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Daniel Kraft - Evolution of Work - Convention Camp2012

  1. 1. Das Ende der Grenzen Evolution of Work by @DanielKraft
  2. 2. 3,5 Kids 2,5 Jobs 1,5 Nationalities Where does life end and work begin? @DanielKraft
  3. 3. HARD WORK @DanielKraft
  4. 4. The gain in HARD productivity by WORK connecting hands lead to “free time”. @DanielKraft
  5. 5. KNOWLEDGE WORK @DanielKraft
  6. 6. Gain in productivity by connecting brains lead to freedom of KNOWLEDGE location. WORK @DanielKraft
  7. 7. SOCIAL NETWORK @DanielKraft
  8. 8. The gain in productivity by connecting hearts will free us from work. SOCIAL NET WORK @DanielKraft
  9. 9. Connecting Connecting Connecting Hands Brains Hearts WORK THINK LOVE Decouple work from life. Work everywhere and Be yourself and be with Free time! anytime you want! who you want to be! @DanielKraft
  10. 10. Why do 100 people die in a Decouple work form life. factory fire in Bangladesh? Free time! WORK Why do VW & Daimler Work everywhere and delete emails after anytime you want! 6.15pm? THINK Be yourself and be with who Why do kids post nude you want to be! pictures on Facebook? LOVE
  11. 11. Because we’re just getting started
  12. 12. He doesn’t know the difference between work and life. He doesn’t know the difference between online and offline. He doesn’t know the difference between inside and outside.
  13. 13. Work as we know it today is just a glimpse in human evolution.
  14. 14. Pictures Pictures 1: Coalbrookdale by Night by Philip James de Loutherbourg, Picture 2: iStockPhoto Picture 3: