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Actors, locations and props


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Actors, locations and props

Published in: Education
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Actors, locations and props

  1. 1. Actors, locations and props Jack Cox
  2. 2. Actors • For my magazine I was thinking my actor(s) would be a student of sixth form because it will be easier to take pictures. • For the front cover I am going to use a solo artists meaning I will have to find one actor although I am going to use bands in the contents page so I will need to find more actors for that. • I am basing my magazine to be a rock magazine, after doing research a lot of the front covers include bands however some include solo artists.
  3. 3. Location • The location that I will take pictures is going to be at Nicholas Chamberlaine school. This is mainly because it will be easier to take the pictures of the actors as they attend that school. • For the location I wanted a plain background because I like the look of a plain background. From my research I looked at a magazine that has a plain background and I also did this in my preliminary task as I think it looks very professional as a magazine front cover. Another location I might use is the stage, in the main hall.
  4. 4. Props • I’m not sure about the props I am going to use in my magazine. The props I may use is a green screen so that the background of the picture is plain. If I use a solo artist for my magazine I will use a guitar however if I have a group of people/band then I won’t use any props.