Survival of the Social - The Real ROI


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NewsGator webinar about the need to be social to survive. Drawing parallels from historical events like the industrial revolution and the digital revolution. Lots of great numbers about the ROI on social and how different vertical markets do.

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  • Take a look at history: The network always winsTake a look at business: social provides real business valueTake a look at the numbers: The ROI is survival
  • Stefanie Lightman, SVP Corporate Strategy and Marketing, @sblightmanDaniel Kraft, President & CEO, @danielkraft
  • Agenda: Learn from history to adapt for the futureLearn about the real business value of socialLearn about the need to adopt social to stay alive
  • Social impacts all parts of an organization from strategy to innovation, go to market and operations.
  • Based on the feedback we’ve received from customers and partners, we know these are the building blocks that address your biggest innovation-related pain points .Top Level – what you feel; we understand the process end-to-end.Bottom Level – these are back office tools directed to Innovation audience.SourceIdeas – way for people to suggest ideas; crowd sourcing; state street – 8 idea campaigns at once, hard to categorize, some people mis-posted in wrong campaign; one central place for idea captureCompile – marry duplicate ideas; create categories pre and post campaign; manage more efficiently and in organized fashionAnalyze – trigger a back channel that notifies SMEs to evaluate and validate ideas; individually assessing idea on their merit Prioritize – maybe based on currency; rank them against each other; allows you to prioritize where to invest and divestExecute – assemble a team of individuals; launch a community; sync with MS Project; turn into actionable tasksGamify– Points based; users can purchase things with points they’ve earned; crowdsourcing using X amount of $$ per employee; employee invests in ideas and receives dividends for successful ideas.Reward – incent them; correlate to their expertise; in line with KPIsAdministrateand Moderate – feature specific ideas, much like a community manager. / Overlaps with Console – Admins need metrics to manage idea campaigns and innovation processConsole – what is the most active campaign, who are the most active users across all campaigns; create an overall ideation console (all campaigns, all communities)Protect – protecting your IP; storing records to know when and how the original idea germinated; important for patent control and litigation
  • Great talking to Catherine Flax, CMO of JPMorganGreat talking to Gloria Burke, Head of Social at Unisys
  • Increase sales per rep by 13%Increase win rates by 23%Decrease sales cycle time by 22%Decrease onboarding time by 25%Decrease time to find info & experts by 34%Increased revenue by 18%Decreased travel costs by 44%
  • Social is about business and not a crazy idea of people with too much time.
  • Connect your people to the infrastructure. Integrate business processes both at the front end (CRM) as well as the backend (SCM, ERP)This includes: Integrating SAPIntegrating Microsoft (SharePoint, MS Dynamics, Office, Office 365, Yammer, Lync)Integrating Oracle (PeopleSoft)Integrating (incl. Chatter)Integrating both the cloud as well as on premise applications
  • Meeting KraftFoods at mykraftown
  • Social is not about technology, it is aboutPeople EngagementBusiness AlignmentTechnology Enablement
  • Survival of the Social - The Real ROI

    1. 1. TheNetworkAlways WinsThe Nasty Truth:ROI on SocialThe BusinessValue of Socialsucceed
    2. 2. Productivity4Networkof HandsTime4
    3. 3. 200%100%1000x57%Source: Wikipedia Picture:
    4. 4. Productivity4Time4Networkof MindsNetworkof Hands
    5. 5. 1.290.8%6.270.6%Source: Booz & Company:Maximizing the Impact of Digitization *with 10% increased digitization
    6. 6. Productivity4Time4Networkof MindsNetworkof HandsNetworkof Hearts
    7. 7. 5.3%6.4%7.7%11.3%
    8. 8. StrategyWhat’s Your StoryInnovationFrom Genius Idea to RoadmapGo to MarketTurning Ideas into RevenuesOperationsGetting it to Work, Making MoneyInnovationOperationsStrategyGo to Market
    9. 9. 28%increasedsuccessfulinnovationsup to $25Bvalue potential ininnovation andproduct development200%engagedemployeesaremoreinnovativeSources: McKinsey, TowersWatson
    10. 10. Empowered.Everywhere.23%13%22%34%Sources: CMSWire, CDW, IDC
    11. 11. 20%25%20%Sources: TowersWatson, McKinsey, CMSWire
    12. 12. PeopleEngagementBusinessAlignmentTechnologyEnablementActivitiesOutcomesSources: Hay Group, CMSWire
    13. 13. StrategyWhat’s Your StoryInnovationFrom Genius Idea to RoadmapGo to MarketTurning Ideas into RevenuesOperationsGetting it to Work, Making MoneyInnovationOperationsStrategyGo to Market
    14. 14. 15%Crowd and R&Dcollaboration13%R&Dcollaboration17%Crowd &internal Collab.21%Collaborationfor R&D workers40%Demandgen, communities24%Leadgen, communication29%Sentiment &consumer Com.1%Research andcustomer insight1-12%Internalcollaboration2-5%Fraud reduction,recruiting29-46%Internalcollaboration12-14%People &knowledge65-100% More Profit
    15. 15. Speaker & Job TitleSpeaker & Job TitleDaniel KraftPresident & CEO