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The Louisiana Purchase

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The Louisiana Purchase

  1. 1. AKA- The Story of How We Rip Off France
  2. 2. I. Essential Questions II. Post-War Borders III. Frances’ Troubles IV. The Deal V. The Debate VI. Impact
  3. 3.    How important was the role of France in shaping the borders of America? How important was the Louisiana Purchase in moving America towards Manifest Destiny? What were the implications for Natives and Mexico?
  4. 4.  Treaty of Paris ◦ Britain gives all of their territory in the Ohio country   Border with New France is defined by the Mississippi River St. Lawrence River and the Great Lakes define the border with British Canada
  5. 5.  NAPOLEON  French Empire in America  War with Britain  They needed cash
  6. 6. It also probably didn’t help we were slowly piece by piece taking land from New France… Including New Orleans
  7. 7.    Napoleon would sell all of New France for $15 million The deal included 828,000 square miles of land (nearly double the then size of the US) INTERDISCIPLINARY TIME ◦ Calculate the cost per square mile for homework!
  8. 8. Reasons why we probably ripped of Napoleon: -Unexplored, unspeculated land -Gained access to Mississippi River -France was REALLY desparate
  9. 9.    The DemReps thought Jefferson violated the Constitution Homework: Why do you think the DemReps viewed Jefferson’s acquisition of New France as unconstitutional? Hint: DO RESEARCH!
  10. 10.  Overcrowding in Northeast settled  Begins the era of Manifest Destiny ◦ Lewis and Clark Expedition  Brings U.S. into conflict with Britain and Mexico  Brings U.S. into conflict with the Natives  Brings the slavery question to the forefront
  11. 11.    For Natives, the Louisiana Purchase is devastating It gives the U.S. territory to keep pushing the Natives west Natives must soon assimilate or fight