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Federalists and anti federalists

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Federalists and anti federalists

  1. 1. Federalists and Anti-Federalists
  2. 2. How this is organized • Issue by issue • You’ll be assessed on your ability to identify the beliefs of each side on these issues
  3. 3. Role of the Government Federalists • Strong government Anti-Federalists • Weak government • Superior to the states • Inferior to the states • Vision of a business based society • Vision of an agrarian based society
  4. 4. Structure of the Government Federalists • Felt separating power between the three branches would keep one branch from becoming too powerful • Supported checks and balances between each of the branches Anti-Federalists • Thought that the Congress had too much power and didn’t represent the interests of the people • Feared the executive could become a tyrant
  5. 5. Economics Federalists • Most Federalist politicians were wealthy Anti-Federalists • Promoted the interests of the yeoman (farm owners) • Protective tariffs- makes foreign goods expensive so people buy American • Weary of big business and of the government supporting business over agriculture • Supported a National Bank to regulate money, fiscal policy • Opposed a National Bank
  6. 6. Individual Rights Federalists • Strong government = good for individual rights Anti-Federalists • Strong government = bad for individual rights • A closer state gov’t has better opportunity to oppress the people than a distant federal gov’t • Wanted a Bill of Rights to protect individual liberties
  7. 7. States’ Rights Federalists • Argued for federalismpower trickles down from federal to state to local gov’t • Federal gov’t should be superior to the states to promote national interests Anti-Federalists • Feared states would lose all their rights • Wanted powers not granted to the Federal gov’t to go to the states
  8. 8. Expansion Federalists • Wanted to grow the country all the way West • Felt a large republic would best serve the interests of the people and their rights • Expansion = more markets and more resources Anti-Federalists • Thought a small republic could best protect individual rights • Feared expansion would hurt individual and state rights
  9. 9. Standing Army Federalists • Supported a standing army for national defense Anti-Federalists • Feared a standing army could be used for oppression
  10. 10. Foreign Relations Federalists • Pro-British Anti-Federalists • Pro-French – Kinda until the French Revolution got CRAAAAAZY
  11. 11. Homework Pick a side- Federalist or Anti-Federalist Create some sort of artifact supporting your side Examples: Cartoon, flyer, pamphlet, poster, song

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