Gartner's 'Nexus of Forces' and the future of collaboration


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HighQ's COO Stuart Barr runs a webinar on "Gartner's 'Nexus of Forces' and the future of collaboration" as part of ILTA's Emerging Technologies Peer Group webinar series.

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Gartner's 'Nexus of Forces' and the future of collaboration

  1. 1. Gartner’s “Nexus ofForces” and the futureof collaborationhighq.com14th June 2013@highqsolutions #HighQWebinar
  2. 2. IntroductionStuart BarrCOO, HighQ‣ Background in technology, social, legal‣ HighQ is a leading provider of secureenterprise collaboration and publishingsoftware to the legal sector.Photo by Stuart Barr
  3. 3. We work with leading firms…
  4. 4. All over the
  5. 5. Gartner’s Nexus of ForcesPhoto by Stuart Barr‣ Social‣ Mobile‣ Cloud‣ Information
  6. 6. Socialhighq.comIf what you are doing in IT or KMdoesnt have social in it then stop andstart again. It’s as simple as that.“”Pete Williams, Deloitte
  7. 7. Accelerating adoption of social tools‣ Pivot around people, rather than data‣ Increase workforce productivity‣ Collaboration with colleagues & clients‣ Project, matter & task management‣ Share knowledge and best practice‣ Break-down knowledge and data silos‣ Reduce information & inbox overloadImage by Gregory Williams
  8. 8. MobilePhoto by Robert Scoble‣ Computers in our pockets‣ We’re constantly connected‣ We can communicate instantly‣ The internet is at our finger tips‣ Influences our habits & decisions‣ Consumerisation of hardware
  9. 9. Mobilehighq.comMobile computing is forcing thebiggest change to the way peoplelive since the automobile.“”Gartner
  10. 10. Cloud computingPhoto by The Planet‣ Reduce costs & time to market‣ Increase flexibility & scalability‣ Operational agility & efficiency‣ Enables mobility & connectivity‣ Business continuity & recovery
  11. 11. Raised expectationshighq.comTodays highly mobile, social cloudhas set everyones expectationsfor how easy, powerful, andsimple IT can be. The genie willnever be put back into the bottle.“Dion Hinchcliffe
  12. 12. Combine consumer with enterprise‣ Take best ideas from consumer tools‣ Put them into the enterprise‣ Add high-grade security and control‣ Focus on user experience & innovation‣ “The best of both worlds”Our
  13. 13. Responsive web‣ Web site that adapts to device‣ Provides an optimal experienceon desktop, tablet and mobile‣ Can reduce need for native apps‣ Builds on “mobile first” strategy
  14. 14. HighQ Collaborate
  15. 15. The future of collaboration‣ Enterprise-grade security‣ Mobile and tablet optimised‣ Consumer-grade user experience‣ Advanced document management‣ Leading-edge social collaboration tools‣ Unified internal & external collaborationHighQ Collaborate
  16. 16. Use cases‣ Secure file sharing‣ Client extranets‣ Team and matter collaboration‣ Legal project management‣ Communities of practice‣ Enterprise social networksHighQ Collaborate
  17. 17. Demonstration
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