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Incubeta Ignite: A Day in the Garden


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Join Peter McDermott, from You Garden, as he discusses how he differentiates his business and stands out in the world of gardening.

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Incubeta Ignite: A Day in the Garden

  1. 1. PETER McDERMOTT A Day in the Garden
  2. 2. A Day in the Garden
  3. 3. Background Information Diversity between B2C and B2B - 50:50 Founded in 2011: with start-up capital of just £250k Overhead light business model: flexible and adaptable Growth has been consistent YOY Now shipping over 1 million parcels – 2019 figures Projected 2019 turnover of £17 million
  4. 4. Our Channels
  5. 5. Service Differentiation 12 acre purpose built operational facility – live product Technical experts in key disciplines – Outsource low value add Know partners and carefully manage them Planning for peak season(s) is the key Blended business = risk managed
  6. 6. Little Things We Do ● Know our customer – empathy, test orders ● No assumptions – let them tell you what / how they want it ● Communicate – WYG, cultural instructions, respond quickly to queries ● But also apply tech wherever you can – video, Amazon Pay, online marketing trickery! ● Be a gardener … love what you do!
  7. 7. Thank You