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Revised version for BlogTalk 2009, Jeju Island, South Korea

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Listen &Connect At Blog Talk2009

  1. 1. Listen & Connect er ship the Web ead Opinion creation on L Thomas N. Burg Image htp:// | Consulting BlogTalk Asia, Jeju 2009
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  3. 3. Diagram: B2C Value Creation N m Business Advertising Population Reached (with a proportion influenced) nly This communication model allows a marketer to count how many people will receive the message, and measure the number of people influenced (the value created). Classic
  4. 4. Diagram: C2C Value Creation & the Momentum Effect Impact Influenced to visit brand community. repeats Some pass along to others. as pass Each interaction along is an impression continues Pass along content Don’t visit brand custom community, but positively influenced. Some pass along to others. If the message doesn’t stop once communicated to The B2C value creation consumer (as in “the momentum effect”), it means we remains a legitimate part of Marketing. SN complements need a new model for measuring value creation that and extends the impact further than traditional marketing adds in the consumer to consumer component. could go by activating C2C activities. B2C2C
Effect B2C + C2C = Value Creation In addition to the new model of “B2C + C2C = value creation,” SN becomes part of the product experience, The momentum effect: The activation of consumers and the value of SN extends to increases in advocacy to tell their own personal stories using your brand as and loyalty.
  5. 5. Social
Media ? B2C
[2C] Image:
  6. 6. Communicate Innovate Lead Network
  7. 7. Where
 begin? Image:
  8. 8. Customer
PR Steve Rubel, SVP Edelman
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 ead R
  10. 10. Generation
C Age
Activity ✴ Community ✴ Connectedness ✴ Collaboration ✴ Creativity
  11. 11. Base: SN users age 14-40 (n=2,605), Top 2 box scores (3 point scale 1=do not agree at all, 3=completely agree) — I am never bored when using it... 73% — There are just so many things to do on this site... 66% — The site adds fun to going out... 56% 48% — With SN, I’ve been having more fun in life in general... — With SN, I’ve been more plugged into the music scene... 47% — With SN, I’ve felt more on top of trends and what’s new... 46% — It makes my life more exciting... 45% — With SN, I’ve discovered brands and products that I really like... 40% Brands
Products 15!"Never Ending Friending Research Summary, April 2007 Source: Never Ending Friending, 2007 Fox Interactive Media
  12. 12. Friending is the next advertising In the emerging “Friendonomics” of social networks, stuff you need to know.” Across markets, social Friendonomics users are making meaningful connections with the groups, bands, brands and clubs that create a two-way street of value. As one respondent observed, “Friends don’t waste your time. But they do tell you networking users consistently expressed their desire for brands and organizations to treat them less like customers…and more like friends. “Having Puma as a friend is pretty cool. You get some online sales or whatever since they’re kind of expensive. You can see what kind of shoes they have.” — Claire, 18, Chicago “I don’t want companies to advertise to me. I want them to be my friend.” — Rob, 27, Los Angeles “Having a brand like Gibson or Nike as a friend would be cool. It’s an allegiance kind of thing.” — Matthew, 25, Chicago
  13. 13. Future Conversations It’s going to be fast-paced, bit-sized, and is shifting from broadcast concepts to bi- or even mulitdirectional usage patterns 25% of entertainment (or content) will be created and consumed within peer communites. Nokia Report, A Glimpse of the Next Episode, 2008
  14. 14. What
  15. 15. PREPARE Companies are predicted to spend more on “conversational media” (as word of mouth is sometimes called) than on traditional media by 2012. Even if it takes a decade longer than that, now is the time to start planning for the changing landscape. Foundations aren’t built overnight. Dave Balter, WOM Manual 2008
  16. 16. Be
It 15 percent of our daily conversations have some product- or service- related content. Dave Balter, WOM Manual 2008
  17. 17. not what social media communities can do for your brand — but what your brand can do for social media communities? Advertisers need to start with this question and work backward to marketing goals. Providing value to social media communities will be the new cost to distribute marketing messages in the social media OS. , Joe Marchese
  18. 18. Peers Task
pros Clients Find Opinion
  19. 19. Measure Listen How? Interact Create
  20. 20. Give
level Control Rules Don't
sell Experiment
  21. 21. Socialware Consulting Thomas N. Burg