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Iceberg phenomena by dr najeeb memon


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Iceberg phenomena by dr najeeb memon

  1. 1. “SPECTRUM OF DISEASE” & Iceberg Phenomenon BY DR: NAJEEB MEMON ASSIST: PROF: Faculty of Community Medicine & Public Health Sciences (FCM & PHS) Liaquat University of Medical & Health Sciences (LUMHS) Jamshoro, Sind, Pakistan e mail
  3. 3. SPECTRUM OF DISEASE Graphic representation of variation in manifestation of Disease
  4. 4. Like Spectrum of Light Where one Colors is merged in to others & We can not differentiate one color from others
  5. 5. SPECTRUM OF DISEASE (SoD) For every Disease (Except Rabies) Subclinical & In apparent Infections Illness Mild Severe Fatal Illness It is Simply reflection of individual’s state of immunity & receptivity E.g:-- Leprosy In Infectious Disease: SoD referred as a “Gradient of Infection”
  6. 6. Iceberg of Disease Peace of Ice in water
  7. 7. Subclinical & In apparent Infections Illness Mild Severe SPECTRUM OF DISEASE is related to Iceberg of Disease Fatal Illness
  8. 8. What a physician sees in community Clinical cases Peace of Ice floats on water Water line / Demarcation Most of portion remain under water Submerged huge portion is Hidden mass of disease (Latent, In apparent, Presymptomatic, undiagnosed cases & carriers) in the community. Subclinical Infection (Illness) E.g:- Diabetes/ Hypertension /Anemia / AIDS/ Hepatitis B & C, Mental illness Ice berg (IB) give better concept of Disease Prevalence in Society Hidden portion of (IB) is a challenge to Modern techniques in preventive medicine.
  9. 9. THANK YOU! 02/24/14 10