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Leadership Communication Within the Organisation


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Deck used as a topic focus for #SMILEnet interactive group discussion during the #smwSMILE conference on September 23, 2013, part of Social Media Week London:
* How to get your senior teams using social media effectively with their followers in a way that suits them; and
* How to blog and what to do with those that prefer other ways of engaging with staff

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Leadership Communication Within the Organisation

  1. 1. #SMWSMILE | #SMILENET 1 Leadership Communication Within the Organisation Neville Hobson @jangles September 23, 2013#smwSMILE | #SMILEnet
  2. 2. #SMWSMILE | #SMILENET 2 • How to get your senior teams using social media effectively with their followers – in a way that suits them • How to blog and what to do with those that prefer other ways of engaging with staff
  3. 3. #SMWSMILE | #SMILENET 3 5 Qualities of Good Leaders Today 1. Clear direction 2. Positive language when things change 3. Transparent and share information freely 4. Reinforce the value of experimentation 5. Share their rationale and understanding with their team
  4. 4. #SMWSMILE | #SMILENET 4 • Information gets shared and commented on within seconds • Internal leaders must decide when (and when not) to reply, what messages should be linked to their blogs, when to copy material and mash it up with their own, and what to share with their various communities • The creation of meaning becomes a collaborative process in which leaders have to play a thoughtful part, as this is the very place where acceptance of or resistance to messages will be built
  5. 5. #SMWSMILE | #SMILENET 5 6 Social Media Skills Every Leader Needs
  6. 6. #SMWSMILE | #SMILENET 6 1: The leader as producer: Creating compelling content
  7. 7. #SMWSMILE | #SMILENET 7 2: The leader as distributor: Leveraging dissemination dynamics
  8. 8. #SMWSMILE | #SMILENET 8 3: The leader as recipient: Managing communication overflow
  9. 9. #SMWSMILE | #SMILENET 9 4: The leader as adviser and orchestrator: Driving strategic social-media utilisation
  10. 10. #SMWSMILE | #SMILENET 10 5: The leader as architect: Creating an enabling organisational infrastructure
  11. 11. #SMWSMILE | #SMILENET 11 6: The leader as analyst: Staying ahead of the curve
  12. 12. #SMWSMILE | #SMILENET 12 “Dear God, No!”
  13. 13. #SMWSMILE | #SMILENET 13 Is There Any Point in Blogging? In the Age of Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Xing, Pinterest, Vine, Instagram, Vimeo, EyeEm, WeVideo, Spotify, Pandora, Shazam, Storify, Reddit, Jawbone, Path…. #DIF12
  14. 14. #SMWSMILE | #SMILENET 14 Authentic(ate) • It’s about content not platform • You’re telling a story • Be selfless and generous in your references to others • Disclose any conflict of interest – If in doubt, always disclose • Make your content eminently shareable • Be clear on why you’re blogging • Be clear on your goal
  15. 15. #SMWSMILE | #SMILENET 15 Major Challenges 1. Understanding internal audience desires, needs, and intents 2. Selecting the tools and channels preferred by your audiences 1. Being trusted participants in your audiences’ peer groups 2. Integrating social and traditional 3. Embracing open/sharing ideals
  16. 16. #SMWSMILE | #SMILENET 16 What Can You Do? Right Now?
  17. 17. #SMWSMILE | #SMILENET 17 Calculate Risk 1. Recognise and understand change − The workplace − Employee behaviours − Your overall landscape, internal and external 2. Take the lead to educate and counsel 3. Know who your leaders’ advocates and detractors are 4. Listen
  18. 18. #SMWSMILE | #SMILENET 18 Considerations • What to pay attention to – Pinpointing conversation trends, internally and externally: are there recurring or key topics being talked about? • Who to pay attention to – Determining influence levels of those talking: who’s listening to them? • What to do about it – Engage? How and when? – With what measurable goal?
  19. 19. #SMWSMILE | #SMILENET 19 Always Make New Mistakes Esther Dyson Catalyst of Start-ups “ ”
  20. 20. #SMWSMILE | #SMILENET 20 This presentation deck and original content therein is copyright 2013 Neville Hobson. Some rights reserved. Dilbert strip on slide 1 courtesy Scott Adams Re-use of this deck permitted under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 license - read the license for terms. Other presentations by Neville Hobson are available from Slideshare at If you have questions or comment arising from your use of this deck, contact Neville Hobson:  +44 7577 997 222     @jangles Leadership Communication Within the Organisation Neville Hobson @jangles London, September 23, 2013