Our new government


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George Washington, through Andrew Jackson, issues and policies in the new government

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Our new government

  1. 1. Our New Government
  2. 2. Problem National Debt •Alexander Hamilton created a plan to repay state and national debt •SOLUTION •A NATIONAL BANK •Hamilton called Congress to set up a National Bank, The Government deposited money it collected in taxes, they issue money to farmers and businesses 1.By making loans the bank encouraged the GROWTH of the ECONOMY
  3. 3. PROBLEM 1794-Whiskey Rebellion •Congress passed a bill that taxed all liquor made and sold in the U.S. •Whiskey tax led to a rebellion •Protest was compared to Shay’s Rebellion •SOLUTION •President George Washington responds quickly, 15,000 troops were marching toward them they scattered •WHISKEY REBELLION showed the New Government would act quickly after the protest on the Whiskey Tax
  4. 4. PROBLEM • Revolution in France • The French had many reasons to rebel against their King Louis XVI-due to heavy taxes for the poor and noble’s paid no taxes • Reformers called for a Constitution to limit the power of the King • Americans believed the French would fail • SOLUTION • U.S. decides to remain neutral during French Revolution • U.S. decides to not interfere with problems of European Nations
  5. 5. PROBLEM • France sent _____ secret agents to offer Americans a deal for their attack on U.S. ships • SOLUTION • Americans were outraged when word broke out about the XYZ Affair in 1798 • Americans refused to pay a bribe to another Nation
  6. 6. During Crisis in France • Federalists push law through Congress 1. Alien Act- allowed the President to expel any alien or foreigner thought to be a danger to the country – This made it harder for immigrants to become U.S. citizens 2. Sedition- means stirring up rebellion against the government Alien and Sedition Acts of 1798- • Under this law citizens could be fined or jailed if they criticized the government
  7. 7. Causes • U.S. v. England-War of 1812 • Impressment of U.S. sailors • British wouldn’t move troops to the west • Dolley Madison in White House • Results • the negotiators signed the Treaty of Ghent on December 24, 1814, officially ending the war • War created more American Unity • War of 1812 also called the 2nd war of Independence
  8. 8. Latin America and The United States • Latin American nations followed the U.S. and France and revolted to gain Independence • Hidalgo, Bolivar, and San Martin helped fight for Latin American nations
  9. 9. Latin America and the United States• In 1823- President James Monroe decided to secure independence in the newly independent Latin America Nations • Monroe Doctrine • Monroe declared that the U.S. would not interfere in the affairs of European nations • He also warned European nations to not interfere with newly independent nations of Latin America
  10. 10. AGE OF JACKSON • Andrew Jackson- 1st Log Cabin President 1829-1837 • Became President after being a war hero • “Spoils System” • “To the Victor belong the Spoils” • This practice was a way of rewarding supporters with government jobs
  11. 11. Jackson’s Decision Veto’s the bank bill Bank closes in 1836 Secretary of treasury ordered to deposit federal money into state banks or “pet banks” The loss of money in the Bank of the U.S. caused an economic crisis President Jackson wages war on the Bank of the United States, he disliked Nicholas Biddle Pres. of the bank he felt they grew rich through public funds
  12. 12. Indian Removal Act • Georgia wanted to move Cherokees to the West • The Cherokees to the case to the Supreme Court • Supreme court defends Cherokees • Jackson defied the courts and didn’t enforce their decision • In 1830 Jackson forced 15,000 Cherokees to move west of the Mississippi
  13. 13. Trail of Tears • The Cherokees long sorrowful journey west • ¼ of the Native Americans died