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8 Ways a Digital Media Platform is More Powerful than “Marketing”

You may have heard that “media not marketing” is the future of online business … but what does that actually mean, what can it look like?

As you’ll see in this SlideShare, examples of a media-first approach done very well are all around us, it only takes a simple shift in thinking to see them.

Can this "media not marketing" approach to building an audience have an actual effect on the bottom line revenue of your business, or is it just more philosophical wordplay?

Let's find out ...

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8 Ways a Digital Media Platform is More Powerful than “Marketing”

  1. 8 Ways a Digital Media Platform is More Powerful than “Marketing” B R I A N C L A R K
  2. Taking a media approach to building an online audience is way smarter than traditional tactics of marketing and advertising.
  3. Not because media tricks anyone, but because ...
  4. It gives people what they want
  5. In a format that they prefer
  6. How?
  7. What follows – in brief – are eight ways that building your own digital media platform can make your business more ...
  8. influential
  9. persuasive
  10. profitable and
  11. It's time to kick traditional concepts of marketing and advertising to the curb.
  12. Ready?
  13. It’s All About the Presentation 1
  14. Trying to overtly persuade someone is much less persuasive than more subtle forms of influence.
  15. Seems contradictory, right?
  16. You want to present your message within content that people actually want to pay attention to.
  17. Not wrapped up boring "marketing" messages that only make them want to tune out.
  18. For instance, some of the things I consider to have had the most influence on how I view the world and make decisions about are works of fiction.
  19. What about you?
  20. Demonstrate Authority, Don’t Claim It 2
  21. Creating media content establishes authority and expertise by demonstrating it on the world stage, for all to see.
  22. Even better, you don’t ever have to claim your own expertise ...
  23. … because other people will do it for you in a much more credible way.
  24. Does the idea of self-promotion make you nervous?
  25. If so, let it go and let the media you publish to the open web do the promoting for you.
  26. The Social Proof is in Social Distribution 3
  27. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to go wildly “viral” in order to benefit from social distribution.
  28. Your content turns you into a "social object" that spreads, and that’s often more powerful than even a network television deal.
  29. The crowd itself spreads what it likes and finds useful, rather than the best guesses of some sheltered media executive.
  30. OK, but what is a "social object?"
  31. My friend Hugh MacLeod coined this very helpful (and powerful) phrase, read more about it right here.
  32. Give to Get 4
  33. Sociologists maintain that all human societies subscribe to the principle that we are obligated to ...
  34. repay
  35. The distribution of free online content from your media platform creates an ongoing relationship with an audience ...
  36. A relationship that creates a perfect picture of
  37. generosity and
  38. reciprocity
  39. It's, Like, Really Simple 5
  40. Simply put, we like to do business with people we like.
  41. When creating media content to grow your business, the key to earning that likability comes down to two things ...
  42. a. A relentless focus on helping others.
  43. b. A relatable – even fallible – human voice.
  44. Be Likeable.
  45. Get Your [Digital] Foot in the Door 6
  46. Psychologically, we tend to act consistently in light of our prior commitments and actions.
  47. This is important when you think of the steps that a prospect takes by coming into your audience on the way to becoming a customer or client.
  48. Each of these steps is a further commitment of trust and belief in you ...
  49. … and each satisfactory step – in turn – transforms you from a choice to the only logical choice.
  50. So, what is the first step in getting your digital foot in your prospect's door?
  51. Create media that people actually want … not advertising that they want to ignore.
  52. Tell Me a Story 7
  53. Storytelling is one of the most powerful forms of influence on the planet.
  54. If you tell the right “big” story (a story your prospect wants to hear, but doesn’t know it yet), your business could take off.
  55. The point here is to do everything you can to tell better stories with a media-first approach.
  56. If you do that, you’ll quickly find that you are a terribly persuasive person.
  57. And unlike advertisers, you'll have permission to contact your audience with a new story whenever you want.
  58. Educate to Influence 8
  59. When you think about it, teachers are actually some of the most influential people in the world.
  60. Anyone who teaches you something by creating understanding and knowledge has changed the way you think … f o r e v e r.
  61. What if your “marketing” strategy were essentially to become the best teacher you could possibly be?
  62. Wouldn't you rather be known as a beloved teacher, rather than merely a person who “sold” something to someone?
  63. Yep, that's what I thought___
  64. So there you have it (though briefly) ... the eight ways that building your own digital media platform can radically change your business.
  65. Do You Want the Whole Story?
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  68. Generate a flood of new business with the power of a digital media platform.