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Scene-settting notes to introduce "DigiTalk2: iConsumerism," a panel discussion I moderated on June 19, 2013 in London. More info:

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  1. 1. #digitalks @janglesIs a digital world athreat or a boon forthe High Street?Moderator: Neville HobsonLondon - June 19, 2013…and other interesting questionsA PANEL DISCUSSION
  2. 2. #digitalks @jangles Brynley-Jones@lbrynleyjonesBrandon Butterworth@bbzaaaNeville Hobson@jangles#digitalks
  3. 3. #digitalks @jangles
  4. 4. #digitalks @janglesBy 2018, the picture looks bleak…• Total stores down by 22%– From 281,930 to 220,000• 316,000 jobs gone compared to today• Online retail sales up from 12.7% (2012) to 21.5%by 2018• Additional 164 companies going into administration:loss of 22,600 stores and 140,000 employees– Many of these companies will survive but at the cost ofclosing more than half their stores• The High Street will continue to suffer: 41% of towncentres will lose 27,638 stores“Retail Futures 2018: Shop Numbers, Online and The High Street - A Guide to Retailing in 2018” -
  5. 5. #digitalks @jangles
  6. 6. #digitalks @jangles
  7. 7. #digitalks @janglesImaginative Thinking• At this years London Fashion WeekTop Shop partnered with Google to fita runway model with a real-timecamera so shoppers couldexperience their fashion show from aunique perspective.• At the flagship branch in LondonsOxford Street, a specially designedanimated photo booth linked toGoogle+ was set up, allowingcustomers to try on their favouriteoutfits and have their photographinstantly uploaded on the stores webpage, as well as see it displayed in aninteractive digital window.
  8. 8. #digitalks @jangles
  9. 9. #digitalks @jangles-ability“ ”
  10. 10. #digitalks @janglesIs all you needjust a littleImagination?
  11. 11. #digitalks @janglesIs a digital world a threat ora boon for the High Street?Neville Hobson@janglesLondon, June 19, 2013Content of this presentation deck is Copyright 2013 Neville Hobson. Some rightsreserved.Re-use permitted - read the Creative Commons license for terms.If you have questions or comment arising from your use of this deck, contact NevilleHobson: +44 7577 997 222 @jangles