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Experience Innovation


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Effective communication is more about innovation and experiences than the tools and channels of communicating. Some ideas to think about for marketers and communicators as presented to the MIPAA's "New Influencers Insight & Social Media Forum" in London on June 7, 2013.

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  • Thanks Neville. The future of pushed content onto a companies own channels is going to become especially relevant on the background of trust, honesty and relevance.
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Experience Innovation

  1. 1. #mipaa @janglesExperienceInnovationNeville Hobson@janglesJune 7, 2013
  2. 2. #mipaa @jangles term innovation can bedefined as something originaland new that “breaks in to” themarket or into society.
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  6. 6. #mipaa @janglesTrends
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  12. 12. #mipaa @jangles3 Mobile Drivers1. Rapidly-increasing device andapp functionality2. Near-ubiquitous high-speednetworks3. Enabling you to realize yourexpectations
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  24. 24. #mipaa @jangles• Delivering the contentyour audience isseeking in all theplaces they aresearching for it
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  26. 26. #mipaa @jangles• Organizationsgenerating storiesabout themselvesand/or their industry• Publishing that contenton their own channels• Offering that content tomainstream channels
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  28. 28. #mipaa @janglesMajor Challenges1. Understanding audience desires, needs, andintents2. Selecting the tools and channels preferred byyour audiences3. Being trusted participants in your audiences’peer groups4. Integrating social and traditional5. Embracing open/sharing ideals – rewards arenot only financial
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  30. 30. #mipaa @janglesThe two most valuable commodities1.Reputation2.Trust
  31. 31. #mipaa @jangles• Relevant• Measurable• Valuable• Ethical• Open• Professional
  32. 32. #mipaa @janglesExperienceInnovationNeville Hobson@janglesJune 7, 2013
  33. 33. #mipaa @janglesExperience InnovationNeville Hobson@janglesLondon, June 7, 2013Content of this presentation deck is Copyright 2013 Neville Hobson. Some rightsreserved.Re-use permitted - read the Creative Commons license for terms.If you have questions or comment arising from your use of this deck, contact NevilleHobson: +44 7577 997 222 @jangles