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AT - Teacher feedback


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Published in: Education
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AT - Teacher feedback

  1. 1. Teacher Feedback I have collected a range of different feedback throughout the project both on the media blog where we the teachers and other students can post comments about my work or posts. I have also received a lot of verbal feedback when I have shown my work to the teachers. This feedback has been extremely useful as when I have been designing my draft designs of my digi pack. MY teacher left me a comment on the blog which I found very useful (see figure 1). Figure 1 My teacher pointed out that I needed to edit some people out of the background of the image and also mentions that I needed to make the house style stronger. This is something which I 100% agree with and then went on to change this, as I felt that my house style could be improved and was pleased with the outcome as it looked more like a package rather than 3 separate media products. Figure 2
  2. 2. In addition, my teacher’s feedback has been extremely useful as she often left her feedback in the form of questions (See Figure 2) which made me think more about my work and then question what I have done. This is a lot better than being told exactly what you need to change as sometimes it can feel like their work then and not what you had imagined in your head. However I received verbal feedback like “Why don’t you try and change the layout so it makes it easier to read” or “why don’t you referee back to your research and planning in order to make sure you are making a product suitable to the design/task.” It was comments like this that helped me stay on track and follow what my teacher was saying alongside the target audience’s feedback. This is something which I am extremely pleased with. To conclude the teacher feedback I have revived in the project has been very useful. It has helped me streamline my media products in order to create something which resembles a real media product which you on television, in magazines and in the shops.