdevelopment. Here’s a look at how listening is woven throughout the enterprise with the variouscomponents scaled to show how much data they contribute to the listening operation. Radian 6 (Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) Ratings and reviews Q&A Chat, LISTENING Screen sales Q’s share BENEFITS Support Influence Insights Marcom NPS Improve social outreach Identify promoters Improve products Grow earned media Improve sentiment • Better customer • Thank promoters, • Incorporate feedback • Optimize ODG • Identify 22k daily support influencers directly into product group vehicles conversations within • Track sentiment • Improve customer • Cost avoidance • Build traffic to Dell.com NPS categories • Convert ranters to loyalty and advocacy • Product development • Improve SEO • Track real-time NPS ravers lifecycle improvement • UGC with actionable • Drive high repeat • Usage models • Improve campaign insights purchases OUTCOMES effectiveness Improves brand health | Drives high revenue | Improves CSAT and loyalty | Monitor competition
    6. 6. Who, What, Where Who Listening to who’s talking tells you who your advocates are, your influencers, your ranters and your ravers. This forms the basis of all relationship marketing What What users are talking about gives you your marketing keywords, conversations, messaging points, identifies customer pain points, impacts search results. This is the basis of content marketing. Where Where customers are talking tells you which platforms you need to create a presence in, market to, amplify messages in and where to put your ad dollars Paid Marketing Content Marketing Relationship Marketing6 Global Marketing
    7. 7. Robust Communities• Social is about more than listening, it’s about building relationships• Robust communities form around shared interests, value-add content and engaging conversations• Platform functionality and culture help define relationships and community strategy Global Marketing
    8. 8. Global Marketing
    9. 9. Global Marketing
    10. 10. Where in the world…There are more people onlinein China than the next threecountries combined.Yet, they don’t even make thetop 50 countries of Internetpenetration. Only 26% of theirpopulation today is online.Top three countries: Iceland 97.8% Norway 97.2% Sweden 92.9% Global Marketing
    11. 11. Thank you11