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7 Ways the Social Web is Changing the World

This is the presentation I gave in Brighton, UT on March 10, 2010 on how the social web is changing the world and effecting how people interact with business...and how business can change to meet our changing needs.

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7 Ways the Social Web is Changing the World

  1. ways the social web is changing the world.... by: tara ‘missrogue’ hunt
  2. what are people doing on the social web?
  3. twitter 57% women 66% under 25 yrs old 18m + estimated ‘users’ 85% tweet <1x per day 1.1% tweet >10x per day 75% all Twitter activity comes from 5% of users 94% of Twitter users have <100 followers 0.68% of Twitter users have >1000 followers 92% follow <100 others stats from: eMarketer Aug09, Harvard Study June09, Brian Solis Oct09
  4. date: March 4, 2010 @7:55pm by @bitstrategist at
  5. facebook >400m + estimated active ‘users’ 57% women 70% outside of the US 5 billion pieces of content shared each week Average user has: 130 friends >55 minutes each day on FB >25 comments on FB each month ‘Fans’ 2 pages each month Member of 12 groups >500,000 active applications >1M developers stats from: Brian Solis Oct09, Facebook public Statistics Jan10
  6. mobile 4B mobile phones worldwide 65M active users accessing FB thru mobile devices Ppl who use mobile devices are 50% more active on SNs ~20% of tweets come from mobile devices 4B mobile phones represent 59% of the world’s population 100% SMS, 92% browser, 71% MMS, 63% camera 15% of mobile phones are smartphones Mobile content is worth >$71B stats from: Facebook public Statistics Jan10, Sysomos Jun09, Tomi Ahonen Almanac 2009
  7. social networks SN’s more popular than email (67% - 65%) Women are more active in most SN’s (avg 53%) Social networks are more popular than porn Social networks are likely to overtake search soon Amount of time spent on FB increased 566% in 09 stats from: Neilsen Mar09,
  8. Why people are on social networks Total Keep in touch with friends 75% For fun 55% Keep in touch with family 41% Invited by someone they know 30% Keep in touch with classmates 30% Keep in touch with business network 5% Job searching 4% Business development/sales 3% Searching for new hires 1% Other 4% stats from: eMarketer Jul09
  9. KIDS TODAY...
  11. 69% of online 12-24 yr olds own a laptop 91% of American teens are online (PEW 2008) 69% of American teens have broadband at home (PEW 2008) stats: November 2009
  12. 12-24 year olds spend an average of 7.1 hours per day on video-based entertainment... stats: November 2009
  13. 59% have video capable media players 65% have watched a <10 min clip in the past month (23% watched 60min show) 80% watch video on digital media players 52% watch TV with their laptop almost all of the time (70% are IMing, texting to share TV events with friends) 66% watch TV online stats: November 2009
  14. 59% would rather get rid of cable TV than the internet stats: November 2009
  15. connected to friends to the internet mobile delivered to me nomadic on-the-go now stats: November 2009 convenient instant
  17. what does all of this lead?
  18. 1. people powered manufacturing
  19. the personalizeables.
  20. the designables.
  21. the sellables.
  22. the manufacturables.
  23. 2. community innovation
  24. dell idea storm: dell went from spiraling numbers, criticism and dellhell to working with their customer community to innovate products, services and even operations.
  25. multiple simple platforms to employ: Salesforce Service Cloud, GetSatisfaction, UserVoice
  26. 3. being human(e)
  27. 89% of people expect to be able to interact with brands. stat: WebProNews Oct09
  28. the new Turing test
  29. “any action that prioritizes rules, protocols, logic, efficiency, procedures or any other type of pre-set guidelines at the cost of relationships or compassion towards other human beings indicates robot.”
  30. people authenticity robots
  31. but only when those robots exhibit treasured human emotions: love, compassion, remorse, generosity, etc.
  32. 4. culture is everything
  34. most companies shareholders/directors customers employees companies like: zappos, virgin, southwest, clifbar, etc
  35. what kind of culture are you creating?
  36. 5. mobility, mobility, mobility
  37. DESTINATIONS stats: November 2009
  38. I am the destination
  39. api application programming interface: is an interface implemented by a software program to enable interaction with other software
  40. example
  41. twitter est. 90% of twitter’s usage is from their api
  42. 6. social objects
  44. From Chris Garcia’s Snug Life video:
  45. meme the cultural ideas that connect us
  47. rickrolling
  48. pants on the ground
  49. dancing baby (circa. 1996)
  50. #hashtags
  51. 7. multi-tasking
  52. forget loyalty programs.
  53. passports
  55. 1. people powered manufacturing 2. community innovation 3. being human(e) 4. culture is everything 5. mobility, mobility, mobility 6. social objects 7. multi-tasking
  56. bonus. leveling up
  57. #epicfail
  58. #epicwin
  59. #epicwin
  60. leveling up • challenge: too much challenge will cause anxiety; too little challenge will cause boredom • clear goals and feedback • sense of control • concentration on the task at hand • loss of self-consciousness & time
  61. challenge
  62. feedback
  63. needed: more real world epic wins
  64. thank you
  65. tara ‘missrogue’ hunt 514-679-2951 twitter: @missrogue skype: sanfranrogue
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