Consultant's technical & financial proposal


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Consultant's technical & financial proposal

  1. 1. TECHNICAL& FINANCIAL PROPOSAL FOR ENTERPRENEURSHIP TRAINING(ALEOIII) TRINEES-PUNTLAND 1. Consultant Profile & Personal Description I, Mr. Mohamed Abdi Ahmed hereby submit my Technical and financial proposal to provide consultancy services for Save the Children with myself being correspondent to the assignment pre-requisite requirements plus my experience and more than five years I have serviced in a similar multidisciplinary tasks and assignments. Based on extensive experience working in Somalia, including conducting research in the core areas of TVET Education & livelihoods, Emergencies, Micro-Financing & Entrepreneurship Trainings, Tracer Studies , Gender Development and Gender mainstreaming from Humanitarian and Programming aspect:- Throughout, I maintained quality standards in my format for service delivery and commitment. Until, I later self-planned for expanding my initiatives and formed now a functional consultancy firm to formalize the individual type of Consultancy service delivery to more comfortable one of institutionalization. Given my dynamics and diverse experience, get confirmed that I possess all necessary skill set and technical knowledge required to carry out this assignment to the highest caliber. I trust my submission structured in the following format, fully demonstrates my ability to meet the objectives set out in the request for proposals:- 1. Consultant Profile & Experience 2. Understanding of TOR 3. Proposed Methodology 4. Timeline & Level of Effort 5. Schedule of Deliverables 6. Financial Proposal 7. CV of the Consultant annexed in the last, I worked for CARE international as a long-serving Education and Livelihood Urban Programme focal point person. During my stay with CARE, I have been engaged in a large number of Projects, under CARE’s largest complex Urban Programme. Basically, CARE implemented a large number of youth enabling, Career Advisory Workshops, Employment Promotion Service for TVET trainees after graduation, Provision of Business Start Up and Business Management skills under the funding of CARE’s bigger Urban programme funding of a multiple donors per branched small initiative. CARE’s single strategy towards its Urban Programme was to enable youth through education and employment with equal gender representation to reflect and support Youth livelihoods through provision of hands-on skill sets to enable them get employable capacity in the labor market, give them a chance for their self-employment as well as start up and management of small businesses.
  2. 2. It was to respond to its organizational programmic strategies, policies, goals and objectives in a policy- responsive climate at a humanitarian context. Following are the projects I have managed and implemented as senior Programme Officer, acting non-filled Area Manager role and Nairobi-based Programme Coordinator:- VETAPE(Vocational Education and Training for accelerated Promotion of Employment) Project DVTIES(Developing Vocational Training for informal Economy) VEEP(Vocational Education and Employment Puntland) SPYEP(Somaliland Puntland Youth Employment Promotion) SYLI(Somali Youth Leaders Initiatives) Dariswanaag Project with Components of Vocational Training & Gender Development, Food Voucher and Protection activities I technically contributed to all above indicated projects with well-established and competency-based, wide range and multi-sector minds in a participatory approach. Professionally, I have a mastery of 8 years competitive programme experience in terms of programme design and development, stakeholder engagement and definition, process definition, monitoring and evaluation, Project/programme activity/task planning and implementation with verve and drive. My personal character to be aligned with professionalism, I am self-motivated, result-oriented, excellent team player & team leader, flexible, open, consultative to perform successfully my personal assignments in an all inclusive approach. Academically, I am a holder of bachelors degree in social science with strong professional and technical competency in all aspects of Project/Programme management. 2. My Understanding of the TOR To my understanding of the TOR for this assignment is for save the children receives a strong and fully aware consultancy firm/individual consultant to make sure its ALEO-III TVET trainees are provided with entrepreneurship and life skills training to enable them meet job market demands and to add value to the ongoing training programmes. The consultancy is also aimed at supporting trainees to pursue self-employment and create strong grounds for entrepreneurship and intrinsic sprit for business start up and management. Provision of high proficiency communication and management skills, office ethics and to be prepared for their advanced ways to job hunting. Transformation of trainees culture and attitudes positively to deviate them from attending all hated anti- social acts and give them confidence of getting themselves employable, strong and highly competent. It is also for the consultant to do the assignment to focus on the following SC-mandated core areas of training:-  Entrepreneurship and business management
  3. 3.  Communication skills  C.V writing and job-hunting techniques  Starting and managing small business  Self-confidence and attitude changes  Importance of self-employment 3. Consultant Proposed Methodology I, as a consultant, after SC provides me with all necessary Desk review documents will examine success and challenges of SC TVET trainees Entrepreneurship and life skills training through setting and implementing of appropriate Entrepreneurship training with utilization of a variety of perspectives based on internationally recognized methodologies and strategies and well-balanced tools. With the use of these tools as a base, I am then tailor the methodologies based upon my experience for implementing similar activities for a number of international NGO’s and being stuck on and compliant to whatever rules, regulations and specification set out by SC for this particular assignment. Given the purpose of SC’s particular assignment for this training, as a consultant, I will employ the following mixed training facilitation methodological approaches:- Participatory methods including demonstrations, exercises and active discussions; Brainstorming techniques to generate ideas from the trainees; Use of training aid such as charts; to add clarity to instructions, to stimulate the participants, and to enhance the trainee-orientation of training; Training with field specialization of each group or skills 4. Timeline & Level of Effort The total timeline and level of effort for the assignment has been outlined in the request for Proposal Document. However, below table provides a preliminary work plan, which is adjustable depending on the preferences of SC, the accessibility of the project sites and the security for the target areas to be visited for the sake of the assignment. s/n Activity Responsibility 0 Contract signing and Project kickoff Consultant 2 Desk Review and Drafting of Training English/Somali Tools Consultant
  4. 4. 3 Finalization of training tools and proof reading Consultant 4 Travel from duty station to SC targeted field offices one at a time Consultant 10 Implement 3 days intensive entrepreneurship and life training skills per targeted area of the consultancy Consultant 11 Produce a comprehensive training manual accompanied with detailed training report and submit it to the concerned Manager Consultant 12 Compile and submit all training Materials such as session outlines, power point presentations used during the training Consultant 5. Schedule of Deliverables Throughout the course of the assignment, I will provide SC with the following:- Development of training manuals, presentations and sharing with the manger for review and approval within 3 days for all the 3 locations Implementation of 3 days intensive Entrepreneurship and life skills training per location. Preparation and compiling of fully detailed training report covering all the 3 locations with the remaining 3 days from pre-set period of time for the assignment 6. Financial Proposal for the Consultant Below is the proposed budget to execute the work described in this proposal. The budget has been presented in US Dollars and is inclusive of all necessary costs to do the task . The table shows only the professional consultancy daily rate professional fees s/n Description Unit Unit Rate Number Total Cost 1 Technical Advisor Days $200 15 days $3000.00 4 Total Cost $3000.00 USD The above budget assumes SC is responsible for the following:- Travel plan and Local transportation in and outside the duty station Stationary and participant consumed expenses if necessary
  5. 5. Security information and arrangement throughout the assignment, as necessary