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JDS Academy 2012-13 Kickoff


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Slides from the 2012 kickoff events of the JDS Social Media Academy.

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JDS Academy 2012-13 Kickoff

  2. 2. Today’s Agenda• Introductions & Orientation• Social Tagging• Foundations of Social Media• Lunch – discussion topics• Program Basics• POST Plans w/ teams• Wrap up
  3. 3. What is Tagging?
  5. 5. #12NTCJEWS
  6. 6. #JDSacademyWhen you tweet, use this anywhere in the content ofyour tweet. Search for this hashtag to see whatothers are saying and sharing. When you blog, use itas a tag.
  7. 7. SOCIAL TAGGING• What you need: – Write your personal “TAG LINE” on your blue nametag sticker – Grab the small stickers, your index card, and a pen• What to do: – Chat with someone new! Introduce yourself, learning something about them. – Tag them! Write a word on a small sticker or two and stick it on their card – Talk to at least 5 people in 10 min – Come back in here when I holler!
  8. 8. Welcome to the AcademyAnnouncements: – Questions for lunch discussions – Travel reimbursement forms – Review of reimbursement requirements – Audio/video waiver
  9. 9. The 5 Commandments of Social Media Presented by Lisa Colton, Chief Learning Officer, See3 Communications (Previously Founder & President Darim Online) 434.977.1170
  10. 10. Traditional Mindset: Hub & Spokes
  11. 11. Network Mindset“connect and collaborate” rather than “command and control”
  12. 12. Characteristics of Social Media• Participatory: It blurs the line between producer and consumer, media and audience.• Open and Democratic: It encourages comments, voting and sharing of information. For this reason it is seen as authentic and trustworthy.• Conversational: Two (or more) way conversation rather than one-directional broadcast. Is personal, specific, and engaging.• Communal: Supports formation, growth & strength of communities around a particular shared interest.• Connected: Thrives on being connected, rather than being territorial and proprietary.
  13. 13. 5 New Rules of the GameAttention EconomyBe SocialAdd ValueBe RealStrengthen the Network
  15. 15. #2ListenAnd… Temple Israel, Memphis Facebook Page
  16. 16. … Be SocialTemple Israel, Memphis Facebook Page
  17. 17. #3:ADDVALUE
  18. 18. Social Content is Social Capital• Social Capital is the value of connections between and among nodes in social networks.• Content should be newsworthy, unique, controversial, timely immediately useful and/or funny.• 12:1 ratio of adding value.
  19. 19. Your Unique Value
  20. 20. #4: BE REAL
  21. 21. Voice: Sixth & I Synagogue in DC
  22. 22. Make itPersonal
  23. 23. #5: Work To Improve The Health of the Network
  24. 24. Fortress: Insiders in, Outsiders out
  25. 25. Sponges: Transparency & Constant Flow In and Out
  26. 26. How is parenting and family life changing?How does this impact your businessand strategy around engagement?How are you positioned to keep up in thischanging landscape? Where do you needto adapt?
  27. 27. John Fitch’s Steam Engine
  28. 28. John Fitch’s Steam Engine
  29. 29. Source: Flickr user JYRO
  30. 30. Source: Flickr user Rick Neves
  31. 31. Source: Flickr user divemasterking2000
  33. 33. LUNCH!Please use this opportunity to meet new people.Choose a TOPIC of interest with new people.Take a few minutes to use the restroom, checkemail, stretch, then get lunch and join us again.
  34. 34. Academy Teams• Core team members (2) – Required to attend (or if needed, replay) all webinars – Expected to attend all coaching appointments – Required to present on a Sharefest! & blog post – Expected to participate in FB Group• Additional team members – Encouraged to attend (or replay) webinars – Encouraged to participate in coaching appointments as appropriate. – Welcome to participate in Sharefests! – Encouraged to participate in the FB Group
  35. 35. Academy Components• Kickoffs• Webinar Series• Coaching• Social Media Project• Social Fundraising Project• Facebook Group• Sharefests! & Blogging• Final report• Graduation
  36. 36. THIS EXPERIENCE• Stay nimble – change is the name of the game. Experiment and refine. Repeat.• Know your goals so you can use social media to achieve them, and know if you’re succeeding.• Address your whole culture, not just marketing & communications.• Share Share Share!