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Digital media and marketing platforms


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Digital media and marketing platforms

  1. 1. Digital Media and Marketing Platforms Grace Stevens 14013222 Lucy Chattaway Alex Caplan Jess Conner
  2. 2. Do You Fully Understand the Art of Engagement Marketing? An example of EM are blogs because they are unlike traditional marketing, however they have the exact same goal. EM is a paradigm shift in reaching the market and has come from the consumer being more empowered. Chandar Pattabhiram suggests that technology advances have given the consumer access to pre-purchase information and form an opinion, especially before interacting with the actual business. This then leads the business to be more personal with the consumer, to then a stronger influence, next to the purchase which makes that business more favourable and decreases competition. Engagement Marketing is more personal and deeper to the consumer. What Colour is your Ad? Psychological factor shows the ‘isolation effect’ on consumers proves they like things that stand out. Men like bright colours, such as red, and woman prefer softer colours, such as purple and pink. Colours are recognised and processed from very early on and this helps with colour marketing. Colours have perennial connotations, for example yellow means happy, and therefore using these to their correct meaning can have a positive effect for their marketing. Blue is the best neutral colour to use, men resulted a 57% and woman 35%. This is because it is neutrally used, such as the sky.
  3. 3. Article: What does black Friday mean for UK retailers? John Lewis, Argos and Dixons Originally as tradition from the US, the day after thanks giving. Marks the Beginning of the shopping period According to a survey by IORMA and Edigitalmarketing 72% of Brits say they are aware of Black Friday 2013 was the year this became big within the UK John Lewis Black Friday: Busiest day of year last year During peak time of 7am-8am mobile traffic was fourteen times higher than before Dixons Black Friday: Expects traffic to be higher for black Friday this year than Christmas day last year when traffic was at 1 million Smartphones and tablets set to account for 65-70% of this traffic ‘our second largest sales weekend of the year after boxing day’ Argos: ‘we monitor customer trends and we believe black Friday will be an even bigger event for customers this year’
  4. 4. Near Field Communication • Wireless link that transfer small data between two close devices • Examples of things that use it: • Google Wallet • Patient ID • Bus Tickets • The London Museum Proximity Marketing • Localised wireless distribution of advertising associated with a particular place • Examples: • Ikea (coupons and offers)
  5. 5. App Development • Mobile application development is the process by which application software is developed for handheld devices, such as personal digital assistants, enterprise digital assistants or mobile phones. iAds Examples of iAds: • Nike • Dove • Renault
  6. 6. Review of Instagram • Instagram is an app that allows you to upload photos and videos with an edit • You can also follow people to like and comment on their photos and videos • It is available on multiple devices • You can be logged on to multiple devices with the app • It is a social media site • It is good as there is no other app or social site as popular that focuses solely on photos • You can post your photos to Twitter and Facebook • The hash tag can be used to let other people who don’t follow you find your photo • However, since the new IOS update their has been issue such as not being able to see your likes and comments and their being a delay on interactivity
  7. 7. Review of Lloyds Online Banking App • Fast and easy way to check online banking • Allows you to review all transactions of the last two months • Remembers accounts you have transferred to • You can see all accounts you have with them • It no longer texts you but sends you a text against scam scares which is more efficient • Online have to put in specific letters of your password rather than both passwords as it used to be • It’s very convenient
  8. 8. Review of Facebook Messenger App • Inconvenient as it is separate from the Facebook app • You have no choice as to whether you want to use it or not • It can be slow when it comes to group messages • The terms and condition are awful, an example is that they are allowed to message people from your account without you knowing • It has all your mails from when you started Facebook which takes a long time to delete • It takes up a large amount of memory • The keyboard is inconvenient as it is easy to accidentally send stickers
  9. 9. QR Codes Amazon eBay Google Echo Digital Marketing! (US)