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The Big Wave of Indian Startups - Almost Effortless Entrepreneurship Using Ruby


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First given at RubyConf India 2010

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The Big Wave of Indian Startups - Almost Effortless Entrepreneurship Using Ruby

  1. The Big Wave of Indian Startups (Almost) Effortless Entrepreneurship Using Ruby PRADEEP ELANKUMARAN @PRADEEP24
  2. About Intridea Intridea is a high-end web & mobile services and innovations shop Based out of Washington DC, but dispersed all over the United States Our most popular product is Presently, an enterprise microblogging platform is our latest product - mobile dish reviewing
  3. 3/4’s of this talk creating a product FAST creating a product CHEAP keeping you sane through the process growing your startup
  4. last quarter of the talk... Doing startups in India mandatory audience participation! :P finding good talent in India fostering a community
  5. grub = food in american vernacular mobile app allows you to review dishes at restaurants find dishes near you that other people rate highly never been done before, but an app we always wanted soft-launched last week
  6. Launching A Web Product Fast
  7. The team is very important.
  8. a handpicked team
  9. who apply their expert skills with laser-sharp focus
  10. who like each other and trust each other’s judgement
  11. Use the right development tools
  12. We like Ruby (obviously)
  13. Sinatra is great for initial proof- of-concepts
  15. jQuery is your friend
  16. For mobile applications, use Appcelerator’s Titanium Platform WRITE ONCE IN JAVASCRIPT, RUN IN IPHONE AND ANDROID
  17. Use source control from day one. we like git
  18. git’s branching/merging is excellent and very handy for rapid iterations
  19. Setup milestones and ticketing for releases from day one
  20. Unfuddle offers free git+project_management plans
  21. We like Pivotal Tracker too for strict agile projects
  22. We’re biased towards for internal collaboration
  23. Building a Minimum Viable Product
  24. consists of your useful core features
  25. best practice - target for a private beta (friends & family)
  26. think carefully about the data model
  27. reduce technical debt as you move forward
  28. before launching, ensure feedback systems are in place
  29. gather as much analytical data as you can
  30. use existing free services to reduce your effort
  31. Deploying out your app CHEAP
  32. cheap in terms of cash, not time :)
  33. Running a server is expensive...
  34. ...but we like Heroku for fast deploys
  35. First to launch is crucial
  36. Establish the traffic, then switch to a bigger machine
  37. Premature hardware optimization? Why?
  38. Questions? (we’re not done)
  39. Doing Startups in India
  40. Harder to find people with a startup mindset TRUE OR FALSE?
  41. Educational system promotes career- stability over risk-taking TRUE OR FALSE?
  42. Lack of mentorship for new startups TRUE OR FALSE?
  43. Open-Mic